Yuneec Typhoon H review

Yuneec typhoon H review- Still relevant in 2019?

Battery Life

28 min







The Yuneec Typhoon H is something of a drone you don’t see that much in 2019, as everyone wants things as small as possible.

However, if you’re not interested in compact sizes, this drone might actually be a solid investment.

It does have it’s drawbacks, but for some people who want to take advantage of a bulkier build with a 360 degree camera, this might be just what they needed.


What to look for in a camera drone

Image stability

A very important factor is the image stabilization. I would pick anyday a drone that has a 720p camera but is well stabilized instead of a 4k camera that has no stabilization.

In this regard the Yuneec Typhoon H does a spectacular job. It comes with a very good 3 axis gimbal and a camera mounted on it.

You should look for the following in a drone if you want good image stability:

  • A 2 or preferably 3 axis gimbal is the best possible way to stabilize a camera. It’s usually found in more expensive builds.
  • Electronic image stabilization. Drones like Parrot Bebop 2 or even the cheaper Tello have it.
  • Get yourself a GO Pro drone and use a very stable Action cam with electronic or optical image stabilization!

Battery Life

Another super important factor when you really want to make sure you take the shots without the stress of needing to return the drone back.

The typhoon is also quite good in this aspect. It’s estimated at 28 minutes in perfect conditions, but in real life situations expect a maximum of 25 minutes at best.

Which is quite a lot if you ask me.

Drone GPS and stabile flight

The Yuneec Comes with GLONASS which means it can handle up to 24 satellites at the same time. It’s quite stable thanks to that and the sonar sensors it has bellow it.

It also can come with the Intel realsense module, which will enable it to avoid obstacles in front of it, but it’s nothing special compared to what we’ve seen recently from dji.

I must admit there were people who experienced some problems with the GPS stability in certain cases, which turned into the drone drifting to a side. This means it might not really be as perfect as you think

Besides that, drones with GPS also come with useful functions like return to home and follow me, that can be super useful for saving time and money.

  • Drones with GPS
    • great for stability at higher altitudes and distances
    • Safer with RTH options and if battery is too low
  • Drones with Optical flow cameras
    • much cheaper
    • holds position pretty well under 20m height
    • can work indoors too
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Yuneec Typhoon H Price and specs

The Yuneec Typhoon H is definitely in the “under $1000 drones” category. However, that’s a change from the initial price of over $1200.

With the current prices on amazon this actually becomes somewhat of a good drone to invest in.

Yuneec also makes their packages full of items, so you’ll probably get like 2 batteries, a controller with the screen, a bag and so on.

This drone I feel is made for quite a niche market of people.

I think that professionals who are interested in a bulky reliable platform that is modular might benefit the most.

If you’re very interested in the fact that the camera can turn 360 degrees, that will make it pretty much the only solution at this price range.

Camera Options
With Camera
Camera Resolution: 4k
Phone Controlled
Motor Type: Brushless
Optical Flow Stabilization
Battery Life: 28
Flight Range: 1.5
Micro SD Card
Under 250g
Drone Types

Here’s a dainly price history for the Mavic Air, so you know if now is the right time to buy it.


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Yuneec typhoon H compared to other drones

typhoon h
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Camera and video comparison

Image by

There is no doubt in my mind that the main competitor for the Typhoon H is the Phantom 4 even in 2019.  They were released at about the same time, have very similar specs and both were made with about the same thing in mind.

I have made a full comparison between the Phantom 4 and the Typhoon H so and I actually reached a conclusion regarding the drone that I like most,  which is unusual for me.

The camera for the Typhoon has quite an unique advantage that I have only seen in very expensive drones like the Inspire from DJI.

That is… the ability to turn 360 degrees in any direction. I personally don’t consider this to be such a big advantage, but thanks to the retractable legs, you’ll be sure that you’ll never get the legs in the frame, even if you fly very fast ahead.


A few image samples for comparison

Tom from has done quite an awesome job comparing the two cameras between them and it’s quite surprising what conclusions he reached.

In some situations the Typhoon was better, but the sharpness of the Phantom 4 was quite nice.

typhoon h

Typhoon H

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transmitter and flight modes

I really like how the yuneec transmitter is built, however not all people will enjoy the complexity of it. Besides that, it does come with an included screen, so you don’t have to connect your phone everytime and make sure it’s charged. 

But the disadvantage comes through the fact that it does still take some time for the android sistem to get going at first.

The yuneec does come with a few standard and very useful flight modes:

  • 360 panorama
  • circle around object
  • return to home
  • waypoint flight
  • watch me (basically has the camera oriented towards you every time)
8.5 Total Score
A great DJI phantom alternative!

Flight stability
Camera quality
Aditional features
  • Perfect image stabilization
  • Modular gimbal and camera
  • Long range
  • Great build quality
  • Good transmitter
  • Slow motion 1080p
  • Good color reproduction
  • Pretty big compared to the foldable drones DJI has today
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