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Where Are DJI Drones made? (And Other Manufacturers Compared)

Updated in 2024 by Paul Posea
where are dji drones made

Ask any drone pilot; finding a suitable drone can be more challenging than you can imagine. Knowing where a drone is made is vital for the flyers because it may influence the buying decision. 

One of the most notable drone brands on the market today is DJI, but where are DJI drones made?

DJI drones are made in China at two different factories, one in Shenzhen and one in Tianjin. The factory in Shenzhen is where the majority of the drones are made, while the Tianjin factory focuses more on research and development.Knowing where your drone of choice is made and the different locations you can find them will place you in a better position when making that purchasing commitment. For instance, drones made in China may require drone pilots from different geographical locations to install an app on their smartphones.

Similarly, the drone industry in the USA has a more significant reason to buy from American drone companies. If you're flying drones for the federal branches of government and some private corporations, buying from the USA is mandatory. In early 2020, the Trump administration issued an executive order to ban all foreign-made drones referencing a risk to national security.

Drone technology is changing the world in incredible ways. They assist in capturing exciting and unprecedented views of hard-to-reach areas. From photography, leisure, sporting events, and agriculture, drone uses are endless. Suppose you're looking to own a drone for commercial use or your collection of videos and social media content. In that case, this article will provide every manufacturing information you need about the DJI and other manufacturers in detail.

A look at DJI Background

The DJI itself is a Chinese company, but they are made out of a warehouse in Cerritos, California. Also known as SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd)

Initially, DJI was founded in Shenzhen, China. As DJI continues to expand, it now has offices in the US, Germany, Netherlands, Beijing, Japan, Shanghai, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

DJI is by far a successful superior drone company in the world. They are popularly known for;

  •     DJI Mavic series – Which includes the Mavic mini, 2, Pro, and air
  •     DJI spark series
  •     DJI Phantom – Which includes Phantom 3 and 4

They offer both professional and enterprise-level drones in the commercial space at an affordable cost. Some of them include:

  •     DJI Inspire 2 – Which is made for the filmmaking industry
  •     Agras T16 – Which is designed as an agricultural drone with the broadest spray that can carry an impressive payload of 16 liters
  •     Agras MG-IP series – Designed for Agricultural purposes as well

Where are Autel Drones Made?

Autel Robotics has its headquarters in Bothell, WA, USA, owned by Autel Intelligent Technology based in Shenzhen, China. It is the global leader in consumer and commercial drones designed to ensure the experience is innovative and accessible.

Where are EXO Drones Made?

EXO is manufactured in Hong Kong but warehoused and operated in the state of Wyoming, United States. They sell the best GPS drones on the market, which are easy to fly at great prices.

They make some of the best and most advanced drones, which include:

  •     XT Ranger Plus
  •     EXO XT Ranger
  •     EXO Cinemaster 1 and 2
  •     EXOPro Blackhawk

Where are Parrot Drones Made?

A French company makes parrot drones with its headquarters in Paris. They specialize in wireless devices for mobile phones and automobiles. Their consumer UAV/ quadcopter range continues to seize a large part of the market. These may include:

  •     AR Drone 2.0 – This is a midrange hobby drone with an Integrated FPV system controlled by a smartphone app.
  •     Bebop 2 – An advanced quadcopter with additional features
  •     Parrot Disco FPV – Is a fixed-wing drone that has a 45-minute battery life and FPV goggles
  •     Parrot Mambo – This mini drone has a canon that fires miniature balls and a grabber claw that moves objects through the air
  •     ANAFI – Comes with a 4K HDR camera that looks straight down and up

Where are Holy Stone Drones Made?

The Holy Stone drones are manufactured in two factories based in Lungtan and Yilan, Taiwan. They also have an advanced materials research laboratory located in Japan. The drone is easy to fly and stable with a budget-friendly price point.

Where are Potensic Drones Made?

Potensic Drones Company is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They offer beginner-friendly and professional drones with unique features. Their drones include:

  •     A20 model – The most popular child-friendly, easy to fly quad
  •     T18 – Beginner-friendly
  •     T25 – Beginner-friendly
  •     D85 Drone – Comes with a 2K HD detachable camera
  •     D88 Foldable Drone – Budget-friendly that comes with a 4K camera and brushless motors and an impressive 31 minutes flight time.

Where are Yunees Drones Made?

Yunees drones have its headquarters in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China, with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their top brands include:

  •     Typhoon Q500 quadcopter – World's first ready-to-fly, out-of-the-box drone
  •     Typhoon H 4K – This hexacopter with collision avoidance
  •     Yunees Breeze – Designed as a small compact smart drone
  •     Mantis-Q – Made as a foldable compact drone that simple voice commands can operate

Where are Hubsan Drones Made?

The Hubsan drones manufacturer is based in China. The company specializes in beginner-friendly drones that are smaller and cheaper for people in their entry-level stage of drone flying. Their range of drones includes;

  •     Hubsan H501S X4
  •     Husban X4 H107C+
  •     Hubsan H109S X4 Pro
  •     Hubsan X4 H107D+

Where are SwellPro drones made?

SwellPro drones were founded in 2014 in Shenzhen, China, by SwellPro Technology Co.LTD. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing non-standard drones, accessories, and play loads based on the customer's needs. They cater to the consumer, commercial, and industrial use. They are the original creators of the splash drone, the first waterproof drone that floats on water and works well under all weather.

Where are 3DR drones made?

3DR is an American company based in Berkeley, California. They specialize in making enterprise drone software for construction, engineering, mining firms, and government agencies.

Eachine drones are made where?

The Eachine drone company is located in Guangzhou, China. They specialize in manufacturing aerial drones, FPV equipment, and toy quadcopters. The company has made the drones quite affordable, especially for beginners, with decent features and build quality.

Where are Skyline drones made?

Skyline drones are manufactured in Timisoara, Romania, with various uses, including; power grid inspection, precision agriculture, renewable utilities, oil and gas refinery, and construction. They are great for recreational and professional purposes that are easy for beginners to figure out.

Where are Ruko drones made?

Ruko is a moderately new drone manufacturer based in China. They make drones that are easy to fly by beginners and remote recreational pilots. The company is popularly known for its Ruko FII Pro drone, an intelligent and collapsible UAV designed with beginner friendliness in mind.

Drones Made in America

Are there drones made in America? Yes, there are a plethora of drones manufactured in the USA, but we're going to look into the six most popular ones in the American market, which include: 


Aguadrone is every fishing enthusiast's dream. Being the world's first waterproof drone designed for fishing, the drone operator can find fish easily with built-in sonar technology. The Aguadrone allows you to land on the water to film or catch fish. The fish takes the hook, and the pilot pulls it out of the water.


Blade drones specialize in providing cheap but smaller drones to the market. These drones include;

  •     Blade Inductrix FPV
  •     Blade Inductrix RTF
  •     Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter
  •     Blade Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

They are best for beginners looking to learn how to fly and gain more experience before venturing into bigger and expensive ones like the DJI drones.


Insitu is a drone company owned by Bowing. The company designs, develop, and manufactures drones for commercial purposes. This may include; security, emergency services, space, and defense.

These drones are priced through the roof, which may be out of reach for most people. For example, the ScanEagle used by the US Marines will set you back about $800,000.

Impossible Aerospace

This company was founded by Space X and Tesla experts based in Silicon Valley. They recently announced that they'd be selling their commercial drones to emergency services across America.

This company will be the first to have its drones built entirely in the US. The drone battery sustains the aircraft through two hours long flight.

Action Drone USA

This company specializes in industrial use drones. Their most popular drones include:

  •     UAS: AD-VWI – This vertical takeoff fixed-wing drone is designed to travel long distances
  •     UAS: AD-F – This is designed for mobility to be able to travel conveniently
  •     UAS: AD-H – Made to lift heavy objects over considerable distances
  •     UAS: ADI-V2 – Made for training


With its headquarters in Redwood City, California, Skydio manufactured the Skydio R1, which was pricey but didn't deliver where they later launched the Skydio 2. It's the leading drone company in the USA with autonomous flight technology.

The Skydio leverages breakthrough AI technology to create the world's most intelligent aircraft for consumers, enterprises, defense, and civilian agencies.


While getting to know where your drone is made is essential, the content of the drone should be your first priority. This is because a good drone will work correctly regardless of where it's made. As long as you purchase from a reputable dealer, you should have no issues with getting a quality drone. Remember to check reviews before making your purchase.

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