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drones ranked by specs is a site with guides on how to find your perfect quadcopter as well as how to fly it and how to make your videos more cinematic!

If you're a beginner I recommend you start with my article on the types of drones and terminology.

Check out my top cheap drones sorted by price

Starting from a few dollars to houndreds, you are sure to find the best drones I recommend for each price category.

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If you find yourself often in the situation where you are unprepared for a flight and regret it after (I know I do), this checklist is perfect for creating the right habits for that!

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Buyer Guides


You're searching for the best drone you can get for your budget, and this is what you'll find here.

This section will help you choose the perfect drone for your indivual needs.


Best Long Range Drones

These are the best long range drones curently on the market, sorted by price and compared in a table.

best return to home drones

Best Drones with Return Home

This is a list with my top drones with Return to Home(RTH) techonoly and GPS, of course.

best drones for motorcycles

Best Drones for Motorcyclists

If you're looking for Follow Me Drones, this is a good choice to read next.

Drone Comparisons

You can find a drone vs drone comparison for the most popular camera drones out there. From DJI drones, to Hubsan, Xiaomi and even GoPro.
dji mini 2 vs mavic air 2 thumbnail comparison

DJI Mini 2 vs Air 2 comparison

These two drones are some of the most popular from DJI recenlty and I've just compared them

dji mini 2 review vs the Mavic Mini

DJI Mini 2 vs Mavic Mini

A complete review of the new DJI Mini 2 while comparing it with it's predecesor, the mavic mini.


Mavic Mini vs Xiaomi fimi x8

How does the best drone from Xiaomi compare to DJI's smaller yet newer drone?

My top Drone Reviews

These are the latest reviews for some of the most recently released drones this year and some of them even before they are released to the public.

Hubsan Zino Review

Probably one of the most recommended drones, the Zino is definitely my top under $300

dji fpv drone leaked image review 1

DJI FPV Drone (leaked)

All the information possible on the new DJI Fpv Drone


Best Drones for Motorcyclists

If you're looking for Follow Me Drones, this is a good choice to read next.

Drone Laws Interactive World Map

You can check whether the country you want to fly in allows drone flying if you need to register the drone, what are the limitations and obligations for pretty much everything you want.
drone map laws