IS DJI Care worth it in 2021?

9 reasons to buy dji care

Drone insurance is something not many people think of because they believe it's expensive.

But with DJI introducing the new DJI Care Refresh plans for drones like Mavic, Spark, Inspire and the new Phantom 4 series there's no reason to fear anymore.

If you're wondering how much normal insurance costs, check out my guide on how expensive is drone insurance.

In my experience you'll be close to pooping your pants at least once every 3 flights, especially if you try to challenge the maximum range for the DJI Mavic.
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Paul Archer
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Drone crashes don't just happen to a few unlucky people that post it on youtube video compilations. NO! It's almost certain you'll do something to damage your drone even if you're super careful about it.

For example, I totally hit my DJI Mavic Air 2 with my DJI Mini 2 by mistake and almost crashed both, fortunately it was at low speed, but there are many more situations that can harm your drone even more.

I think you got it by now.


What's the difference between DJI care and DJI care refresh?

​Dji Care has been an aditional service offered starting with the Phantom 3 series, that allows you to get your broken drone parts replaced with new ones with no aditional cost.

Today we're talking mostly about DJI Care REFRESH, which is pretty much DJI care for drones newer than the Mavic (including it).

The items covered by DJI care are:
  • Inspire 2
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • DJI Phantom 4 Advanced
  • DJI Spark
  • Mavic Pro
  • Inspire cameras: Zenmuse x4s and x5s

You can get your parts replaced for free, while they also pay for shipping, and you can also get 2 new replacement units for a small fee. So basically you can mess up twice and get 2 brand new drones during the 12 months of DJI care waranty.


How can you activate DJI care refresh?

You can buy DJI care refresh online in the next 5 minutes, if your drone has been activated for less than 48 hours, but if it has been longer, you'll need to make a video to prove that your drone is working. I got mine approved after 2 months of use in just one day.

If not, you can buy it right now along with your drone and activate it when it arrives.

DJI Mavic Insurance Paul Archer Happy

top 9 reasons why you should get dji care refresh

Drones Gator mavic vs spark Care

1.It covers water damage.

​The older DJI care didn't cover it, but the Care refresh Package helps your peace of mind when fliying above water. However, keep in mind, that you still need the soaked drone to send to them. If you lose it in the sea and can't find it, adios!However, if you drop some water on it, or lose it in a shallow lake from which you can recover it, then everyting should be fine.

2.It covers Pilot errors too.

​This means that if you're a bad pilot and hit a tree or a house, you're good to go. DJI Care doesn't CARE about that... it will get your drone replaced!

3.You can replace almost all the parts for free.

​For the Mavic and Spark you can replace the following:

  • new camera
  • gimbal
  • battery
  • propellers

For the Phantom 4 Pro

  • Gimbal
  • Camera
  • Propellers

Inspire 2

  • Propellers
phantom 4 pro broken gimbal replace

However, keep in mind that you get the entire drones replaced for a small fee if the damage can't be repaired in the terms above, so there's no crack about it 😉

​If you'd like to see how much you have to pay for each DJI Care Refresh package click here.

These are the fees you need to pay to get the 2 replacement units for each product individually:

These are the fees you need to pay to get the 2 replacement units for each product individually:

DJi Care refresh replacement costs for US and Canada
DJi Care refresh replacement costs for United Kingdom UK
DJi Care refresh replacement costs for Europe
DJi Care refresh replacement costs for Australia

4.You get coverage if you get hit by a bird or attacked by bees.

This may sound like fantasy to you, but in the video bellow is my Mavic after it's been attacked by a swarm of bees, and this happened twice in the last 2 weeks.

Fortunately no harm was done, but the drone got pretty damn dirty, nothing you can't clean though.

Birds can also be a problem, as I many times saw them circling around in packs and even got followed by a hawk in sport mode.

The drone was in sport mode, not the Hawk.

Cables and Birds are probably the things I'm most afraid of when flying these days.

eagle attacking drone

And both are covered by this plan!

5.Free Shipping and Prioritized phone call

Dji support was notorious some time ago​ for being very bad. Things have changed for the better in the meantime, but it could be better.

And if you have DJI care you can also call a support line that will be even more helpful.

dji support telephone

But besides this little advantage, you also don't have to worry about the shipping costs, as long as you send the drone from the country you bought the DJI care in, everything is good.

So if you break it while in vacation, just get with it back home and send it from there.

6.The Dji care Refresh doesn't cancel the standard warranty

It just adds to it.

So if you get covered by the standard waranty, because the drone malfunctioned on its own, then you don't have to pay anything and you'll get a replacement for free, separate from DJI Care Refresh​

7.You can get the DJI care even a few months later

I got my drone for 2 months, and considering you should normally get DJI care only in the next 48 hours after aircraft activation I didn't really have any hope for it.

However, I got it sucesfully by sending DJI a video showing the drone working step by step.

dji spark Cared by the Drone Gator

8.You get covered even if you lose your signal

Considering there have been quite a few times I lost signal and almost shat my pants, this is pretty important.

The good news is that even if you don't have the return to home activated and the drone just lands there you can use the "Find My drone" function in the DJI Go app to search for it on gps.

Even if it fell and got destroyed, as long as you find it, you're all good.​

phantom lost signal crash

9.You don't have to lose time with an insurance company

Many insurance companies don't even have plans for quadcopters and newer technology. And even if they have, it's pretty expensive to insure something that's flying and can crash at any time.

dji care refresh buy

The DJI Care refresh registration takes a few minutes and it's all online.

After you connect it to your drone you'll receive an email confirmation and that's all.

Now, if you want to fly without all that stress, or just want to save a lot of money on the long-term all you have to do is

paul archer spark and mavic dji care refresh
  • Go on the official DJI site
  • select the drone you want to get the DJI Care Refresh for
  • enter the identification number for your drone (SN xxxxxxxxxx)

You can usually find it underneath the battery or next to it.

And after you payed, you'll get the confirmation email and your life has just suddenly gotten better.

dji mavic pro SN for verification

If you have the drone for a longer time than 48 hours you'll need to record a video outside using the guidelines provided here.

And after you submit that video to DJI, they will allow you to buy DJI Care Refresh for your drone.

This was all, gators! Don't forget to leave a comment down below with your opinion on DJI Care Refresh!