Snaptain S5C drone Review - one of the best sold on Amazon

Snaptain S5C is a drone that's very popular on amazon lately, because it comes at an affordable price, with two batteries included and also has a 720p camera.

It won't be a great camera drone, but it's built with pretty solid materials, so your average beginner can crash it over and over without much care.

Battery life is also pretty good for this price category.

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Battery Life

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What to look for in A Beginner Drone

Drone stability

Drone stability for smaller budget usually consist from altitude hold and 6 axis gyroscopes.

Snaptain: 6 axis gyro and altitude hold

Battery life

Battery life for beginner drone in this price range is somewhere at 7 min usually.

Snaptain: up to 9 minutes


Flight range can really change what sorts of images you can capture.

C-Fly Dream: 50- 80 m



Snaptain S5C Price and specs

This quadcopter doesn't have a ton of features, but it still does a great job with the ones it comes with.

I would like to mention that the blue and red LEDs are really nice to fly with during the night and the flip function is also pretty interesting to play with, especially by children.

The fact that it comes with two batteries is also very good to note, as I haven't found many to do that this days.

The controller is also pretty modern and easy to use.

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Snaptain S5C Video Review

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Snaptain S5C

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The transmitter comes with an instruction sheet above as you can see.

It comes with the following functions:

  • trimming buttons
  • take off button
  • headless mode
  • one key return
  • photo and video button
  • emergency stop
  • phone clamp

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