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How to Edit Videos Using the DJI Mimo App (Complete 2023 Guide)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
How to Edit Videos Using the DJI Mimo App Complete Comprehensive Guide

If you’re using the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 or the DJI OM 4 (or any other Osmo product), the Mimo app adds essential functionality to the mix. In this article, I’m going to go through the app and show you exactly how you can use it to edit your videos using just your mobile phone.

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What is the DJI Mimo App?

The DJI Mimo app is a dedicated app for DJI handheld devices. It offers live HD video feeds and unique, easy-to-use intelligent modes, empowering you to shoot, edit, and share your world with endless creativity.

It works with the DJI Osmo pocket, Osmo mobile & Osmo Action Camera.

Being just a video editing app in essence, I couldn’t find specific alternatives for it. Look at it as a companion app, as it brings out a lot of functionality out of the Osmo action and pocket cameras. It’s also simple to use which makes it a great option for many Osmo users.

The app works for both iPhones & Android devices, so you’ll be fine whichever device you have. Just keep in mind that the app recently cut support for devices with software versions lower than Android 7.0 & iOS 11.

How to Edit Videos Using the DJI Mimo App

Editing your videos using the Mimo app is fairly simple and intuitive. It has the same basic editing features that the DJI Fly app has and it has what is called the “AI editor”.

The AI editor in the Mimo app is basically Template Mode for the Fly app, but on steroids. It has much more functionality, many options to tweak things on your own, and is more than just a preset template.

The AI editor allows you to select a bunch of clips from your library, then the app will cut them together and add some music. There are many templates from which you can choose, enough that you honestly don’t need to manually edit your videos (unless you want to).

The cool thing about it is that the templates aren’t set in stone. You can customize them, changing the length of the clip, filters, volume, and the end message.

Only one thing that I found strange though was the fact that some templates had unchangeable text… like you could edit the text, but not remove it. 

Other than that there are a ton of templates to have fun with when you use the app.

More on the DJI Mimo App

While the DJI Mimo app is really good for editing your videos from your mobile device, that’s not all it’s good for. The app is used for many other things, including video modes that are sort of like flight modes if you’ve ever flown a DJI drone.

If you’re using the Osmo mobile gimbals, you can’t really shoot videos without the app as it connects seamlessly with the gimbal.

Some other features of the Mimo app include:

Slow Motion

Pretty self explanatory. Doing this through the app is a hundred times better than doing it through your phone’s native camera app if you’re using an Osmo gimbal.

When using slow motion, the video will be taken at a 200 frames per second rate. The only drawback is that the slow motion mode isn’t available for some Samsung devices, and from what I’ve seen it has something to do with the Android ecosystem.


Dyna-zoom creates the effect where the locked object appears to remain static while the background is zoomed inwards or blown outwards. It’s called the “vertigo effect '' after it was made famous by the film called Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock.

You can choose whether to make the background expand or shrink by choosing move in or move out. I personally don’t see much use for it, but it can be a really cool effect to add when the situation calls for it.

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Don’t we all just love timelapses? When you choose the time lapse mode within the Mimo app, it runs images at a very slow frame rate and then plays those frames back much faster, making time appear to be moving fast.

When you select it, Timelapse controls will appear at the top of the screen. Promoting you to choose how often you want the images to be captured, measured in seconds. You can choose from every 0.5s up to once per minute.

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If you’re just a hobbyist and don’t want to bother having to learn editing, I honestly think the Mimo app is more than enough if you’re using any Osmo product.

The AI editor can create some cool shots, granted you’ll also have to feed it good raw footage for the end result to be amazing – if you want to learn how to guarantee excellent raw footage from your drone or Osmo camera, check out my previous article where I give the 3 key things for any videography beginner. But if you’re having problems with the app, follow these simple tips on this article for some quick fixes!

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