UDI U818A drone Review- worth it in 2019?

UDI U818A drone review in 2019

Battery Life

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Considering the UDI U818A has been released a few years ago, yet it’s still recommended by people, does it make it good to buy in 2019 or is it a lost trend?

Let’s find out together!

If you’re on a hurry, you should know that there’s no risk involved in getting this drone, as it’s so cheap and does all the basic things a beginner drone should do pretty well.


UDI U818A price and specs

UDI u818A comes at a very low price, lower than the release date, and that makes it actually competitive in the current marketplace.

Right now foldable drones with optical flow cameras are the trend, but they usually tend to go more towards $100 because of the aditional technology.

If you want a practical toy drone that can forgive you for your mistakes as a beginner and crashing into stuff, this is definitely a solid choice.

Battery life isn’t the greatest, but in most packages you can find on amazon there’s usually two batteries included.

Camera Options
With Camera
Camera Resolution: 720p
Phone Controlled
Motor Type: Brushed
Optical Flow Stabilization
Battery Life: 6
Flight Range: 100
Micro SD Card
Under 250g
Drone Types
Bump into objects without worrying about damaging anybody and lessening the damage to your props.
Youtube drone reviewer

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Udi Drone video review

In this video, Quadcopter101 reviews the drone while also doing a range test and battery life test.

Reasons you should buy it

  • If you want a safer flight as a beginner
  • Save money until you buy a professional one
  • Stand out by looking like flying an UFO
  • Be more relaxed that your kid won't get hurt in the props

Reasons you shouldn't

  • If you want a safer flight as a beginner
  • Save money until you buy a professional one
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Camera quality

The standard camera of the UDI was 0.3 mp, but now it has been upgraded to a 720p resolution, and it looks like you can see in these pictures.

It can take photos and videos, but don’t expect some amazing footage or very stable one.

The drone does also come with headless mode and a few speed modes to set up depending on how fast you want to fly and if you’re a beginner or not.

If you want a better camera drone and want to focus on that, spend a few more dollars and get a DJI Tello instead.

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The transmitter has clearly labeled icons next to the 4 buttons in front. As you can see, there’s also a screen for showing the trimming, battery, signal and power.

There is also a button for doing flips.

In my opinion, this controller is a bit too big, but it’s nice to hold in the hands, especially for adults. 

I would have preffered something more compact instead.


It comes with 2 batteries and it has a pretty cool double JST charger.
Flyin' Ryan RC
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UDI U818A - A simple and cheap camera drone relevant even in 2019

This is one of those time tested quadcopters that was the favorite of the public a few years ago, yet it's still relevant as most drones at this price range do basically the same thing, It's a good drone choice for beginners, especially since it's so cheap and you basically get the camera as a bonus.

flight experience
  • good propeller protection
  • easy to fly in headless mode
  • cheap
  • spare batteries
  • not the fastest flyer
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