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Snaptain S5C drone review (still good in 2023?)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea



15 min


80 m


can do flips


In this article we're going to cover a complete Snaptain S5C review as well as answer if it's worth getting in 2021 (and how suited it is for kids for its current price).

Snaptain S5C is a drone that's very popular on amazon lately, because it comes at an affordable price, with two batteries included and also has a 720p camera.

It won't be a great camera drone, but it's built with pretty solid materials, so your average beginner can crash it over and over without much care.

Battery life is also pretty good for this price category.

manual price where to buy

Snaptain S5C Specs and Features

In this section, we're taking a look at Snaptain's S5c main specs and features that you should be looking for when buying, after that we're taking a look at the components.

This quadcopter doesn't have a ton of features, but it still does a great job with the ones it comes with.

I would like to mention that the blue and red LEDs are really nice to fly with during the night and the flip function is also pretty interesting to play with, especially by children.

The fact that it comes with two batteries is also very good to note, as I haven't found many to do that these days.

The controller is also pretty modern and easy to use

snaptain s5c package contents

Snaptain S5C video review

How good is the footage?

I wouldn't consider this anything more than a camera drone for beginners, it's good it has a camera just to play in the yard and see yourself from above, but that's about it.

It's far from a professional camera drone, but who can ask more from it considering it's so cheap.

Flight modes

The Snaptain S5c can indeed do flips which is very fun especially for kids. It's called the 3D flip button and you can control the direction it does the flips, but the flips themselves are done automatically (so it's quite safe to do).

It also has one key return to home, but not by GPS, so I would be careful when using it.

The drone comes with 3 speed modes included: slow, medium and fast, great for anyone from beginner to people more experienced that want to go faster.


The Snaptain S5C doesn't come with any gimbal stabilization, but it does have flight stabilization thanks to a gyroscope inside that allows to compensate for wind breezes.


Transmitter and mobile app

The Xiaomi drones transmitters have always been really high quality, since the Xiaomi mi 4k, the Fimi a3 and now the X8, the same high quality design with hobby-grade sticks and an intuitive button scheme.

snaptain s5c transmitter controller

The transmitter comes with an instruction sheet above as you can see.

It comes with the following functions:

  • trimming buttons
  • take off button
  • headless mode
  • one key return
  • photo and video button
  • emergency stop
  • phone clamp

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