ZLRC Beast SG906 drone – cheap 4k camera drone

ZLRC Beast SG906 - the cheapest 4k drone?

Battery Life

23 min







The ZLRC Beast SG906 is a newly released drone on the market in 2019 and it has not yet been reviewed.

However, the specs of this quadcopter are absolutely insane, and even though you shouldn’t get your hopes up this is going to compete with other 4k drones out there… considering the price, it’s definitely going to make it to my top drones under $200 list.

We’re talking about a GPS, position hold drone with a ton of battery life and a camera that can be moved in the air.

There’s no gimbal involved to stabilize the video, but considering you can shoot up to 4k, post processing stabilization is very doable indeed.


ZLRC Beast SG906 Price and specs

It’s undeniable that the price of this drone is what makes it so special, as I must admit that when it comes to specs and overall build quality, this is a drone that overdelivers.

 The package it comes from can vary depending on what you choose. 

For example, if we take a look at the options at banggood:

  • 1080p camera/ 4k camera versions
        • with just a few dollar price difference between them
  • 1 battery/2 batteries/3 batteries package versions
  • version with a carrying case/ standard packaging
Camera Options
With Camera
Camera Resolution: 4k
Phone Controlled
Motor Type: Brushless
Optical Flow Stabilization
Battery Life: 23
Flight Range: 350
Micro SD Card
Under 250g
Drone Types

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Camera quality - is the 4k worth it?

First of all, don’t expect high end camera footage out of this drone. It may come in a 4k camera version, but the sensor is pretty small and they couldn’t add an expensive camera lens in this already amazing package.

The price difference between the 1080p and the 4k versions is not so great, actually just a couple of bucks, but the image quality difference isn’t that huge either. The higher resolution compressed in 1080p might deliver slightly better results.

Again, a 4k video recording could mean that you can cut more from the image when stabilizing it in post processing.

If you don’t want to have to deal with big 4k files, or your computer just can’t handle it…just go for the 1080p.


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Transmitter and flight modes

ZLRC Beast SG906

This transmitter has a pretty good form factor, and I really like the phone bracket, as it doesn’t press on the side of your phone like most others. It won’t turn the phone off by accident by pressing the side button.

There’s also a tiny LCD screen at the bottom that reminds me of the MJX Bugs Series. This is great, as you can see how far the drone is from you, even if the app has disconnected. You can basically fly it even without visual feedback, although I don’t recommend it.

It comes with the one key return to home button, that’s absolutely great.

One downside is that there are buttons for switching the camera angle, not a scrolling wheel, which means the movement is not gradual so you can’t make smooth videos while moving the camera up or down. But at least there is the option of doing it.


When it comes to features, the SG906 Beast deserves its name.

Although things like gesture control don’t work as good as those from DJI, I must admit it comes with a lot of very interesting features.

The follow me and point of interest ones can prove to be quite fun to play with and might make for some nice footage to share with your friends while you follow the car around or yourselves.

Waypoint flight is not something I usually use, as I usually appreciate drones at this price point by how good they have their basics.

By basics I mean battery life, camera quality, build quality, GPS stability and so on. And this drone excels in almost all of these, even though it has more work to do in the camera department.

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8.5 Total Score
Beast SG906 - too good to be true?

This drone comes with things lika a 4k camera that ca swivel up or down from the trasnmitter, GPS, flight modes and a huge battery life, so it's absolutely amazing that it's so cheap. THe camera quality is certanly far off the ones DJI has, but even so, it's slowly becoming one of my favorites, by specs alone.

Flight stability
  • Long battery life
  • Foldable
  • good GPS
  • optical flow sensors
  • camera can swivel up and down
  • up to 4k resolution
  • gesture modes
  • the 4k resolution is probably not going to be much better in quality than the 1080p
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  1. Ich habe mir die ZLRC Beast SG906 gekauft, wie schalten man die Flight Mode um? MODE 1/ MODE 2

  2. Hello. My name is Melnic Marian and I need your help. I want to buy this model of the drona (Beast sg906) but I am interested in whether there is an identification number or serial number on the drones car. Why do I ask these details? In Romania, all unmanned aircraft must be registered, registered with the aeronautical authority. Thank you and eventually expect a response from you even a picture if you can.

  3. Hello . ask for advice. This drone is my own but I have a problem that the drone in the interior responds normally but in the exterior does not want to spin the propeller is not yet taken off

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