SJRC F11 VS MJX Bugs 4w - best cheap folding GPS drone?

The recently released Bugs 4w from MJX has sudenly become the main competitor for the SJRC F11, which is one of the most popular drones in this price range.

They are both very similar when it comes to overal design and technology used.

At a glance, the Bugs 4w has a better 2k camera with some jello stabilization and the F11 has slightly better battery life.

However, keep in mind there's also a price difference, especially since the SJRC can be found even under $140.

They both are made for people who want to get into the drone hobby and want a stable flying drone with GPS that can handle wind, mainly to explore and take videos for fun, not professionally. If you want something more professional and still quite cheap, look what drones I recommend under $500.

sjrc f11 drone review
drone battery life icon
Battery life: 25 min
drone range icon
Range: 600 m
drone camera resolution
Camera Resolution 1080p
image stabilization gimbal
Image Stabilization: none
mjx bugs 4w drone
drone battery life icon
Battery life: 14 min
drone range icon
Range: 600 m
drone camera resolution
Camera Resolution 2k
image stabilization gimbal
Image Stabilization: jello dampners

Advantages and disadvantages

sjrc f11 vs bugs 4w best folding gps quadcopters

These two drones are very similar in final video output quality, but the Bugs 4w does have the better specs on paper, including the optical flow and sonar sensors at the bottom, making it more stable in flight close to the ground.

The SJRC F11 does have a slightly smaller body when folded down and the longer battery life does help in certain situations.

As you can see in the tables bellow, each drone has slight advantages and disadvantages on paper and it would make it pretty difficult to choose just by seeing the specs.

That's why we need to dig deeper and see how they actually perform


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MJX Bugs 4w

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Unboxing and accessories


  • Drone
  • battery
  • Manual
  • 8 propellers
  • remote controller
  •  Optional Backpack
sjrc f11 package

MJX Bugs 4w

It also comes with alternative package options that can include more batteries and a backpack.

  • Drone
  • Battery
  • 8 props
  • micro USB cable
  • 2 battery charging hub
  • manual
mjx bugs 4w package contents

Camera comparison

sjrc f11 drone review
mjx bugs 4w drone

This is a screenshot from the video taken from the SJRC F11.

As you can see, it does come with a wide angle camera lens with some fisheye effect and the resolution is Full HD. The colors look pretty great, but the image quality isn't extremely good.


The 2k camera of the Bugs 4w doesn't make that big of a difference, but even so, in the original footage you can see more details than the SJRC one.

I have noticed some blurriness on the edges of the picture for the Bugs 4w.

mjxrc bugs 4w screenshot

Stability and Flight modes

Both drones come with Great GPS positioning, but if you want aditional stability when closer to the ground, or if you want to fly indoors, the MJX Bugs 4w does have sonar and optical flow cameras for positioning.

It even has 2 lights underneath, like the Mavic 2 series, so it can better detect the ground, even in low light situations.

It's also pretty fun to see it light the ground underneath like a UFO.

optical flow positionaing

I would not necesarily consider one of these to fly much more stable, especially when higher up the ground, so if you plan to spend most time at higher than 10 meters in the air, don't really take this feature into consideration.

When it comes to flight modes, both have the following:

  • Waypoints
  • Orbit
  • Follow me
  • Gestures(only for the SJRC)
  • Automatic Return To Home

Out of all these, I mainly only use the Automatic Return to home, as it's definitely useful in case you don't know where the drone is, or if your battery is low.


Remote controllers

SJRC F11 Transmitter


The F11 controller is quite well made from quality plastic and it feels good in hand.

It has LED indicators in the middle for different functions, along with easy return to home press button and even a speed switch.

One complaint I have about it is that the wheel to change the camera angle works pretty slowly, changing the camera angle slow and quite noisy.

There's a beeping sound coming from the transmitter every time you slightly change the camera angle.


Bugs 4w Transmitter

bugs 4w controller with phone

The Bugs 4w controller is very similar to the other one, but even more a lookalike of the Mavic transmitter.

The screen in the middle is quite useful, showing many things like:

  • battery life for transmitter and drone
  • GPS connection
  • distance and height

Other drones in the same price range

Bellow you can check my top  drones in the same price category.

Please use the "Add to compare" button and then press on the icon on the right to compare them.

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The result for what drone I would recommend isn't that clear yet and it actually does depend what you want to compromise.

Do you want a higher resolution camera?  Bugs 4w

Do you want to charge 2 batteries at the same time? Bugs 4w

Do you want more battery life? SJRC

Do you want more stable  flight? Bugs 4w

Do you want a more compact drone? SJRC


sjrc f11 drone review
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mjx bugs 4w drone
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