All Drone Laws in the Czech Republic for 2021 (Complete Guide)

This is a guide for the Czech Republic drone laws in 2021 (updated every year) where you'll get a clue about what you can or shouldn't do while flying a quadcopter anywhere in this country.

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Can I fly a drone in the Czech Republic?

Yes. Drones use is authorized and legal for civilian use in the Czech Republic. 

Drone rules and regulations are governed by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority.

How are drones classified in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic categorizes drones into:

  • Purpose: commercial(aerial/corporate work) and recreational (sport).
  • Weight: Less 0,91 kg, 0,91 kg - 7 kg, 7 Kg - 25 Kg, Less 25 kg.

Should I register my drone in the Czech Republic?

Yes. A news publication on Xinhuanet details how the Czech Republic has tightened regulations on drones by asking all drone owners to register their equipment. 

What are the Drone Laws in the Czech Republic?

drone laws by country updated map
  • Keep your drone 5.5 Km away from any airport.
  • When in a controlled Traffic Region, keep your drones at maximum 100 meters off-ground.

How to get a commercial pilot license in the Czech Republic

  • Must have a class 3 health medical certificate
  • Apply online
  • The cost of the licensing process will be 1,000€ and take 3 months. 

Are there restrictions on flying drones?

The Czech Republic has 4 national parks, namely:

  • The Giant Mountains 
  • Elbe Sandstone Mountains
  • Thayatal in South Bohemia
  • The Bohemian Forest

To fly over restricted zones, you can get your permit from here.

Can I be penalized for flying a drone in the Czech Republic?

Operating an unregistered UAV can attract a fine of 185,000€. Anyone who breaks the 13 no-fly zones rules will also be penalized.

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