The fourth installment of the popular “Sharper Image” series of drones has outdone the previous models in everyway.

It's still a very affordable drone, toy grade level, but the Sharper Image Dx-4 comes with a few improvements that will make your flight experience slightly better. 

The overall design for the Sharper Image is very sturdy , with few moving parts.So it can take it's fair share of beating.

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Camera Quality - Is it sharp?

Don't expect anything extraordinary from the camera of this drone. But I must admit that for the price, it's a pretty good quality image.

Not only that, the camera can also change angles beforehand so you can capture whatever you want.

You can't save the photos and videos in an SD card, but they save automatically on your phone through the app that it comes with.

To connect it to your phone and see the live feed from the camera you first have to:

  1. Download the application for Ios or android
  2. Connect the phone to the drone wifi
  3. Enter the app
There is surprisingly not much lag through the app compared to other drones that I know.

Price and Drone specs

Altitude hold - is it any good?

Altitude hold means the drone will keep a steady altitude with the help of a barometer inside. This will mean a more stable image quality and less controller adjustment to worry about.

It's perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of controlling

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360 degree flips

By the press of a button you can do automatic flips and rolls in any direction you want. This is purely for the fun of it, but it's bettery than you might think!

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Here's a video review showing a few of the functions of the Sharper Image drone:

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Sharper Image DX 4 vs other drones

This drone isn't something special on it's own, but considering the quite low price, and the fact that you can hit everything in sight and it will still work, I say it's quite a worthwile buy.

But how does it compare with other Drones in the same price category?


Bellow you can check my top  drones in the same price category.

Please use the “Add to compare” button and then press on the icon on the right to compare them.

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The controller

The controller is a little bit bigger than I expected, but the range and functions on it work pretty good!

There are 3 different pitch rates on the transmitter:

  • Low speed
  • Medium
  • And High

It comes with Auto-takeoff button, so make sure that you don't have any obstacles above it. This will make the quadcopter launch itself and hover a few feet above the ground.

As you could see in the video above, the quadcopter can be piloted even inside with very precise stability, although it isn't that small.

The higher flight rate will also allow it to face some quite powerful winds, but make sure you have mastered the basics of flight before you get too adventurous. 

What is the range for the Dx-4 Sharper Image?

It can go up to a maximum of 450 feet (about 130m), which is not so bad, considering you probably won't even be able to see it from that point on!


Sharper Image Dx 4

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