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DJI tello vs Drona JJRC gh33

Camera Specs

  • DJI telloDrona JJRC gh33
  • Camera Resolution
    1080p 4k
  • Gimbal


  • DJI telloDrona JJRC gh33
  • Battery Life
    12min 12min

In this article I’m going to help you decide between buying either the Xiaomi MITU drone or the Ryze TELLO. Just watch me do it!

Why would I trust this article, you ask?

Well, I have quite an experience with drones ranging in price from $10 to $1500 and I have tested a shit ton of under $100 drones, the category where these two fit.

You are a smart person!

You chose two of the BEST cheap “selfie” quad-copters, and that’s because of the awesome technology they embed. 

Now let’s see what the differences are. And don’t forget to read till the end because that’s where I reach my conclusion (you don’t have to agree with it).

  • Flying Time: 8-10 min
  • Motor to motor size:12cm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Battery 3.8v 920mAh
  • Flying Distance: 50m
  • Flying Time: 11-13 min
  • Motor to motor size:12cm
  • Weight: 79g
  • Battery 3.7v 1100mAh
  • Flying Distance: 50m

MITU vs TELLO - Table and Video review

Btw, if you’re concerned with the range, just know that you can extend it to almost double by using the Xiaomi Wifi Range extender (for any wifi drone).

As you can see in the table above, each drone has slight advantages and disadvantages on paper and it would make it pretty difficult to choose just by seeing the specs.

That’s why we need to dig deeper and see how they actually perform.

Xiaomi Mitu drone vs Tello - my youtube review

Watch the video if you want to see how both the drones record, fly and so on. But I’d recommend first to check the rest of the article and read the details of my comparison.

Only then, get back to this youtube review and check how they compare in tests.


  • 3 gb internal memory
  • No camera frame skip
  • Augumented Reality sensors (for battle mode)


  • No image stabilization


  • Slightly more stable flight
  • Better video quality
  • Better photo quality and resolution
  • Image stabilization (important!)
  • A few aditional flight modes


  • Video can skip frames sometimes
  • No SD card slot

What's in the boxes?

Xiaomi Mitu

  • Drone
  • Manual
  • 2 spare props
  • micro USB charger
  • 920 mAh battery

Ryze Tello

  • Drone
  • Manual
  • 4 spare props
  • prop removal key
  • 1100 mAh battery

How do the cameras compare?

This is probably the biggest and most important distinction when it comes to drones in general, and this case is not excluded.

The difference between the two can be pretty clear sometimes and not so obvious in different conditions. But I have decided for a winner after seeing enough footage for both.

Which one do you think it is?

Download the original footage and photos

If you want to compare the footage yourself on your computer, then here I put to download the original files I got directly from the drones themselves.

The files are pretty small.

Here’s a comparison between two print screens of the videos from the tello and xiaomi mitu.

You can obviously notice that there’s more detail in the shadows for the tello and more sharpness overall. Not to mention the original video is more stable.

The tello video seems to be a little less saturated and with less contrast, but the clarity is better and there’s also less noise in my oppinion.

How about photos?

Xiaomi MITU photos have half the resolution of the TELLO when it comes to photos. 

Stability and flight

Both have very good sensors for keeping them fixed on the spot. They’re pretty incredible for the price… haven’t really flown such stable indoor drones at such a low price before.

Both have the optical flow camera underneath that continually takes pictures of the ground and keeps them in the same spot. It will have difficulties in darker situations though.

The tello has 2 additional infrared sensors and the MITU has a sonar sensor like the Mavic.

Overall, the infrared sensor seems to be the better technology, as i feel it’s a little bit more stable than the sonar, in this case.

My conclusion

Because the photos are better, the video is more stable and higher quality, I’ll choose Tello as my main selfie/cheap camera quadcopter. But if you only have $80 to spend, the XIaomi MITU is definitely the best choice you can make!

Xiaomi MITU


Ryze Tello


I’d say in 90% of the cases you have to choose Tello. The results are pretty clear, it’s a little bit better in every way. 

However, if you have a really tight budget, the MITU is totally the way to go. They’re both great camera drones and I could not recommend them enough.

If you’re stil confused on how to pick a camera drone, check out my article on it:

I'm a big drone enthusiast, the owner of DronesGator.com and I also make weekly videos on my drone YouTube channel.


  1. Hello man, can you help me?

    I’ll buy a “video camera drone” until US$130. My options for while is Tello or MiTu, but I’m inclined to Tello for the better video and stabilization.
    Have you any other suggestion for me? I accept drones wich I can put a camera on it like a GoPro/SJ4000.


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