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The Xiaomi Fimi x8 Mini is a drone under 250 grams, released as a direct competitor to the popular DJI Mini 2 and in this article I'll review it and go through the most important things you should know.

The big advantage of this being a drone under 250 grams is that there's no need to register the Fimi x8 Mini in most countries (US included) and it is way more portable than most others.

As the necessary step up from the original Xiaomi Fimi x8, which is a great camera drone, the new Mini version has better specs yet comes at a considerably lower weight and size.

It perfectly emulates the success of the Mini series from DJI with very similar specs and body design.

However, that's not necessarily a bad thing, as competition always brings improvements, so let's see what this one has to offer.

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FIMI x8 Mini Specs and Features

specs camera drones

In this part we'll talk about the specs and features and some of the things anyone wants to know first hand about a drone. After that, we'll take a look at the camera details and more.

As mentioned before, the FIMI X8 Mini has amazing specs, that are super similar to those of the DJI Mini 2. They both come at similar prices (somewhere around $500) which is quite worth it. I'll make a more in depth comparison between the two in another article.

As a side note, Hubsan has also released a Mini drone under 250 grams called Zino Mini Pro that I reviewed here (it can fly for 40 minutes).

Battery Life of the FIMI X8 Mini

Ok, this is a pretty weird one. The Battery life of the FIMI X8 is between 30 and 31 minutes depending on what type of battery you choose.

FIMI X8 MINI Standard vs Pro Battery

The Standard battery is the one that the drone comes equipped with (and is slightly cheaper) which can get you 30 minutes of flight time at 6 m/s while the Pro battery is lighter and can get you 31 minutes.

Choosing the right battery to make the drone under 250g

However, the most unexpected thing you might miss is that buying the standard battery would get your drone slightly over 250 grams ( at 258 grams) which makes it required to register it so it defeats the original purpose of the weight of the drone. However, the pro battery will make the entire drone 242 grams in total, which is under the required size.

The only way I see the cheaper standard battery work is if you are willing to fly the drone slightly over the admitted weight and in case any law enforcements steps in to check your drone, you do the old switcheroo and exchange the two batteries on the spot.

The charging is done through a Type C USB (thank god) and it allows for 3A rapid charging which is great. This means you can use your phone charger even to charge these.

fimi x8 mini standard vs pro battery

Range (Flight Distance)

The range of the drone is at 8km which is more than enough for pretty much any user. While it's still 2 km less than the Mini 2, it's really not noticeable and the signal is strong.

3 axis mechanical gimbal

The stabilization of the camera is done through a 3 axis mechanical gimbal which is great compared to electronic image stabilization, for example.

Wind Resistance

The biggest concern with drones this small is that you can't fly them in stronger wind. 

The FIMI X8 Mini comes with a level 5 wind resistance which means it can handle winds of up to 38km/h (24mph).

It also alerts you with a wind warning as well as excessive power warning and it can return to home by itself in case the battery goes under a certain level.orAlso the Xiaomi Fimi x8 Mini can fly at a maximum speed of 16 m/s (58km/h or 36mph).

GPS and Sensors

The FIMI X8 Mini comes with GPS, GLONASS, and BEIDOU satellite systems, so the US, Russia, and China Satelite precision combined.

It also comes with bottom-facing sensors that increase the flight accuracy when closer to the ground (10m) as well as make the landing more precise.

The hovering accuracy is

  • vertical: 0.1m (with the ultrasonic sensors) and 0.5m (with only GPS)
  • horizontal 1.5m


Size and weight

As mentioned in the battery section, the Xiaomi FIMI X8 Mini weighs under 250 grams(245g) with the pro battery and 258 grams with the standard battery.

These are the dimensions folded and unfolded:

  • folded: 145x85x56mm
  • unfolded: 200x145x56 mm

Camera, Footage and Photos


In this section we're taking a look at the camera, how the photos look, what my experience with it is and why you should care.

fimi x8 mini camera

4k HDR Video

To compete with the likes of the DJI Mini 2, a resolution of 4k and a 3 axis stabilized gimbal is required for sure.

However a very interesting thing is that it also comes with HDR video, which means that the footage will have better exposure in the dark and lighted parts of the image. The higher dynamic range can compensate a lot for mistakes of inexperienced pilots as well as add to the ease of use for more experienced cinema creators.

The 4k video is shot in 30 fps and 100Mbps.

hdr vs non hdr fimi x8 mini

Raw VIDEO and H.265 codec

Videos are shot in the H.265/HEVC codec which is as much detail as you can pretty much get in terms and color.

You can also Shoot raw (DNG) and in F-Log to get a better color range in post processing.

Design and Flight Modes


Does the FIMI X8 have follow me mode? What about other flight modes? Let's check these answers in the section below.


I love that the drone comes in two colors, especially with that cool orange that can be easier to spot in the sky.

The overall design is similar to the DJI Mini drone, a foldable  tiny drone that can fit in your palm, with brushless motors, foldable propellers a few air intakes to cool the insides.

fimi x8 mini in two colors

Does the X8 Mini have the follow me mode?

Yes, the Xiaomi FIMI X8 Mini can follow you with a special flight mode. Although it doesn't have any forward obstacle avoidance, it does have a few auto tracking modes too like circle around, follow, dronie etc.

It also makes it very easy to do simple shots with the "one-tap" mode where you need to just click on the screen where you want the drone to go.

It also comes with the timelapse feature and waypoints and if yuo're interested you can also livestream your footage.


Zoom mode and Night mode

The X8 mini does have a zoom mode ( up to 3 times) that they include in their SAR (Search and Rescue Mode). This isn't lossless, but considering the camera is 4k, you can actually take some pretty  nice zoomed in shots like this.

The night shooting mode also is interesting as they use an AI algorithm for noise reduction, but I am still to test this myself.

Transmitter and App


The controller is quite well build, but let's see more details about how it actually feels to fly this drone.

The remote controller is built with a similar design to the bigger brother, Fimi x8, as in fits the phone between the two sticks instead of at the top or bottom.

I really wish DJI would copy this design for themselves, as I find it much more useful and compact compared to the bulkier controller of the Mini 2.

The controls are frankly simple, with a return to home button, photo and video button at the top, gimbal tilting wheel and the power button.

remote controller and app of fimi x8 mini

Can you fly the Fimi x8 Mini with just a phone?

Yes, you can fly the Fimi x8 mini with just your phone through wifi and the maximum range is 100m.

This is really welcome as many times you just want to quickly whip out the drone and capture a fleeting moment like a sunrise or sunset or maybe a celebrity passing by.

The app is also well made, similar in functions to DJI or the one used for the entire fimi series.

fimi x8 mini app

Precision Landing

The X8 Mini utilizes the camera underneath it to pinpoint the location it initially took off from and land as precisely as possible in the same spot.

The precision of this is greatly improved by having a landing pad with a different color and symbol. If you want to find out more about ways to improve your drone, check out my best drone accessories guide.

Price, Manual and Instructions


In this section we're drawing the conclusions and reaching out to tutorials on how to fly it, where to buy it (cheapest or fastest) and much more.

I suggest you read till the end.

Who should buy it?

The main price point of the Fimi x8 is somewhere around $50 less than the Mini 2, so about $450. However, since you might want to buy additional batteries and probably get a pro battery at least it will certainly increase.

This drone is frankly for everybody, from beginners (who have never flown before) to people looking to make money with photography and videography and travelers or vloggers. The footage is indistinguishable and by using some accessories like ND filters you can really work on your cinematography a lot.

Where to buy it from?

The main place you can find it currently for sale is BangGood.com.

I'll update this list once I find other good places to buy it from.

Paul Posea
Paul Posea

Hi, I'm a long-time drone reviewer and I hope my articles and comparisons on this site as well as Dronesgator's youtube channel are of as much help as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the MJX Bugs 12 have electronic image stabilization (EIS)?

Yes! This feature is what sets this drone apart from other below $200 models. This is perfect for beginners who are on tight budget but want to have stable shots. 

How long does MJX Bugs 12's battery last?

It could last up to 24min, slightly longer than the 22-min longevity of Bugs 20.

Can you fly the drone without connecting to the wifi and app?

No, this is a bit strange, but this drone cannot be flown without connect it to the app.

Is it legal to fly in US?
Yes it is legal to fly it in the US, but you will need a permit for it (because it's over 250grams).
You also need to respect the limit of 120m altitude.
Can it be used for professional video/photo?
No, this drone isn't really in the professional cateogry, you need to invest a bit more to get into that range.
Does it have altitude hold?
Yes, the drone does have both a barometer and sonar for maintaining altitude.
Does it come with a case?

Yes, the drone does come with a great case included.

Bugs 12 camera

Hope you enjoyed all the details so far, if you want to check out other drone videos, I suggest you subscribe you my youtube channel.

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