Xiro Zero Xplorer Drone Review (still worth it in 2020?)

How is Xplorer drone from Xiro doing in 2019?

The Xplorer was launched in 2015 and is targeted for consumers that want a complete aerial imaging solution at quite some affordable prices.

 It holds to compete against giants like DJI with their Phantom series and it's even cheaper, so it's still a very good pick in 2018!

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Price and specs for Xiro

The price for this drone can vary a lot depending on the speciffic model you choose.

Because it's modular, you can pick a version that already comes with a camera, one that does not, or even the one with a gimbal for your own GO pro or action camera.

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Here's the price history for the main offer I found to see how it evolves over time and if this is the right time to buy it before it gets more expensive.

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The Xplorer comes in 3 versions

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Xiro Xplorer Standard

The basic version, with no camera or gimbal included in the package but with all the functions of flying, GPS and retractable legs.

This is perfect if you're low on money and want to get a drone to first learn how to fly better. The great advantage of this quadcopter is the modular design that it comes with. 

That means that you can buy this cheaper version and later get a camera for it with a perfectly fitting gimbal.

  • Can be easily upgraded with a camera, later
  • Allows you to experiment with it before investing too much money
  • Leaves you time to decide with what set of camera to go with
  • Retractable Feet makes it easier to carry
  • Having no camera attached, you can go in sport mode and enjoy some faster flying.

Xiro xplorer v

These are packages that include either the drone and a gimbal with the Xiro V camera or a stabilization gimbal for a go pro.

Xplorer Standard + Gimbal for Go pro Hero 4 = Xiro Xplorer G

This is the version that fits with the GO pro 4 (or even 3). It also works with any similar sized Action camera from sites like Gearbest.

Xplorer Standard + Gimbal with Full HD cam = Xiro Xplorer V

This is the version that fits with the GO pro 4 (or even 3). It also works with any similar sized Action camera from sites like Gearbest.


Xplorer v with integrated camera

Advantages of buying the Xplorer V

  • The overall price will be lower, as you won't need to buy a go pro camera
  • You'll get the entire package from the start, no waiting for getting the camera later
  • You won't need to start and stop the go pro cam before each flight
  • Comes with a great 3 axis camera gimbal
  • It will have a lower image quality than the Go Pro version
  • Will be limited to Full HD instead of 4k for the Go Pro

Flight footage with the Xplorer V


Xplorer G for Go pro 4 camera

To be noted that the Go Pro Version doesn't come with an included GO Pro camera so you'll have to provide your own. But if you already have one, that will make it cheaper for you!

Advantages of buying the Go Pro Version

  • The filming quality will be better and the resolution 4k after you attach a hero 4 camera to the gimbal
  • It's the best solution if you already have a Go Pro 3 or 4
  • it can shot raw formats thanks to the Go pro
  • the stabilization gimbal is also high quality
  • It's pretty expensive if you don't have a Hero Cam alreay bought.
  • You'll have to start and stop the go pro cam before and after every flight (not that big of a deal)

Flight footage with the Xplorer G


Xiro Xplorer compared to Phantom 3?

Overall, the Phantom 3 has a few advantages, like the lightbridge system that enables the P3 to go at incredible ranges of 2 km. 

Also, the camera (at least for the Advanced and Pro versions of the Phantom) is a little better than the Xiro v, as it goes beyond FullHd and up to 4k for the pro version.

 Even so, the Xiro is quite cheaper, and if you mount a go pro on it, it will totally be on par with the Phantom in terms of image quality, and maybe even beat it. 

Here's why: When it comes to viewing angle of the lens, the Xplorer has the upper hand against the Phantom 3, for example. 

The wide angle of 140 degrees in the Xplorer V version is almost twice as wide as the 94 degree angle on the P3.

That means that the camera for the V captures twice the amount of image content (land, not actual pixels).

  • Flight distance for the Xplorer is somewhere around 600 m maximum ( vs 2km Phantom 3 pro)
  • Another great advantage compared to other drones in this similar price range is its modular design
  • The transmitter has buttons for trimming the lights and to move the camera up and down for more speciffic video capturing shots of certain points of interest.
  • there are 3 rates of flying, very useful for beginner
  • The phone/tablet holder has a very unique system but has a maximum size capacity of 6 inches

Another great advantage compared to other drones in this similar price range is its modular design.


Everything, from gimbal with camera to battery, range extender on the remote and even the motors are easily removable.

 On the other hand, the P3 is the total opposite, as it's very hard to remove anything and even the main board is in one piece with the ESCs. Really not that much freedom of building over there.


Other drones it compares with

With impressive features such as the advanced flight control system and the very useful modular design, the drone brings the latest pieces of tech in a Ready To Fly package.

It comes with a large 5200 mAh battery which will give the users a great flight time of up to 25 minutes.

In a nutshell, this quad is worth buying and having great fun with it, being under the price of it's competitors while still maintaining quality.


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Xiro Xplorer

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