Thieye Dr. x - cheap 1080p selfie drone

Battery Life

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Thieye is a company that produces cheap action cameras with some of the latest video processing units available. That means they do know what they're doing when it comes to video quality.

Dr x is their take on a cheap selfie drone that doesn't really compromise that much in the camera department. And just as the Ryze Tello, it's main competitor, it comes with small brushless motors and an optical flow camera underneath.

This keeps it flying steady and the image stable.

A VERY strong point for this drone is its capability to take amazing photos.

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What to look for in a camera drone

Image stability

You should look for the following in a drone if you want good image stability:

  • A 2 or preferably 3 axis gimbal is the best possible way to stabilize a camera. It's usually found in more expensive builds.
  • Electronic image stabilization. Drones like Parrot Bebop 2 or even the cheaper Tello have it.
  • Get yourself a GO Pro drone and use a very stable Action cam with electronic or optical image stabilization!

Battery Life

This is generally valid for any type of drone. How long it stays in the air is even more important for making sure you take a certain shot, usually with more expensive camera drones in professional setttings.

Usually, drones at this price range are situated somewhere around 7 minutes of battery life. Taking the right picture also requires some time, and you don't want to be in a hurry when you do it.

Drone GPS and stabile flight

You can take very nice shots with a drone that only has the previous items we've talked about, but if you want to be stress free… having a stable drone or GPS is the way to go.

I'm not even getting into the ability to take timelapses, but having a solid stable drone is necesary for not begin stressed by the wind taking it away while you change the camera settings.

In this case, DR x doesn't have GPS, but it does come with Optical flow, which keeps it quite stable at heights lower than 15m.


Drone X Price and specs

Usually drones around this price range don't have many specs to list and the features are vey limited.

That's not necesarily a bad thing, as what we're looking for is a drone that does a few things very good.

Thieye drone is one that focuses on the main features of a good camera quadcopter, that is the camera, stability and usability.

What people should buy the Dr X:

  • People who want to take casual photos and videos (maybe in a park or selfies  of a group of friends)
  • Anyone interested in learning how to fly a drone  (it's going to be pretty easy with this one, as it stays in the same place, however you might not like the phone flying experience that much)
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Here's a dainly price history for the Drx, so you know if now is the right time to buy it.

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Drone X video Review

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Thieye Vs other drones


Bellow you can check my top  drones in the same price category.

Please use the “Add to compare” button and then press on the icon on the right to compare them.

A little lower and you'll find a video comparison with the Tello and Xiaomi Mitu.

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Thieye vs Tello vs Xiaomi Mitu

As its main competitor is the DJI Tello, I couldn't stop myself from making a video comparison between these two and another very popular selfie drone, the Xiaomi Mitu.


Camera and video comparison

I was frankly surprised that Thieye managed to actually make a better camera than what's already on the market right now. Comparing it with the Tello and seeing that it does better in quite a few areas… I got quite mindblown after that.

Of course, the better camera resolution should give it away, but it's not always true that a better camera resolution makes for better photos or videos.



A few image samples for comparison

One drawback I noticed when zooming in the photos and videos, is that there's some strange artifacts at the edges of objects, but it's usually hard to notice or pretty much impossible if you don't zoom in a lot!

Here's a very zoomed in photo on my bench test comparison.

Dr x

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