Skydio 2 Review - What are the specs and is it that good at following?

The Skydio 2 is probably the most expected follow me drone for sports.
However, it's much more than that, coming with some considerable improvements over the previous version.
Are you always flying with fear of crashing(even though your drone might have obstacle avoidance?).
Not anymore!
The ability of this drone to overcome obstacles and not crash helps you focus on doing the thing you do best.
This never seen before obstacle avoidance technology and new 4k60p camera can also be used for more professional video making.

I'll cover in the article anything from the full specs to how it compares to the previous version and DJI Mavic Series.

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Skydio 2 Specs (vs Competition)

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The battery life of the Skydio 2 is quite average, but a slight disadvantage might be the fact that you need to charge the batteries while it's connected to the drone itself.


This means you can't fly in the meantime.


I predict the company will release an external charger soon though.

Range (Flight Distance)

The range, although the specs might say 3km on the official page, are usually much less than that.


If you're looking for drones that fly for longer distances I recommend you check my list with the best long distance quadcopters.



A better estimate would be somewhere around 1km with the aditional joystick controller.



While, if you use only your phone wifi connection, you can get 50m at most, which is enough for following you.

Can It be flown inside?

Yes, the Skydio 2 can be flown indoors, thanks to all the optical stability cameras both on bottom and at the top.


However, keep in mind this is a drone that's made for outdoors and it might behave strangely if it's in a really tight spot.


Here's what the Skydio team recommends: “Only fly indoors in large, open areas with good lighting, like large warehouses, gymnasiums, or similar spaces.

Does it come back after losing signal or low battery?

Yes, the Skydio 2 will return to home by itself if it gets to low battery or loses signal.


What if you long left the launching spot?


In that case, make sure you stop when you get notified of low battery voltage and land the drone manually on the spot.

Skydio 2 vs Skydio R1 - What changed?

First of all, the size.


While the original model was about the size of a pizza box, the new model can easily fit into a small backpack, even if it's in the case that it comes with.  


Skydio 2 Vs other competitors

The Skydio 2 is in a league of its own, as it is made specifically for highly difficult follow me scenarios, especially in sports.


So if you want a carefree drone to follow you around while you bike, skate, drive your motorbike or simply hike, this is simply it.


Other obstacle avoidance drones like the Mavic Air or Mavic 2 can follow you quite precisely, but not on difficult ground, and definitely not if they lose sight of you.

So although a drone like the Mavic 2 pro will definitely have a better camera, it has been repeatedly shown that the tracking option of the Skydio is vastly superior for tighter places.


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Camera Quality

skydio 2 camera gimbal

It's no wonder this drone is getting compared with some of the high end ones from the Mavic series.


It specs an impressive 60fps at 4k recording and can go up to 120fps in 1080p for that sweet slow motion footage.


This is another good advantage for sports footage, as sometimes you might want to slow down the footage a bit to make it look more epic or time it perfectly with some music.



Camera Settings(can you adjust shutter and ISO?)

This drone differs from its previous version, the Skydio R1 by the fact that it's more inclined for professional videography.


This means you do have plenty of manual settings for the camera:


In terms of photography, you can also shoot RAW photos and there is the ability to shoot photos in intervals.



Because it has a front facing 3 axis gimbal, the camera can turn upward (just like the one from The Parrot Anafi can)


The camera can also shoot in HDR, which brings up more pretty and vibrant colors and a better sky exposure, so you can see details in lighted areas.


skydio 2 drone hdr mode comparison

Obstacle avoidance and flight modes

Why is the Follow me and obstacle avoidance so good in the Skydio 2, you ask?


It all comes down to the multitude of cameras both underneath as well as on top of the drone, that coupled with an AI developed specially for this and a lot of processing power makes it unrivaled.

What flight modes does the skydio 2 come with?

You can find the standard shots like orbit or dronie and even an option to fly with the joysticks on your phone directly.


There are more software updates to come, for sure, but it certainly has enough to make the following experience a breeze (especially with the beacon controller).

How many obstacle avoidance cameras does the Skydio Have?

The amazing follow me capability of the Skydio is sustained by the 6 cameras and the one front recording camera.

These cameras record in 4k resolution, so they're much more precise compared to the previous 720p resolution most other drones have.

There are 3 positioned at top and 3 at the bottom, for a fully 360 degree field of protection.

They recently made an update to the software that allows the cameras to process 1.3 trillion operations per second, which is absolutely insane.

All these operations happen across 256 GPU cores.

Can you adjust the height and distance of follow me?

Yes, you can adjust the distance the Skydio 2 follows you from and the height from the ground, after you start the follow me option and even rotation.


As an important side note, you can follow more than people with the Skydio 2. You can follow cars, bikes, boats and pretty much anything you can think of.

Transmitter And Mobile App

The drone has 3 choices when it comes to controller. They are all useful in different scenarios, but remember you need to pay $149 for an additional controller.

Which Skydio 2 controller should you get?

The Regular controller (check price)

This one looks exactly like the one on the Parrot anafi, believe it or not and it pretty much does the same things.

I feel like it's a pretty good transmitter, but a bit inferior in terms of build quality to what DJI has presented so far. And a bit fat.

The beacon (check price)

The smaller controller that allows for very intuitive movements to be made while the drone follows you.

Get this one if you want to focus mainly on the follow me part of the drone.

You can of course buy both of them and enjoy all the benefits!

Parts and Accessories

The base version of the Skydio is currently $999, but that only includes the drone, one battery, the case and the charger.


If you want the aditional controller, you need to pay $150 for it alone, same price for the beacon.


A new smart battery that will last to up to 20 min costs about $100

Design and Unboxing

The drone comes in a small package with a hardcase that keeps it secure.


A design disadvantage of the drone can be the fact that it's not foldable, as it occupies more space.


However, Keep in mind that this made it cheaper and also more durable in case of crashes!

Why does the Skydio 2 come with 2 Micro SD card Slots?

A downside of the new version is that it doesn't have internal storage, like the older version.


Now it has  two micro SD card slots, one being for footage (requiring a better quality card) and the other is for the diagnostics log.


Skydio 2 Price, Manual and Instructions

Who should buy it (is it worth the price)?

The Skydio 2 is cheaper than I personally expected it to be. If you factor the controllers, it gets a bit out of reach, but I still consider it to have incredible value.


It simply doesn't have competition for sports following or simply feeling safe while piloting a drone.


Where to buy it from?

Currently you have to preorder it from their official website, but I'll let you know as soon as there are other sources.

Is there an official manual to download online?

Skydio do have a complete manual guide on their website.

Skydio 2 Review

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