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The Simplest Way to Livestream From Your DJI Drone (Full Guide 2024)

Updated in 2024 by Paul Posea
DJI drone livestream

Live streaming from a DJI drone used to be a low quality experience that frankly wasn’t worth the effort. It involved a myriad of third party software and screen capturing of your phone’s screen, which as you’ve guessed, included all the settings and buttons of your screen.

That’s not the case anymore. Now the DJI Fly apps include a native live streaming feature, which have simplified the live streaming experience.

You can live stream with your DJI drone by going to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or any other platform that supports RTMP (the protocol used for live streaming), getting your unique streaming code, and pasting it into your live streaming option within the app.

The process is the same for all drones using the DJI Fly App. In this article I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

Let’s start with why you’d want to use a drone to livestream in the first place. Using a drone for livestreaming can be a great way to capture unique and dynamic aerial perspectives that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain.

Drones are particularly well-suited for live streaming events or situations that are taking place in large or expansive outdoor areas, such as concerts, sporting events, or natural disasters. They can provide a much wider field of view than a stationary camera, allowing viewers to see a more complete and immersive picture of what is happening.

Before an update in 2021, only DJI Prosumer drones like the Phantom 4 could stream. Now however almost any newer DJI drone that uses the DJI Fly App or Go 3 cna livestream.

How DJI live streaming works

Before we get into the details, let’s have an overview on how the live streaming process as a whole works.

DJI live streaming with drones is made possible by RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol). If you’ve ever tried streaming anything, you’d know that RTMP is a protocol that makes it possible to transmit video content across multiple platforms at the same time.

Setting up an RTMP connection is vital because that’s the only way you can stream. The port acts as a relay point of sorts between your live footage and the streaming platforms like Youtube or Twitch.

With the DJI Fly App, you only get the RTMP option. But as long as the streaming service supports RTMP, you can use it to stream live drone footage. With the DJI GO the process is much simpler as you simply have to choose the streaming platform and automatically connect your account.

Differences in Streaming with DJI Fly App and DJI GO

The DJI Fly App and DJI GO offer different streaming experiences. Here's a comparison:

FeatureDJI Fly AppDJI GO App
RTMP SupportOnly RTMP option availableSupports multiple streaming protocols
Setup ProcessRequires manual RTMP connection setupEasier setup; select platform and connect account
CompatibilityWorks with any RTMP-supported serviceBroad compatibility with various streaming platforms
User ExperienceMore technical setupSimplified, more user-friendly interface

We’ll look at the streaming process through the DJI Fly app.

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How to livestream from your DJI drone

The process is fairly simple. To livestream from your drone, follow these steps:

1. Click the settings button on your Fly app (the three dots).

2. Go to “Transmission"

3. Click on “Live Streaming Platforms”

dji fly app transmission livestreaming platforms 1

4. When you see RTMP on the next screen, click on it.

5. You’ll get a blank text field where you need to input your RTMP link (more on that below).

dji fly app livestream settings 1

6. If you’re streaming on Youtube, go to Youtube Studio and click on “Go Live”

7. At the bottom left, you’ll find an option to copy the Stream URL and Stream Key.

8. Add a / (slash mark) at the end of the Stream URL, afterwards paste the Stream Key after the slash mark, and paste that address in the RTMP address space on the DJI Fly App.

9. IF you’re streaming on Facebook, Go to Live Video then to Streaming Software, and you should see your Stream Key.

10. Repeat the same process outlined above.

11. Select the Resolution and Bitrate you want to film in. the higher bitrate and resolution the better the quality of your livestream, but keep in mind the higher you go the more internet bandwidth you’ll be using.

12. Start flying your drone, the livestream will automatically show on whichever streaming platform you choose.

13. Be careful of what you say because your phone’s microphone input will also be transmitted. This is so you can talk to your viewers.

Can you live stream with the DJI Fly App?

You can livestream using any drone compatible with the DJI Fly App, such as the DJI Mavic 3, Air 2S, DJI Mini and Mini 2, and the Mavic Air 2.

Ensure you have the latest firmware since it may not work with outdated versions though.

Can you live stream with the DJI Go/Go 4 App?

You can livestream using any drone compatible with the DJI Go or Go 4, such as the DJI Mavic 3, Air 2S, DJI Mini and Mini 2, and the Mavic Air 2.

The process with the Go or Go 4 app is actually much easier than it is with the Fly app. You’ll find it very intuitive. Just ensure you have the latest firmware since it may not work with outdated versions though.

Applications of drone video live streaming

Drones aren't just for flying around – they're great for livestreaming too! It might seem a bit tricky, especially if you want really clear videos, but it's definitely worth trying. Here are some cool things you can do with a drone and live streaming:

1. Streaming Events:

You can use drones to livestream big events like concerts or sports games. This is something big TV channels do, but even if you're flying a drone on your own, you can do it too. 

Imagine live streaming a wedding for people who couldn't come, or showing a live view of a party from the sky. 

This is getting more popular and might become a regular thing.

2. Checking Big Machines:

Drones are handy for looking at large machines and equipment. The pilot flies the drone close and streams the video to experts who can spot any problems. 

This is easy to do with a remote and a TV. With live streaming, even people who are far away can watch and help check things out. 

This is useful if a key person can't be there in person or if the boss wants to see how their machines are doing.

3. Helping in Searches and Rescues:

Drones are super helpful in finding missing people. They can cover big areas quickly and go to places that are hard for people to reach. Usually, the pilot watches the drone's video to look for people. 

But by streaming the video, more people, like police or the missing person's family, can watch and help. The more people watching, the better the chances of finding someone fast.

4. Vlogging Live:

Lots of people make video blogs (vlogs) for fun or as a job. It's easy now with affordable cameras and ways to share videos online. Vloggers often stream live on places like Facebook Live. 

Using drones to make live vlogs is not very common and can make your vlog stand out. This is especially good for vloggers who travel a lot, as they can stream live videos right from their drones.


As long as you have a newer drone with an updated firmware, you should be able to Livestream live footage. I honestly believe one of the better updates that DJI has done is to make a native live streaming option in the DJI Fly & Go apps.

And it’s totally worth it! There are many people who’ve built whole youtube channels solely around their DJI livestream videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do DJI drones transmit video?

DJI drones use technologies like OcuSync or Lightbridge to transmit video, ensuring a stable and clear connection to the controller or smartphone.

Can I live stream with the DJI RC controller?

Yes, you can live stream using the DJI RC controller, which often includes built-in features or compatible apps for streaming.

What are the minimum internet speed requirements for live streaming from a DJI drone?

A minimum internet speed of 3-5 Mbps is recommended for smooth live streaming from a DJI drone.

Is it possible to add graphics or overlays to my drone live stream?

Yes, you can add graphics or overlays to your drone live stream using compatible software or streaming platforms.

Can I save my live stream footage for later editing and use?

Yes, you can save your live stream footage for future editing and use.

How does weather affect drone live streaming, and what are the best conditions for streaming?

Clear and calm weather is ideal for drone live streaming, as adverse conditions like wind or rain can impact stream quality.

What are the battery life implications when live streaming from a DJI drone?

Live streaming can consume more battery, so it's important to monitor battery life and have spare batteries for longer sessions.

Can I use external microphones or audio sources for better sound quality in my drone live streams?

Yes, using external microphones or audio sources can enhance sound quality in your drone live streams.

Are there any specific accessories recommended for improving the live streaming experience with DJI drones?

Accessories like range extenders, additional batteries, and sunshades can improve live streaming with DJI drones.

How can I troubleshoot connectivity issues during a live stream from my DJI drone?

To fix connectivity issues, check your internet connection, update the drone's firmware, and stay within the recommended range.

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