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Drone Laws in Egypt (Complete 2023 Guide)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea

We all agree that the pyramids of Giza would make for extraordinary drone footage and shots. But before you go around flying your drone in Egypt, take note of the current regulations regarding drones.

Which brings us to the topic of this article. Drone use in Egypt and the rules and laws regulating it.

Can I fly my drone in Egypt?

That’s a tough question to tackle given the current situation in Egypt regarding drones. Technically you can fly your drone in Egypt, but only after having explicit permission from the authorities which is hard to get.

When we say authorities we’re more specifically talking about the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

If you’d like to contact the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority directly before you travel with any questions you might have, e-mail them at info@civilaviation.gov.eg 

Where can I fly my drone in Egypt?

Good question because not all places in Egypt are okay for you to fly over. Egypt has special zones where flying drones are prohibited. As a rule of thumb, avoid flying over crowds, critical infrastructure areas and military bases as well as airports. That is, IF you have permission from authorities to fly.

When it comes to National Parks in which case you must seek clarification from the authority concerned.

Take care not to fly over private land and buildings unless you have express authorization from the owner. 

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General rules for flying a drone in Egypt

After some research I couldn’t really find any rules regarding drone use within the country. And even those I found were kind of vague. Which is to be expected seeing as how the authorities frown upon drones.

The only hard rule I think we can agree on is: do NOT fly your drone without explicit permission from authorities. It’s a serious offense and can land you in jail.

According to Law No. 28 of 1981, which was amended to include legislation about drones by Law No. 92 in 2003, before operating a drone for any reason in Egypt permission must first be obtained from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

Can I bring my drone to Egypt?

I really wouldn’t advise that given the high number of confiscation of drones that take place at their customs. Unless you have prior permission from authorities, it will be confiscated at the point of entry. Even if you managed to get it in, the drone will be discovered during the onboarding screening. 

Two scenarios are likely to play out if you bring your drone with you to egypt:

  • It gets confiscated on arrival and stored at the arrival airport
  • As soon as you depart Egypt it is confiscated and you get sanctioned for importing an illegal commodity. 


Egypt is home to many beautiful historical sites that make for some of the best shots and films out there. If you’re lucky enough to get permission you can take some extraordinary shots and footage. But that’s only IF you have permission.

Otherwise you might find yourself with your drone confiscated, a hefty fine or worse, even jail time. 

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