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Xiaomi Mitu Drone Review - Video Footage, Photos, and Specs 2023

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
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100m Range

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The Xiaomi Mitu drone came as a savior for the "cheap camera drone" niche, but is it still relevant in 2023?

The features it has and the quality of the camera are absolutely amazing considering the size of this thing and it's still a solid competitor for smaller selfie drones like the DJI Tello.

The best part?

The Xiaomi Mitu costs less than even the DJI Tello and is super easy to use!

xiaomi mitu review 1

Now that you have checked the price, let's see if it's actually worth it or if there's a better alternative for you. 

If you want a costlier quadcopter but way better from XIaomi, check out my review on the Xiaomi Fimi X8.

Don't worry, in this article I'll guide you through all the steps you'll ever need to decide what to do.

You can also check my comparison with DJI Tello, if you're undecided between the two.

Price and Specs

Xiaomi Mitu is supposed to be a Tello killer, but I say it's actually not. The specs are there, but I feel like it's sligtly inferior when it comes to camera quality.

However, it does have it's advantages, including internal storage and even the ability to play an AR game with other similar drones.

The graphic on the left is supposed to help you find if it's a right time to buy the drone or not.

Bellow you can enter your email to be notified in case the price drops, it can be quite useful!

My video Review on the Xiaomi MItu drone

Xiaomi MITU vs other selfie drones

Most selfie quadcopters under $100 tend to pretty much have the same specs and are usually less than satisfying.

They tend to move a lot, not be stable and usually have pretty poor quality cameras.

In the table bellow, I have underlined the differences between the average cheap selfie drone and the MITU.

Xiaomi mitu compared to other selfie drones dronesgator table

Okay, MITU is a good drone, but it must have some weak points, right?

Of course it has! But we should only look to criticize considering the price too. Considering the release of the Tello, the bar has been set higher than ever before when it comes to what cheap drones can do.

So here are the pluses and minuses of the MITU from my perspective, as a big drone enthusiast.

Xiaomi Mitu unboxing

xiaomi mitu package

The package it comes with is very basic, yet you don't really need much else for the beginning. I'll link a few very useful accessories down bellow so you can improve your experience (usually battery time).

What you're getting in the package:

  • the quadcopter
  • 4 propellers
  • 2 spare propellers
  • 1 battery
  • user manual
  • micro SD cable (for charging and for transferring files)


You might not be completely satisfied with the 10 minute battery life, and it's completely understandable. Fortunately enough, there's a very good and cheap solution for that. 

Camera- how does the Mitu record?

xiaomi mitu camera

In a camera drone, the most important aspect should be the camera, right?

Pretty much YES, although I could argue that stability is probably more important sometimes. 

I have quite a few video samples in the revew above, but here's another video with only footage and pictures for you to enjoy!

BTW, the MITU doesn't have 2 cameras, the one at top is another AR sensor for battling friends who have the same drone.

Download video and photo samples

As mentioned in my review, I'll attach here the original footage files for you to download and check out. They are taken at different times of the day, so the quality might differ.

Download the files I made here

How does it fly?

This is probably the area where the Xiaomi MITU most excels at, mostly thanks to the sensors at the bottom, which keep it very stable in the air.

Strangely enough, the xiaomi is pretty fast too, so you can have enough fun outside racing it a bit.

xiaomi flying gif

Signal Range

The drone is mostly limited to about 50m or less (wifi range). The altitude is limited to a maximum of 25m, but you can limit it to less if the light isn't good enough for the sensors to properly grasp it


The drone works with optical flow technology, which means it has a tiny camera bellow it that takes pictures of the ground constantly and tries to keep the drone position relative to the ground.

There's also a sonar sensor bellow that figures out the distance relative to the ground.

All these coupled with a barometer inside make this drone a super stable device that will simply stick in the air. Because of it's tiny motors it still has problems with stronger winds, so beware!

xiaomi mitu sensors sonar

How does the app work?

First of all, let me mention that it's very VERY good there's included storage space on the drone itself, so I don't have to get all the footage from my phone back to the computer.

Not only that, the image quality is also better and there's no lag, because it doesn't record the live feed on the phone, like many drones do, but it captures everything right on the storage space.

I have only tested the Iphone app so far and it works great! 

The drone wifi connects very fast and the app is simple and intuitive.

Here's a few screenshots to get a clue of it:

iphone app interface

Xiaomi MITU AR battle mode?

The Xiaomi MItu has a lot of sensors for AR (augumented reality) and you can fight with a friend who also has a MITU drone. 

As you can see on the top right side, you have a health bar and you also have a way to shoot the enemy with your target. Thankfully there's no actual shooting involved.

AR mitu mode

Aditional app settings

Although it doesn't look like much on the surface, if you click the small wheel icon in the right corner, you'll stumble upon a ton of settings and calibrations that will make your flying experience better.

mitu menu 1

Here you can change the height restriction I talked about earlier.

mitu menu 2

You can even calibrate the Joystick sensitivity and even a guide.

Learn the basics of flying

If you've flown a drone before, this is going to be very easy for you, as the sonar and optical sensors make it fly in place even though you don't do anything.

This way you don't have to permanently adjust direction.

Bellow I have underlined the main joystick controls for the xiaomi mitu. Make sure you get familiar with them.

learn how to fly mobile app drone

To learn how to fly effectively for the fist time, you need to take care of a few things first:

  1. Make sure you're always aware of where the front and the back of the drone are (if you're not in headless mode).
  2. First learn how to rais the drone up and move it front, back, left and right, but don't rotate it. If you change the direction it faces it will make things more complicated.
  3. Learn how to fly by looking at the drone, not at the app screen. It will have a bit of lag and it will seem confusing in the beginning.

If you're still undecided whether you like the MITU or not, check out my video review on the DJI Tello, another amazing drone that's similarly priced and that also has a stabilized camera.

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