Can I fly a drone in Iraq?

Iraq happens to be one of those countries where drones are banned.

Contact information:

According to the Iraq national civil aviation authority(ICAA), the use of drones is banned. Our research shows that traveling into Iraq without a drone only results in suspicion and confiscation of the drone. 

If you feel you need to make a personal clarification. Reach out via:


Phone: +964 1 813 3370

What penalty can I get for flying drones illegally?

You will be looking at the potential:

  • Jail time
  • Drone confiscation
  • Hefty fine

What to do if the drone is confiscated

If you made the travel anyway with your drone, declare it at customs. That way you can have it safely stored for you provided you check out from the same airport. 

Drone laws Ending

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