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part 107 faa certification training

There's much to be said when it comes to how capable you need to be when using a heavy drone regularly. The FAA and other organisations around the world have made rules to prevent bad things from happening.

However, a good pilot is not only someone who respects the rules, but also a person that has the practical and theoretical experience to not mess up as much (we all do from time to time).

In this article I'll be underlining the main online courses that help you become a better pilot and pass the FAA commercial drone  Test without a problem.


Drone Pilot Ground school - Uavcoach

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UAV Coach has been the go to site when it comes to drone guides and piloting courses for a while now. 

They are on everyone's lips, and for a good reason. 

Every product these guys make seems to scream quality and professionalism.

I would definitely rank them number 1 even if for the multitude of pilot coaches all around the US and how many options for getting better as a pilot you have with them.

They offer courses in:

  • Drone Certification FAA Test Prep Course

Their main online course is "Drone Pilot Ground School" that has seen quite a lot of success, as many people try to take the FAA certification test to get a remote pilot certificate.

This certification (not the course) is obligatory for anyone wanting to use a drone for financial compensation.

Not only that, FAA recommends taking this test for everyone, as it's going to considerably improve the overall safety of the hobby.

We've helped over 15,000 people go through the drone certification process and also offer DJI flight training classes as well.
Alan Perlman

Dart Drones

Dartdrones drone pilot training courses

Here's some of the types of courses they provide:

  • Drones for Beginners
  • Phantom Inspire Flight Training
  • In-Person Part 107 Test Preparation
  • Online Part 107 Test Preparation
  • Starting a Drone Business
  • Online Aerial Photography
  • Professional Drone Pilot Bundle
  • Drone Certification Program
  • Flight Training
  • Professional Package
  • Government Training
  • Corporate Training

No matter if you're a beginner and just want to catch up online with some practical guides on how to fly better, or if you want to pass the FAA test, Dart drones has you covered and even more to surprise you.

They were covered in the shark tank episode, where I actually found out the first time about them.

Dart drones runs courses in over 40 cities all over the US and have over 30 custom training programs.


Drone U - budget friendly option

Drone U 300x74 1

Besides many things like daily podcasts and tutorials, Drone u focuses on the following types of courses:

  • videography
  • photography
  • business
  • cinematography
  • optics
  • pilot certification
  • drone systems

If you want a more manageable solution,  with the ability to cancel payments at any time, Drone U is definitely the best pick in the category

You can start from $47 per month or pay for an entire year in advance if you want to save some money in the longterm.

Drone U has been for quite a while on the market and have a ton of great feedback from users. People who already seem to have completed other courses always seem to find new information here.


Drone U is a drone school that offers online and in-person training through 9 training sites across the United States. Whether students want to turn their passion of flight into profit, or the simply fly for fun Drone U provides a comprehensive training suite to help students gain confidence and get questions answered. 

While Drone U is only $47, students who become members get access to all 34 classes online, in addition, will have access to all new course. So as this incredibly fast industry progresses, Drone U offers a way to stay on top of it all.
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Paul Aitken
DroneU founder
Drone U Classes: 
1. Part 107 Certification 
2. Advanced Aerial Videography 
4. Don't Crash Course (Main Course on Operating Most Drones) 
5. Flight Over Water 
6. Comprehensive Drone Mapping with Pix4D   (We are a pix4d partner) 
7. Starting an Online Business 
8. Construction Progression Mapping 
9. Cell Phone Tower Inspection Mapping 
10. Thermography 
11. Accident Reconstruction with Drones 
In-Person Classes Include: 
1. Flight Mastery (A 12 Step course flown around obstacles to systematically cover all aspects of flight to ensure confidence is gained by pilots, also Patent Pending) 
2. Comprehensive Drone Mapping with Pix4D
3. Accident Reconstruction (Most recent Class was hosted by NTSB Training Academy) 
4. Don't Crash Course: An Intro To Flight 
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drone launch academy

They seem to have a focus on the FAA commercial drone exam, but they're on this list because it's well done. Including free video samples from the actual courses to make it easier to understand what you're getting into.

Comparing it with other similar sites that offer the same value, they have quite a good price.

You can also get $100 off if you use the coupon FLYING50. Thank me later!

They have had over 6000 students going through the course at a pass rate of 99.02%.

We are the ONLY prep course that will not only refund you your money for the course if you fail, but will ALSO give you $150 to go retake the exam.
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David Young
Drone Launch Academy Founder