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Can Drones Float on Water? (5 Best Floating drones in 2023)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
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Drones are unique tools for recording high-altitude video sequences or taking breathtaking photos of landscapes, buildings, or yourself. But, what if you want your drone to accompany you on that cruise trip? Will it be able to float on water in an emergency?

There are multiple drones that are made to float over water and are waterproof to protect your drone from splashes. You even have the option of converting your stock drone into a floatable one with the help of a flotation device. 

Drones that float are excellent pieces of equipment to have, especially if you're going to be flying your drone over a lot of water regularly. 

Even if your drone crashes in water, there are a few techniques to keep it from sinking like a brick. The most effective method is to secure styrofoam balls to the bottom of the drone's landing gear.

What Are Floating Drones Used For?

You might be unsure how a drone that floats is of value to you, but you'd be surprised to know what these drones can be creatively used for.

You can use your floating drone to make high-quality videos over water, help you in fishing, and put up an airshow. Moreover, there are multiple scientific and military-related purposes of a floating drone. 

Videography & Photography

Most floating drones that you'll find also come with a high-quality camera that'll explore new angles to capture and follow you through every moment while you surf or are on a boat partying.

On top of that, you can save money on expensive cinematography gear just by using a drone that flies safely over water


Floating drones will make your fishing much more effortless. You can use the drone to fly over water and get a better idea of where you'll find fish in concentration.

By attaching bait to the drone with a rope, you can go further and explore more areas. You can find out more about fishing with drones on our YouTube channel.

Military & Scientific Purposes

Because floating drones are safe to fly over water, they can collect data from water body surfaces for scientific studies. Moreover, floating drones can help sense and map water and air qualities.

The military can use these drones for surveillance, crime control, search and rescue missions, and maybe some secret activities that I guess we'll never find out about.

Are Floating Drones Different From Regular Drones?

At first glance, all drones might look like they're the same and have similar purposes. So, how can you separate a floating drone from a regular one and buy a suitable drone?

The primary difference between a drone that floats from a regular one is its ability to float on water because of its material or an additional floatation device. Some drones only float on water and are used for radar or fishing purposes.

Floating drones are usually created waterproof since they frequently contact a lot of water. 

In appearance, floating drones may not look much different from regular ones. However, you can tell them apart because of an additional floating device or drone label.

In terms of controlling and flying, the basic principles are the same, but the remotes might be slightly different depending on the drone.

Differences Between an Underwater & Floating Drone

If you're looking for a drone that deals with water, which one should you go for? Underwater or a floating drone? Knowing the differences is essential, so you don't mix both.

The main difference between an underwater drone and a floating drone is that an underwater drone can be used inside water like a submarine, while a floating drone is limited only to the surface. 

An underwater drone cannot fly in the air and is specifically designed to be used underwater and has multiple purposes. These drones look pretty different from regular drones and are easy to tell apart. 

Law enforcement officials often use underwater drones to track criminals and scientists to explore the ocean floor. The military has also used them to find enemy submarines. 

However, floating drones are not typically used for these purposes because they are designed to only float on water. 

Keep in mind that a floating drone is different from a waterproof drone.

Five Best Floating Drones Of 2022

Here are our favorite floating drones of 2022!

  1. Swellpro SplashDrone 4
splash drone 4

This multifunctional waterproof drone by Swellpro incorporates an advanced waterproof flight and float platform. 

The splashdrone 4 is exclusively designed for multipurpose operation in all weather conditions. In addition, the drone has a 5km image transmission and automatic power flip feature, complementing its performance. 

Additionally, you can get a SplashDrone 4 Boat Mode edition that floats like a boat as well.

  1. Swellpro Spry+ Waterproof Action drone

This all-in-one waterproof action drone is packed with splendid features. It comes with a complete waterproof remote controller that is corrosion-resistant and ensures the safe floating of your drone. 

Moreover, the drone allows part FPV racing and aerial filming. All thanks to the incorporated mighty hybrid real 4K camera that makes no compromise on image quality. 

  1. Fisherman FD1 Fishing Drone
swellpro fisherman drone

You may troll your line with the Fisherman FD1 to attract pelagic fish. When a strike occurs, the optional TrollSafe release device automatically releases the line and adjusts the release to the circumstances. 

Additionally, TrollSafe can safeguard your drone in the event of a reel jam or a bird impacting your line.

  1. PowerVision PowerEgg X
powervision poweregg x waterproof drone

PowerVision’s PowerEgg X is more than just a drone. This highly innovative drone comes with a waterproof shell that opens new above and underwater filming angles.

The PowerEgg X can be used as an AI camera, camcorder, and a drone. This gadget comes with facial recognition, deep learning, and sync voice technology. 

With the addition of waterproof accessories, the drone can land and take off on water. Providing excellent footage of your water activities. 

  1. Parrot HydroFoil MiniDrone
parrot hydrofoil drone

Parrot has created the HydroFoil MiniDrone to be affordable, portable, and deliver maximum value. 

The HydroFoil MiniDrone is ready for air and water at all times. The hydrodynamic hull and streamlined foils ensure a smooth and effortless ride across water.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that you can find drones that float on water and help you in various ways.

Such drones are usually waterproof and are built differently. For example, they might have added equipment to help them float.

You can also turn your standard drone into a floating drone through some slight tweaks. Of course, the easiest way is to add a layer of styrofoam that will prevent it from sinking. 

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