All Drone Laws in Egypt for 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

This is a guide for drone laws in Egypt for 2021 (updated every year) where you'll get a clue about what you can or shouldn't do while flying and travelling through this country.

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Can I fly my drone in Egypt?

This remains a hard question given the strict measures in place in regard to the flying of drones. Drones are technically legal but practically illegal to own or operate in the country. I will deviate from several other reviewers and give my opinion, which means it is NOT legal.

Can I bring my drone to Egypt?

I wouldn’t advise so given the high number of confiscation of drones that take place st their customs. Unless you have prior permission, it will be confiscated at the point of entry. Even if you managed to get it in, the drone will be discovered during the onboarding screening. 


If you go ahead and do it, two scenarios are likely to play out:

  • It gets confiscated on arrival and stored at the arrival airport
  • As soon as you depart Egypt it is confiscated and you get sanctioned for importing an illegal commodity. 


Who do I contact?

If you get permission to fly a drone in Egypt you definitely have high connections who gave their authorization. Currently, drone use falls under the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. Here is the contact information:


Phone: (+20) 222677610

Frequently asked questions about flying a drone in Egypt

How do I retrieve my drone from airport customs?

  1. On arrival, first, declare that you have carried a drone so as to prevent inconveniences when you are trying to depart.
  2. Return back to the same airport as the drone is stored when you return
  3. A few days prior to the end of your holiday inform the airport customs of your return time so the drone is readied for pickup.
  4. Check-in early in case you forgot to make a prior call when you are leaving. .

What are the penalties for breaking drone laws in Egypt?

In 2017, Egypt passed strict measures that outlawed the use or trade of drones. This law bans their import, manufacture, sale, collection or possession unless you have a permit from the Ministry of Defense. 

Anyone who breaks or contravenes the laws will be subjected to a fine of LE 5,000-50,000 or face between 1 and 7 years of punishment. The laws will be implemented by the military judiciary.  


Egypt toughened it’s drone laws after the government argued that terrorist elements might use them to carry out terror-linked attacked. 

Restricted Areas and Geofencing (drone FLying map)

The best way to figure out what areas you can fly in, while you're here is by consulting DJI offilicial map.
They do a great job mapping the places that one should avoid while flying in every country:

romania flying map dji

Drone laws Ending

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