Wltoys XK X1 drone review (why it's a great choice in 2020)

wltoys xk x1 drone review 2 axis gimbal
The WLtoys xk x1 drone is 2 axis gimbal drone that looks a lot like a phantom 4 mini and comes with quite a solid build quality at a fairly low price.
It looks a lot like the JJRC x6 Aircus that I also reviewed recently, but it's not the same. The camera on the XK x1 is considerably better, in my opinion.
In this review, we'll go over the specs, who should buy this drone, what are the pros and cons and how does it compare to the competition.
Regarding the specs, this is still a toy level GPS drone, but the gimbal and quite good quality camera make it that much closer to an expensive camera drone.
It comes with powerful 1806 brushless motors that are more durable than standard ones.



WlToys Xk X1 Specs (vs Competition)

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wltoys xk x1 vs phantom 4


The XK x1 does come with proprietary batteries, that are semi-smart ones, showing how much battery is left on the actual battery with LEDs.

The maximum advertised battery life is about 17 minutes, but in real life scenarios expect 15 minutes maximum, which is still plenty for such a drone.


The battery is 7.6v 2200mAh and I would strongly advise you to get the package with at least 2 batteries, because getting them afterwards might be impossible, as shipping batteries separately from china is prohibited in most countries.


Range (Flight Distance)

The maximum range for the Xk x1 is 600m for the controller and drone itself and about 400m max for the video signal.

This means you'll be able to see the live feed on your phone up until 300 to 400 meters away.

Will the xk x1 return home if it loses signal?

Yes, the Xk x1 will return home if it loses signal and what's more, the app will regain the video signal as it gets back in range. This is something that most drones don't do, and you'd have to restart the app itself to regain the video feed.


Xk x1 vs JJRC X6 Aircus, which one is better?

These two drones are quite similar in looks and features, however, the JJRC Aircus does have some fuzzier footage compared to the X1.


I feel like the X1 is probably one of the best drones for the price and you should definitely get it instead the Aircus, especially since they're both about the same price.


Skydio 2 Vs other competitors

I have situated the Xk X1 under the $200 category, as I find it's the best way to separate drones in these lower price ranges.


Bellow are some of it's competitors, you can add each of them to compare and then press the "compare" button on the right to go and compare their specs.

Add to compare

Skydio 2
skydio drone small
Mavic 2 Pro
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Mavic Air
dji mavic air
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Dji Spark
dji spark
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Camera Quality

Wltoys XK X1 3

Although you may find this drone advertised as being a 4k camera, it's in fact 1080p and records in 25fps.

The 1080p is quite clean compared to most other drones in this price range and coupled with the super stable gimbal stabilization, it probably takes the best footage you can get for under $200.

More about the Gimbal

The gimbal is a 2 axis one, which means it's quite stable, but if you move the drone left to right, you might see some jello.

I can't stress enough the importance of a good gimbal, and thanks to the amazing gimbal this drone has, it does make the top of my list for 2020.


The camera can be turned up or down, but incrementally by pressing two buttons, instead of a scroll wheel, which is a bit of an inconvenience, but it's a system that probably makes the drone cheaper.


One thing to compensate is the Micro SD card slot, which means you'll be able to record the footage without issues like frame dropping.

You can lower the gimbal all the way down to take a dronie shot, if you want.

App and flight modes

The app is called WL GPS and you need to use it if you want to see the FPV(first person view) video, use the follow me feature and waypoints.
What phones does the drone work with?
You might want to check if the drone wifi connects to your phone. What you need to do is go on google and search "your phone brand name + 802.11ac wifi" and see if your phone supports this type of wifi.
If it does, you'll be able to connect to the 5g wifi of the drone and see what the drone sees in real time, if not, you'll only be able to pilot it without seeing FPV.
The drone uses the standard Flight modes you're used to, like  follow me, waypoints, return to home and circle. However, the follow me is quite buggy and I couldn't make it work. Not that it's useful anyway.
app screenshot wltoys xk


This controller isn't one of the best around, but it does its job well.There aren't any fake buttons and everything does something. 

The only disadvantage I could think of, would be the fact that the gimbal is controlled up and down by the press of two buttons, so the process is not too smooth.


The buttons are labeled as follows:

The controller is powered by 4 double A batteries and is by default set up to work in mode 2, with throttle on the left stick and pitch and roll on the right stick. 


There is a fake screen in the middle and a set of 6 buttons on the side of it:  

Parts and Accessories

Wltoys XK X1 package

Design and Unboxing

Even though this drone delivered more than what I would have expected from this price range so far, it still has more to offer.
The most impressive thing from this package... was the package itself. The drone coming in a super useful carrying case that is the same quality as what the Phantom 4 comes with.


Otherwise, you'll get everything you need in the package

Xk X1 Price, Manual and Instructions

How to fly and start the Xk X1 drone

The flying process is a bit longer than a toy drone, but pretty standard for any other GPS drone.


Make sure to have at least 10 satelites connected, if not, the drone might not start, and it's probably going to fly imprecisely anyway.


There is a non-gps flying mode that allows you to fly the xk x1 at incredible speeds, probably something above 35km/h which can make it quite a fun drone to have for playing around.


Who should buy it (is it worth the price)?

The drone is made for people who  are on a very low budget of under $200 yet still want a very stable camera that can give them some footage to play with.
It's not a professional drone, but it's miles apart from what we've been used with so far, wobbly footage that is pretty much useless, unless you just want to explore stuff.
Even so, this drone is also great for exploration, since you can change the camera angle and analyze things from the desired angle.

Where to buy it from?

The best place to buy it curently is banggood, where you can choose between 3 different packages (with different numbers of batteries included).

This is where I got it from and it should arrive within one to two weeks, depending on the shipping method.

WLtoys Xk x1

Wltoys XK X1 3
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