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Is DJI Care Refresh Worth it? (2024 COMPLETE GUIDE)

Updated in 2024 by Paul Posea
dji care refresh worth it

Let's face it: DJI drones are expensive pieces of equipment. If you're not careful, a single crash could set you back a few hundred dollars. You definitely don’t want to be spending all of your savings on a single flight. 

This is where DJI Care Refresh comes in. While this revolutionary service is not new, many pilots are still on the fence about whether to subscribe or not.

So, where does this leave you? Well, I’ll get straight to giving you a sense of direction.

Generally, DJI Care Refresh is a good investment if you're a beginner pilot or if you fly often. This is especially so for the high-end drones such as the Mavic Pro and the Phantom series. However, for low-end drones such as Mavic Air 2 or the Mini 2, you can afford to skip it, albeit at your own risk.

While the decision boils down to factors like frequency of use, costs, and type of use, you can never be too sure about what's going to happen.

We'll get down to the nitty-gritty but first, let's get to understand what DJI Care Refresh is.

If you're wondering how much normal insurance costs, check out my guide on how expensive drone insurance is.

What's the Difference Between DJI Care and DJI Care refresh?

DJI Care and DJI Care Refresh both serve the same purpose. Still, there’s a subtle difference between them.

DJI Care has been an additional service offered starting with the Phantom 3 series, that allows you to get your broken drone parts replaced with new ones with no additional cost. On the other hand, DJI Care Refresh is pretty much DJI Care for drones newer than the Mavic (including it).

Today we're talking mostly about DJI Care REFRESH.

What is DJI Care Refresh?

Relying on our wild guess, you are a drone enthusiast who has decided to buy a DJI drone. We can dare presume you have probably heard the term 'DJI Care Refresh' thrown around, but don't know what it is.

DJI Care Refresh is a 12-month service plan offered by DJI to provide drone owners with professional repair services and replacements. The policy covers damage sustained in normal use, including flight accidents, water damage, and flyaways. 

DJI Care Refresh also gives you access to a global network of authorized service centers, so you can always get your drone repaired quickly and easily.

What is the Difference Between DJI Care Refresh, DJI Care Refresh Plus, and DJI Care?

The similarity in these names can be confusing and may lead to one conclusion: they are all the same. This is not the case, and there are a few key differences to note between these three plans.

 To help you decide which one to subscribe to, here's a straightforward comparison of DJI Care, DJI Care Refresh, and DJI Care Refresh+, highlighting their main features and differences.

FeatureDJI CareDJI Care RefreshDJI Care Refresh+
Eligible ProductsOlder drones (e.g., Phantom 3, 4)Newer drones and photography gearExtension of DJI Care Refresh
Coverage Duration12 months from purchase12 months from purchaseAdditional 12 months
Damage CoverageAccidental damage during normal useWater damage, collisions, pilot errorSame as DJI Care Refresh
Replacement ServiceUnlimited repairs until coverage amount exceedsTwo replacements within one yearOne additional replacement
Water Damage CoverageNoYesYes
Shipping CostsFree both waysFree both waysFree both ways
Additional Benefits-Skip damage assessment, VIP phone supportExtends warranty by one more year, VIP phone support
AvailabilityDiscontinued for new productsWidely availableMust be bought after Care Refresh

The table below depicts the first and second replacement costs involved for select DJI drone models under DJI Care Refresh:

ProductFirst Replacement Fee ($)Second Replacement Fee ($)
DJI Mavic 2119139
DJI Mavic 3159199
DJI Mavic 3 Cine239299
DJI Mavic Pro79129
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum89139
DJI Mavic Air 26999
DJI Air 2S199249
DJI Mini 27989
DJI Mini 3 Pro6575
DJI Phantom 3 SE6979
DJI Phantom 4 Advanced99139
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Series99149
DJI Zenmuse X5S149219
DJI Zenmuse X7379529
DJI Ronin-S5969
DJI Osmo Action2939
DJI Spark4969
DJI Inspire 2209329

What Situations Would DJI Care Refresh Come in Handy?

As a drone pilot, you never know when you might need DJI Care Refresh. However, there are some general situations in which this service would come in handy:

DJI Care Refresh comes in handy irrespective of your experience level. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have some level of protection for your drone in case something happens. It is especially handy for beginners and professionals flying in extreme or unpredictable conditions.

For Beginner Pilots

Flying a drone can be challenging when starting out. If you're not careful, one or two bad flights could quickly turn your prized possession into an expensive paperweight. So if you're just starting to fly drones, DJI Care Refresh would be ideal for you.

If You Fly Often & Live in a Not-So Safe Area

Even if you're an experienced drone pilot, there is no guarantee that accidents will not happen. DJI Care Refresh will be ideal if you fly often and live in an unsafe area. If your house is close to trees or power lines, chances are that you'll crash one of these days.

How Much Does DJI Care Refresh Cost?

The cost of DJI Care Refresh depends on the value of your drone. It also boils down to the costs associated with the first and second replacements.

DJI Care Refresh will cost you anything from $39 to $339 depending on the drone model you have and the amount of coverage you want. Additional costs associated with first and second replacements range from $40 to $209 and $49 to $329 respectively. 

The table below captures the cost of DJI Refresh for different drones:

DJI ModelCost to Buy DJI Care Refresh ($)Cost of 1st Replacement($)Cost of 2nd Replacement($)Cost of a New Drone($)Care Cost as Percent of Market Value
Mavic Mini39404939932%
Mini 249495944935%
Mavic 214969991,599 (Pro)1,399 (Zoom)20%23%
Mavic Air696999699 (Discontinued)34%
Mavic Air 279699979931%
Mavic Pro997912982937%
Phantom 3 SE596979$729 (discontinued)28%
Phantom 4 Advanced139991391,29929%
Phantom 4 Pro Series159991491,59925%
Inspire 23392093293,29927%

What does DJI Care Refresh Cover?

 DJI Care Refresh may be a welcome safety net, but this doesn't mean that it covers everything.

The DJI Care Refresh policy covers:

  • Water damage and collisions during normal use
  • Motor or image transmission problems
  • Gimbal malfunctions and flight control system failure
  • Flyaways (this is, however, subject to a verifiable flyaway report in accordance with DJI's flight safety guidelines)

The following table shows notable Product Parts are Covered by DJI Care Refresh:

DJI SparkYesYesYesYesYesN/A
DJI Mavic SeriesYesYesYesYesYesN/A
DJI Phantom SeriesYesYesYesYesNoN/A
DJI Inspire 2YesN/AN/AYesNoN/A
DJI ZenmuseN/AYesYesN/AN/AN/A
DJI Osmo ActionN/AYesYesN/AYesN/A

What DJI Care Refresh Doesn’t Cover

Getting a DJI Care Refresh cover is not a guarantee that you will be fully compensated for any and all damages to your drone. Always read the finer print in your policy to know what isn't covered based on your specific DJI product.

DJI Care Refresh does not cover:

  • Theft or deliberate damage of your drone
  • Damage caused by modifications or unauthorized repairs
  • Disassembly of the drone, unless authorized by DJI
  • Remote controller, battery and propeller damage
  • Accessories for replacement units (these will be charged separately)

How Can I Purchase DJI Care Refresh Insurance?

Getting a DJI care Refresh Insurance is a pretty straightforward process. This depends on a few factors such as the area you live in and whether your drone is new or not.

You can purchase DJI care refresh insurance by  either going to the DJI online store or your local authorized dealer and purchasing it there. Once you have purchased DJI Care Refresh, you will need to register your drone on the DJI website with the serial number and product code. 

After registration, DJI will issue you a registration code and policy number, valid for one year. You will also need to provide your contact information and credit card details. Ensure to activate your insurance within 72 hours of the first flight.

Top 9 Reasons Why you Should Get DJI Care Refresh

1.It covers water damage

​​The older DJI care didn't cover it, but the Care refresh Package helps keep your peace of mind. However, remember that you’ll still need to ship off your soaked drone to DJI. If you lose it in the sea and can't find it, adios!

2.It covers Pilot errors too

​​This means that if you're not quite there yet as a pilot, and maybe hit a tree or a house, you're good to go. DJI Care doesn't CARE about that... it will get your drone replaced!

3.You can replace almost all the parts for free

Using DJI care refresh, you can replace most of the important components in your drone, besides the ability to get a completely new drone altogether.

You can replace the camera, the gimbal, the propellers and the batteries, which are the components that break most often. The batteries and propellers especially have a lower lifetime compared to the rest of the drone.

4.You get coverage if you get hit by a bird or attacked by bees.

This may sound like fantasy to you, but in the video below is my Mavic after it's been attacked by a swarm of bees, and this happened twice in the last 2 weeks.

Fortunately no harm was done, but the drone got pretty damn dirty, nothing you can't clean though.

Birds can also be a problem, as I many times saw them circling around in packs and even got followed by a hawk in sport mode.

The drone was in sport mode, not the Hawk.

5.Free Shipping and Prioritized phone call

DJI support was notorious some time ago​ for being very bad. Things have changed for the better in the meantime. If you have DJI care, you can also call a support line that should be able to help you figure things out.

6.The Dji care Refresh doesn't cancel the standard warranty

It just adds to it.

So if you get covered by the standard warranty because the drone malfunctioned on its own, then you don't have to pay anything and you'll get a replacement for free, separate from DJI Care Refresh​.

7.You can get the DJI care even a few months later

I bought my drone 2 months ago and since DJI care is usually available only within 48 hours of activating the aircraft, I had low expectations of getting it.

However, I managed to secure it by sending DJI a video demonstrating the drone’s functionality step by step.

8.You get covered even if you lose your signal

Considering there have been quite a few times I lost signal and almost freaked out, this is pretty important.

The good news is that even if you don't have the return to home activated and the drone just lands there you can use the "Find My drone" function in the DJI Go app to search for it on gps.

Even if it fell and got destroyed, as long as you find it, you're all good.​

phantom lost signal crash

9. You don't have to waste time dealing with an insurance company

Many insurance companies don't even have plans for quadcopters and newer technology. And even if they do, it's pretty expensive to insure something that's flying and can crash at any time.

What are the alternatives to DJI Care Refresh?

When you're buying a DJI drone, getting Care Refresh for insurance isn't a must. Drones are now so popular that many traditional insurance companies offer specially crafted drone insurance policies. These policies are quite affordable. Some even offer plans that are episodic or only active when you're flying the drone.

Understanding Insurance Coverage

However, there's a catch. Most of these insurance options focus mainly on liability coverage. This means they'll cover costs related to property damage or personal injury resulting from a drone-related accident.

Drone Hull Coverage

If you need insurance to cover repairing or replacing your drone in case of damage, you'll need to look for a plan with drone hull coverage. This coverage is usually an add-on to liability insurance and is rarely offered as a standalone product.

Popular Providers and Coverage Limits

Among the few companies offering drone hull insurance, Skywatch, Avion Insurance, and BWI Fly are some of the most popular. For instance, BWI Fly offers physical damage coverage limits ranging from $800 to $500,000.

Getting a Custom Quote

It's hard to recommend a specific plan based on just numbers. Your best option is to contact these companies directly. They can provide a quote tailored to your specific situation.

Is DJI Care Refresh the same as Professional Drone Insurance?

Understanding the differences between DJI Care Refresh and professional drone insurance is crucial for you, as it ensures you're adequately protected based on your specific flying needs and risks.

DJI Care Refresh is not the same as professional drone insurance. DJI Care Refresh protects against drone damage but lacks the liability coverage of professional drone insurance for accidents and injuries. It's for damage protection, not a full insurance substitute.

Hobbyists might find this interesting as well, because claims for injuries, damages, and other issues can quickly reach millions of dollars. 

However, it's important to note that many insurance companies only cover pilots who have official qualifications.

This doesn't mean that Care Refresh isn't helpful for professionals. Not every commercial insurance plan includes damage to the aircraft. And sometimes, even if it does, pilots might prefer not to claim it on their insurance.


As much as you would want to fly your drone without worry, accidents do happen. You never know when a gust of wind or an unlucky crash could send your beloved drone crashing onto the ground below. 

DJI care refresh still matters in 2024 because no matter how skilled you are as a pilot,  accidents happen. As weather patterns change and drone use becomes rampant,  DJI care refresh is necessary now, more than ever. This may seem like a hefty investment, but worth every penny in the long run.

So, if you are looking for extra protection for your drone- whether you are just starting out or have been flying for years — DJI care Refresh is the way to go. It gives you peace of mind and ensures that you don't have to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is DJI Refresh good for?

DJI Care Refresh is valid for 12 months.

Can I still get DJI Refresh after 48 hours?

Yes, but you may need to provide a video showing the drone working to qualify for DJI Care Refresh after 48 hours.

Does the DJI Refresh cover fly away?

Yes, DJI Care Refresh covers flyaways, subject to a verifiable flyaway report in accordance with DJI's flight safety guidelines.

Does DJI Refresh cover crashes?

Yes, it covers damage from crashes during normal use.

What is the difference between DJI Care and Refresh?

DJI Care is for unlimited repairs and replacements during the policy period, while DJI Care Refresh is a 12-month service plan covering repairs and up to two replacements for a fee.

How many times can I use DJI Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh allows up to two replacement units.

How many times can I purchase DJI Care Refresh?

You can purchase DJI Care Refresh annually. For extended coverage, consider DJI Care Refresh Plus.

Can you get DJI Refresh on refurbished drones?

The article does not specify this, but typically, DJI Care Refresh is available for new or recently activated drones. It's best to check with DJI for their policy on refurbished drones.

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