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What drones are better than DJI? (7 Best DJI Alternatives)


It can be frustrating to see DJI drones recommended everywhere, so you might ask yourself if there are drones out there that are better than DJI for their price.

As a long-term reviewer of all sorts of drones, I made a list of alternatives for DJI drones that can cover every need you might have and can have benefits compared to the drones the DJI tech giant commercializes. And especially with the latest DJI releases like the new Mavic 3 it can be hard for others to be competitive, but there are indeed great or even better alternatives out there.

Here are the drones that can be better for you than DJI:

  • Autel Evo 2
  • Hubsan Zino Mini pro
  • Parrot Anafi
  • SJRC F11 4k Pro
  • PowerVision PowerEgg X
  • Emax Tinyhawk 2
  • Potensic A20
  • Ryze Tello
  • Skydio 2

Table comparing DJI drones to alternatives

DroneImagePriceFootage ScoreBattery lifeFPV RangeVideo ResPhoto ResMPBitrateRAW photoHDR PhotoHDR VidApertureD-logSensor SizeLive FeedGimbalMax SpeedMax WindTemperatureGPSMax AltitudeReturn HomeObstacle avoidanceOptical flow sensorsFollow meUnder 250 gWeightZoomEIS
DJI Mini 2Check Price931 min10 km4k4k12mp100 Mbpsyesnonof/2.8no1/2.3”720p3 axis16 m/s10.5 m/s (Level 5)0° to 40°CGPS GLONASS GALILEO4kmyesnoyesyesyes242g2xno
Mavic Air 2Check Price934 min10 km4k 60p8k48mp120 Mbpsyesyesnof/2.8yes1/2"1080p3 axis19 m/s10.5 m/s (Level 5)-10° to 40°CGPS GLONASS5kmyesyesyesyesno570g2xno
DJI Air 2sCheck Price1031 min12 km5.4k/ 4k 60p8k20mp150 Mbpsyesyesnof/2.8yes1”1080p3 axis19 m/s10.7 m/s (Level 5)0° to 40°C GPS GLONASS GALILEO5kmyesyesyesyesno595g4xno
Zino Mini proCheck Price940 min10 km4k8k200Mbpsyesyesnof/1.851/1.3”1080p3 axis16 m/s10.5 m/s (Level 5)-10° to 60°CGPS GLONASS4kmyesyesyesyesyes249g6xno
Autel Evo 2Check Price1040 min9 km6k/8k8k120Mbpsyesyesnof/1.8yes1”1080p3 axis20 m/s17m/s (Level 8)-10° to 40°CGPS GLONASS7kmyesyesyesyesno1150g8xno
Swellpro Spry+Check Price817 min0.5 km4k4k12MP64 mbpsnononof/2.65no1/2.3”720p1 axis18 m/s0° to 40°C GPS0.5kmyesnoyesyesno538gyes
Parrot AnafiCheck Price925 min4 km4k5k21MP100 Mbpsyesyesyesf/2.41/2.4’’720p2 axis14 m/s-10° to 40°CGPS GLONASS4.5kmyesnoyesyesno320g3xyes
Xiaomi Fimi X8Check Price933 min5 km4k4k12MP100 Mbpsf/2.21/2.3”720p3 axis18 m/s0° to 40°C GPS GLONASS4kmyesnoyesyesno790gno
TelloCheck Price612 min0.1km720p4k5MP720pnone8 m/sno0.1kmnoyesyes80gyes
SJRC F11 4k ProCheck Price826 min1.2 km4k4k12MPnonono720p3 axisGPS GLONASSyesnoyesyesno565gyes
Skydio 2Check Price923 min3.5 km4k 60p4k12MP100 Mbpsyesyesyesf/2.8no1/2.3”720p3 axis16 m/s11.1 m/s (Level 5)-5°C to 40°CGPS GLONASSyesyesyesyesno775gno

Video with the best DJI alternatives

Here's a video of my friend Jack from HalfChrome who presents some of the best alternatives to DJI and why they're all great. I completely agree with his views and perspective on the matter.

My top 3 DJI alternatives

Here's a quick pick for my top choices if you're in a hurry and want the best camera drones that aren't DJI.

1.Best under 250g 


Hubsan Zino Mini Pro

  • under 250 grams
  • 40 min battery
  • 10 km range
  • follow me
  • large sensor
Check The Price

2.Mavic Pro Alternative


Autel Evo 2

  • up to 8 k resolution
  • 40 min battery life
  • 10 km range
  • Obstacle avoidance
Check The Price

3.Cheap DJI alternative


SJRC F11 4k Pro

  • Budgets below $300
  • Gimbal stabilization + EIS
  • 25 min batt | 1.2km range
  • 4k camera | GPS
Check The Price

Who is DJI's biggest competitor?

If you're curious what actual companies can compete on a similar level with DJI, only a few stand out from the crowd.

DJI's biggest competitors are the companies Autel, Yuneec, Parrot, and recently Hubsan, who are getting into the world of professional drones and creating drones with very similar technology to DJI.

DJI stands at the forefront of drone innovation, and most other companies are copying major aspects of the newer technology DJI comes with.

What are the best DJI drone alternatives?

Let's have a look at the best DJI drone alternatives and what each of their purposes is. Of course, not all are necessarily better than DJI, but they can all be considered at least equals.

1.Hubsan Zino Mini Pro - Best DJI Mini 2 alternative

4k 30p
40 min
10 km
Follow me
  • follow me option
  • under 250 g
  • long battery and range
  • large sensor size
  • bottom light
  • harder to find online

The DJI Mini 2 is an outstanding drone, so it's pretty tricky to find something even better which weighs less than 250 grams, but now there is hope.

The best DJI Mini 2 alternative is the Hubsan Zino Mini Pro, a drone that weighs under 250 grams, comes with a 3 axis gimbal and "follow me" option. In addition, it improves on the Mini 2 by adding forward sensors and a 40 min battery.

It goes head to head with all of the DJI's Mini 2 specs and beats it most, including battery life, larger sensor sizes (1/1.3" vs. 1/2.3"), and improved bitrate.

This, in theory, translates to better images during low light and a better overall image. You can check a video on youtube with more details about this drone.

I have also compared the DJI Mini 2 vs. the Zino Mini Pro in another article.

dji mini 2 alternative specs compared with zino mini pro
Check the Price and Specs

2.Autel evo 2 - Best Mavic 2 Pro Alternative

40 min
9 km
Obstacle avoidance
  • Super solid build
  • Professional camera
  • 1-inch sensor option
  • long-lasting battery life
  • great obstacle avoidance
  • It is heavier than Mavic 2 Pro

The Mavic 2 Pro is a legendary drone that was the first of its kind to have a 1-inch sensor in a foldable drone, so what is its best non-DJI alternative?

The best Mavic 2 Pro alternative is the Autel Evo 2 drone that comes with more battery life (40 min vs. 31 min), a more solid build, and a zoom camera option without the sensor size compromise.

The Autel Evo 2, while bulkier than its competitor, is still a very slim foldable drone by most standards, yet it flies with extreme precision and utilizes sensors in multiple directions, just like the Mavic 2 for obstacle avoidance and precise landing.

The high resolutions and built-in zoom function allow some of the benefits of the Mavic 2 Zoom without getting closer to the subject.

The camera is also exemplary, and the colors are true to life, being able to shoot 10 bit HDR, and most packages come with a multitude of accessories included.

Autel is one of the few companies that can go head to head regarding image quality versus DJI.

Check the Price and Specs

3. SJRC F11 4k PRO - Best cheap DJI Alternative

27 min
1 km
3 axis gimbal
  • cheaper than DJI
  • 3 axis gimbal
  • Brushless motors
  • great for beginners
  • Stable GPS
  • None for the price, but inferior to higher-priced DJI models

If you're looking for a decent camera drone as a hobbyist but consider DJI isn't in your budget, what would be the best cheap DJI Alternative?

The SJRC F11 4k PRO is the best cheap DJI camera drone alternative that's foldable, comes with a 3 axis gimbal, GPS and is marketed towards people on a lower budget who still want a great camera drone.

In my experience testing it alongside many other similarly priced quadcopters, I have to admit there aren't many that can compete with it for this budget. The gimbal is relatively steady, the video quality is decent, and all that comes in a compact package with robust and durable brushless motors.

The SJRC F11 4k is a perfect non-DJI drone for beginners who want to experience flight and don't need highly excellent image quality (but still consider image stabilization necessary).

4.Swellpro Spry+ - Best Waterproof DJI alternative

17 min
0.5 km
  • Waterproof drone + controller
  • racing mode
  • fishing accessories
  • image stabilization
  • can float and land on water
  • can use FPV goggles with it
  • Relatively low battery life if you fly fast

The Swellpro Spry+ is probably the best affordable waterproof alternative to DJI. To be honest it's not like you have a choice: if you want a waterproof drone, DJI isn't a solution.

The Spry+ also comes with a controller that's completely waterproof and works like any other GPS drone, but compared to other drones on this list it doesn't have a stabilized gimbal. The camera stabilizes the footage thought the use of EIS(electronic image stabilization) and that's great because it makes the drone lighter and much more sturdy.

Since the camera sends 5.8ghz signal back to the remote screen, it can also be used with a pair of FPV goggles specially made from Swellpro (or pretty much any other FPV goggles).

The Spry+ can also be used as a fishing drone thanks to it's fishing accessory and you can drop bait while scanning for places to fish.

It comes with return to home at the controller, so you can return it even if you're on a boat and relocate after launching it.

Check the Price and Specs

5. Parrot Anafi - Best Mavic Air 2 Alternative

25 min
4 km
  • Can film 90 degrees up
  • Lossless Zoom
  • lots of flight modes
  • Quiet
  • Small size
  • card slot must be handled carefully

It's tough to find a Mavic Air or Mavic Air 2 alternative as they're some of the best drones for the money, but there is an option to consider.

The Parrot Anafi is considered to be the best Mavic Air 2 alternative. It's made in the USA and with a lot of intelligent flight modes and a built-in lossless zoom camera that can look above the drone.

The Anafi is quite a bit different as it comes with a 2 axis gimbal, but the footage is stabilized electronically as well to compensate for the missing mechanical axis stabilization, and the final video ends up looking great overall.

6. Skydio 2 -Best DJI alternative with Follow me mode

4k 60p
25 min
3.5 km
3 axis
  • Best obstacle avoidance
  • HDR video mode
  • auto follow beacon
  • 4k 60p
  • not foldable

If you're wondering if drones have better tracking than DJI, there's an easy answer for that.

The best DJI alternative with follow me mode and better tracking is the Skydio 2. It's a drone made for sports and tracking in the most difficult conditions, thanks to the 360-degree cameras with a total of 45 mp of visual data.

It's built to avoid obstacles even through tight spaces, something which even the most modern drones from DJI like the Mavic Air 2s have a difficult time with.

The camera shoots in 4k 60p and is comparable to what DJI can achieve. Still, it's more oriented for action-packed adventures than cinematography, making things easier in terms of camera settings and exposure with their Video HDR shooting mode, which makes it easy to do the right exposure.

7.Xiaomi Fimi X8

33 min
5 km
  • Good wind resistance
  • Great Controller
  • Good gimbal stabilization
  • Good price
  • Requires color adjustments

The Xiaomi Fimi x8 is one of the best drones from Xiaomi, one of the main competitors of DJI, which has a history of producing reasonably priced high-quality tech, and drones haven't been excluded.

I tested the Fimi x8, and it stands as a well-built drone with a capable 4k camera, long battery life. Even though the camera quality is slightly inferior to the high-end DJI models, it still surpasses most of the drones in its price range (below $500).

8. Potensic A20 - Best alternative drone for beginners

no cam
6 min
60 m
  • no camera

The Potensic A20 is a straightforward drone for beginners who want to learn the basics of flight indoors. It doesn't have a camera; it's made for crashing and trying cool moves. Check out my other beginner drones on this site.

9. Ryze Tello

12 min
  • Stable flight
  • Under $100
  • stabilized footage
  • basic flight modes
  • no controller (only phone)

Ryze is a separate company from DJI; however, the drone has been made in collaboration with DJI, and it turned out to be one of the most popular beginner drones for the last years, which even comes with a camera.

This drone pioneered the bottom-facing sensors for stable flight and even electronically stabilized footage, which is still unheard of for a drone under $100.

It can take incredibly good photos, as I've shown in this youtube video, and because it flies steadily, it's very easy even for kids to use their phone to learn the basics of flight while also taking pictures.

Why pick an alternative to DJI drones?

There's no doubt that DJI drones are some of the best in the world, and there's hardly any competition in that space, but if that's true, why should you look for an alternative in the first place?

There are a few reasons why you may want a DJI alternative, which could prove to even be a better drone for your specific needs.

Here are the main reasons:

DJI sells expensive drones

To be a DJI client you need to have at least $500 in your pocket for most acquisitions, and that's the lower end. So if you're looking for a simpler beginner drone, or even a good camera one priced cheaper, DJI might not fit in the budget.

Industrial needs

DJI hasn't yet penetrated the long-range and long battery-life drone market, where you'll usually find fixed-wing drones that can do long-range mapping missions or even for certain agricultural needs.

Want to support local companies

Companies like Parrot in the US can be a great choice if you're looking to support different companies that are based in your country. However, since DJI is based in China, it can turn off some people from buying them.

Their drones don't entirely fit your needs

While DJI has recently expanded their drone fleet to include cheaper drones like the DJI Mini 2 and even an FPV drone, they still haven't covered areas like waterproof drones, beginner FPV quads, or fixed-wing drones.

Conclusion to DJI alternatives

It's not difficult to find drones that are better than DJI if you know where to look, but if you don't care about the company that's producing them, I recommend you check my list with the best drones for sale.

Hi, I'm Paul.
A big drone enthusiast, reviewing, comparing and writing about drones since 2015. I'm all about helping people enjoy and even monetize their hobby.
Best Waterproof DJI Alternative
Swellpro Spry+
  • Waterproof
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Resistant to salt water corrosion
  • Fishing accessories
Check the official site
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