Drone Laws in Austria (updated for 2020)

height flight limit

150m max height

can't fly over crowds of people

Don't fly over crowds

plane icon white

Don't fly near airports

Only line of sight

All Drone Laws in Austria in 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

Are drones legal in Austria?

Yes. Provided you abide by all laws set out by Austro Control, the national drone governing body, you are set. If you are a seasoned drone pilot who has been able to fly to different countries and continents, you will find the Austrian rules quite strict. 


Who do I contact?

For information on anything dealing with the Austrian Aviation industry, contact Austro Control. Their authority extends to unmanned aerial vehicles which are drones. Reach them by phone at Tel: +4351 703 7111 or can send an email at ulfz@austrocontrol.at.

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What are the drone laws in Austria?

Austria does not focus too much on the distinction between commercial and recreation drones. It is worth pointing out the expected changes to the EU drone regulations as of 1st July 2020. Surprisingly, Austria had the Amended Act in place since 2014. The changes make it impossible for a first-timer to own or use a drone.

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Can I fly over crowds?

Flying over any gathering of people is a preserve of the security agencies. This covers sports areas, concerts, and events. However, there are special situations where it can be allowed.

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Is FPV legal in Austria?

Yes. Flight in the first-person view is only allowed if there is another person who is on standby and ready to intervene should the need present itself.

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What “not to do” with your drone in Austria

Can a pilot fly a recreational drone over a populated beach, recreational stadium or sporting event?

No way. That can only be authorized on a special case basis, normally reserved for the security agencies. 

How long does it take for a license to mature?

It should take a week or two.

Can I use my drone for commercial uses?

Yes. Provided you get a license with Austro Control.

Can I use my drone for commercial uses?

You must give CASA  a 5 days heads-up, then apply for a reference number while abiding by all rules pertaining to recreational drones.

Should my drone be insured?

You need liability insurance to operate a drone in Austria. This covers all the criteria of drones. 

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Rules on commercial drones

The use of drones for commercial use has grown into an industry in Austria. Changes in rules allow you to fly your drone commercially provided it weighs less than 2 Kg. First, you must apply for an aviation reference number (ARN).

Sketch your ARN number onto your drone. 

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When do you need a license for my drone in Austria?

  • If you intend to fly the aircraft over a 500-meter radius from point of operation.
  • If you are charging a fee
  • If you are using the drone for other uses apart from flying
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Can I fly without a licence in Austria?

The weight of the drone is a deciding factor as to whether it needs a permit or not. You do not need a permit if:

  • Weighs below 250 g or 79 joules in kinetic energy.
  • Does not exceed a 30 m operational height
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How can I get my drone licensed?

The law does separate unmanned aerial vehicles into 2 categories.

  • Class 1 drones within line of sight
  • Class 2 drones with no line of sight
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Class 2 aircraft - Unmanned drones with no line of sight

This class of drones is that which exceeds the visual line of sight of the pilot. Legally, this category are regarded as civilian aircraft. In that case, any user must have a pilot license. 

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Can I fly a drone in Austria without the Austrian Aviation drone license?

Yes, however, you must apply for a category C and D permit. You can take that exam electronically through Austro Control. 

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How can I register for the category C and D license?



For the sake of practice, check out the online questionnaire here.


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Are we expecting any new EU drone regulations?


More information on the changing EU policies is available here.

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Can I be penalized?

Yes. If you lack a license yet the drone you are flying is in a category that demands one, Austro Control or any other citizen can legally file a complaint. This is an administrative offense and carries a fine of 22,000 Euro.

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What are my top drones to fly safely in Austria?

My following two recommendations are 2 great compact drones that are quite silent and also small enough to travel with and not stand out as annoying.

1.Dji Mavic Mini - The best international travel drone (under 250g)


30min battery


No follow me

DJI has surprised us with this incredible camera drone under 250g, which is half of the weight required for registering in Austria in the first place.


I have covered it much more in depth in my article review and even compared it with the DJI Spark and Mavic Air.


  • 30 min battery life
  • under 250g
  • super portable
  • 4km range
  • can edit videos in the app


  • no obstacle avoidance
  • no settings for iso and shutter speed

2.Dji Mavic Air 2 - My favorite drone overall

4k 60fps

34min battery


Follow + obstacle avoidance

mavic air 2 package fly more combo
If you want more control over things like shutter speed, iso and such, the best professional drone that still falls under the 500g category is the DJI Mavic Air.
It's made mostly for people who want to play around with settings and enter into the pro category.


DJI lowered it's price since it was first released.


  • 3 way sensors
  • 68kph (fastest among the 3)
  • follow me mode(quite a few options)
  • 8gb internal storage
  • ISo & shutter speed settings
  • 6 photo modes
  • takes RAW photos
  • 100mbps bitrate


  • battery life ins't that amazing
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Restricted Areas and Geofencing (drone FLying map)

The best way to figure out what areas you can fly in, while you're in Romania is by consulting DJI offilicial map.
They do a great job mapping the places that one should avoid while flying in every country:

  • airports
  • military bases
  • prisons
  • power plants
  • any high risk areas
romania flying map dji
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