Upair 2 Ultrasonic 4k drone for 3d goggles

upair 2 ultrasonic 4k for 3d goggles
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Battery Life

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The Upair 2 Ultrasonic 4k drone is quite a bit different from the original Upair 2 that I've reviewed on dronesgator.

The first thing that draws your attention is the 3 camera setup and the promise of 3d goggle use.

In this article we'll dive a bit into what this drone has to offer and why I actually consider it to be one of the best drones priced around $500.

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Reasons you should buy it

Reasons you shouldn't


Upair 2 ultrasonic specs

return to home drone stability

Drone stability

 GPS + Optical flow

drone battery life icon

Battery life

22 to 24 min

drone camera resolution


40k 3840x2160

image stabilization gimbal

Image Stabilization

3 axis gimbal (very stable)

The specs of the Upair 2 Ultrasonic are actually underwhelming compared to the real life experience.

Actually even the range is over 1 km, which is what the specs show.

Having very low latency makes it one of the best choices in terms of drones with the Phantom size format.

The weight of the gimbal and the drone itself makes it take some really stable footage even in windy conditions.

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upair 2 ultrasonic 4k package
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Upair 2 Ultrasonic 4k Video review

In this video, Drone Camps RC reviews the drone while also doing a range test and battery life test.

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Reasons you should buy it

Reasons you shouldn't


Camera quality

upair footage
Photo taken by Drone Camps RC

The camera is the most unique aspect of this drone for sure.

You probably wonder what the hell those 3 cameras are for.

The one in the middle is the original 4k camera with the big sensor that records the main footage.

The other 2 are used for two main reasons:

  • sending lower latency video to the goggles/phone so that you don't experience as much las as with a standard drone
  • the 3D mode where you can put some cheap 3d goggles and your phone on your head and get an actual 3d image and the experience of flying
4k 3d ultrasonic cameras for fpv
by Drone Camps RC

What 3D goggles work with Upair 2 ultrasonic?

The advantage of experiencing 3d flying with this drone is that you don't need to buy expensive goggles like the ones for DJI and the experience will be true 3D as there are 2 cameras apart that will deliver the image.

Therefore simulating an actual set of 2 eyes and the effect is different compared to just one camera like DJI.

You can use any type of cheap VR goggles from here and put your phone inside, then change the mode to 3d from the app itself.


A nice touch is that the drone comes with a really sturdy aluminum gimbal that holds the camera really well in place and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable touching it or even shaking it up a bit.

aluminum gimbal parts

Transmitter and flight modes

upair 2 ultrasonic 3d drone

Upair 2 Ultrasonic 4k

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transmitter controller with antennas that holds tablet

The transmitter is quite big, like the one for the Phantom series, but it comes with the advantage that it actually fits small tablets like the Ipad mini.

It feels high quality and features the standard return to home and auto take off buttons.

It comes with really nice rubber grips and well thought out buttons.

  • has a wheel for the gimbal
  • next to that are 2 buttons, for video and photo
  • even a 3 way switch for the flight modes
  • as well as a wheel to change between the main modes.


transmitter buttons and wheel for camera

The drone comes with the following features and I think it flies great although it doesn't have any fancy gimmick flight modes like other modern quadcopters.

  • position and altitude hold (if you somehow want to disable GPS)
  • follow me
  • headless mode
  • failsafe and return to home

Upair 2 Ultrasonic alternatives (similar price)

upair 2 ultrasonic 4k for 3d goggles

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