DJI Spark Vs Fimi A3 Full 2020 comparison

Xiaomi Fimi A3 versus DJI Spark, a battle that only happens because they're in similar price categories, definitely not because of the form factor of these drones.

I had both in my hands and considering the Fimi from Xiaomi is a newly released drone that comes with the quality xiaomi has in all their products, and that in a package that's $100 cheaper than the Spark, some people should definitely consider this comparison.

Both drones actually have interesting pluses and minuses that could make you chose one over the other, but at the end I'll tell you my personal favorite between the two.

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Battery life: 16 min
Range: 1000 m
Camera Resolution 1080p
Image Stabilization: 2 axis + EIS
Battery life: 14 min
Range: 3000 m
Camera Resolution 1080p
Image Stabilization: 2 axis + EIS

Advantages and disadvantages

Btw, if you're concerned with the range, just know that you can extend it to almost double by using the Xiaomi Wifi Range extender (for any wifi drone).

As you can see in the tables bellow, each drone has slight advantages and disadvantages on paper and it would make it pretty difficult to choose just by seeing the specs.

That's why we need to dig deeper and see how they actually perform

Fimi A3

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DJI Spark

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Xiaomi Fimi A3 vs DJI Spark Video Review

Check out my ful video review and image quality comparison between the DJI spark and Fimi a3, so you can make an opinion about which one satisfies your needs when it comes to flight stability, camera and so on.


Camera Quality comparison

These two cameras are very similar, as they both come with 2 axis image stabilization and Electronic Image Stabilization, both have 1080p footage at 30p.

The only difference being that one transmits 5.8ghz sygnal, that being the Xiaomi, which means you'll be able to use standard FPV Goggles to see the image in real time and will have much less lag overall.

Which one has the better camera?

Can you tell which one of these images you like most?

It's pretty obvious that the one on the right has the better dynamic range, colors and overall sharpness. The dirfference isn't big enough for amateur flyers to care that much, but if you're reading this comparison, you definitely care about what the camera can output.


Again, same situation, the image on the left is a bit overexposed, but that can be done through correcting it while filming, however, the image details themselves are a bit blurry on the edges.

I don't think this is a big surprise, but the drone on the right is the DJI Spark, which always had really amazing image quality for the price, in my opinion.

But don't think the Xiaomi did such a bad job, especially for the price.

If you're on a very tight budget, the Xiaomi Fimi A3 is definitely a proper choice, and read on if you want to know why.



Transmitters and apps

There's quite a big difference when it comes to the transmitters of these cameras, as the one for the Xiaomi Fimi A3, as you can see up here has an inbuilt screen and a more minimal approach to the design.

The screen is 4.3 inch in size, with a 480p resolution and it transmits footage in real time with no lag, compared to a wifi transmission to the phone, which can be an advantage.

The monitor shows the main info like signal strenght, battery voltage, flight speed, distance and so forth.

Having this monitor included makes it much faster to setup the Fimi than the Spark, as it doesn't need attaching the smartphone, entering an app and waiting for the connection.

If you want to be the first one to capture the shot, the Fimi A3 is what you need to buy.

This controller also comes with a very easy way to change settings from the joystick button you can see on the right side.

On the other hand, the controller of the spark allows for a better quality real time image, with slightly more lag and a longer time for preparation.

I find this one to be the more annoying of the two, especially because of the updates required from time to time and dependency on the phone.

The battery life is also half of the controller for the Xiaomi Fimi, which might be an important factor for some people to consider.

But I must say I do prefer the image quality I'm seeing on the phone compared to the more blurry one from the FPV screen of Xiaomi.



Stability and Flight

Both drones Have incredibly good GPS stabilization, but the advantage of the DJI drone comes from the fact that it has stabilization sensors underneath, which makes it more stable to fly when closer to the ground and indoors.

I found the XIaomi Fimi a3 to be more stable in stronger winds though, but it does drift more, if we fly them side by side, close to the ground.

I was really impressed with both when it comes to return to home precision too, as both returned no farther than 1m from the starting point.


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Who won?

Personally I'd pay the extra $100 and get the DJI Spark, as it's smaller in size, clearly has the better image quality and compared to the Fimi also has a bunch of accessories that make it a more adaptable flying camera.


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