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All Drone Laws in Switzerland for 2020 (Complete Guide)


Switzerland is a beautiful country with green forests, fresh lakes, mountains, and clear skies. Just the perfect recipe for flying drones overhead. The Swiss recently adopted the EU 2020 regulations on drones and should kick in this July 2020. 

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Contact information

Drones and unmanned aerial aircraft are administered by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation, FOCA. 

Telephone: +41 58 465 8039

Email rpas@bazl.admin.ch

What are the Drone Laws in Switzerland?

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You can do pretty much anything in Switzerland as long as you ask for permission.

You can fly a drone if:


  • You do not pose a risk to people and animals
  • Comply with the law
  • Complete control and use of the drone
  • Respect others privacy 
  • Do not use the drones for hunting
  • Always seek permission from local authorities
  • Avoid oncoming aircraft
  • Have an insurance cover of 1 million (Swiss francs) when flying a drone over 500g


You need permission to:


  • Fly anywhere within 5 Km of airports or helipads
  • Fly over 150 meters over above the surface.
  • Do not fly close to a disaster or emergency area. For instance, taking aerial footage where an accident has occurred can impede a helicopter rescue operation.
  • Do not fly over people congregated. The large crowds ?9over 100 people) need FOCA authorization.
  • You can use FPV provided the drone remains within line of sight
  • Any aircraft weighing over 30 Kg needs FOCA authorization. 

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