height flight limit

400ft max height

cant fly over crowds of people

Don't fly over people

plane icon white 1

Don't interfere with aircraft

line of sight law

Only line of sight

Bulgaria Drone Laws in 2021 (Complete Guide)

This is a guide for the  drone laws in Bulgaria for 2021 (updated every year) where you'll get a clue about what you can or shouldn't do while flying a quadcopter anywhere in this country.

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Can I fly a drone in the Bulgaria?

Flying drones in Bulgaria is legal. 


Who do I contact?

The body overlooking the drafting of drone rules and regulations is the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority. BULATSA oversees all operations of unmanned aircraft and unmanned vehicles. All permits are issued by the Directorate General Civil Aviation Administration.


Email amc@bulatsa.com

Phone: +49 531 2355 115 (Monday to Thursday)

Can I travel with my drone to Bulgaria?

We did not find any law restricting such a move. 

What are the Drone Laws in Bulgaria?

drone laws by country updated map

Bulgaria does not distinguish between commercial and recreational drones. We did not find any specific drone rules and regulations, however, here are some of the rules I recommend.

  • moon-day-icon.png
    No night flying
  • crowd-icon.png
    Don't fly over people's property
    Do not fly over any person or moving vehicle
  • camera-icon.png
    Do not film others without their consent
  • drone-distace-icon.png
    Do not fly over 120m
    Do not stray over 120 m with the drone
  • plane-icon.png
    No flying near airports
    Keep off aerodromes, national parks, and military facilities.

How to get a permit for flying drones in Bulgaria?

  • Enter in your details on the Declaration form as per the table outlining your category of operations and class of the UAS.
  • Relay that completed declaration form to caa@caa.bg so you can get a permit.
  • Once you receive your permit, apply for “Application for use of airspace” 
  • This should be done 8 calendar days before your plan to use the aircraft.
  • Once you get approval on your airspace application, NOTAM (Notice of Airmen) through its Airspace Planning and Distribution Center, shall relay a confirmation notice. 

What are the rules governing recreational drone use in Bulgaria

Bulgaria does not have distinct rules on flying drones, however, there is a recognition of unmanned aircraft users by the  Ministry of Transport. They do have some procedures for drone operation. EU-wide regulations on unmanned aerial operators came into effect in 2019, giving mandatory rules on drone deployments.

What are the restrictions for flying my drone in Bulgaria?

Sofia, with a 1.2 million population, is occasionally marked by large events and festivals necessitating frequent drone flight restrictions. For instance, back in June 2018, preparations for the Bulgarian presidency of the European Council were accompanied by no-fly zone publication.

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