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DJI Ryze Tello 2 - Specs, Price and how it might look like

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
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20 min


1 km



The DJI Ryze Tello is still one of the best selfie drones you can get for under $100 in 2021, if not THE best.

So it's obvious why people already expect a DJI Tello 2 version that should improve on the existing situation, even though it might add a bit to the price.

There is clearly a big gap between the Tello and the DJI Mini 2 that DJI hasn't tried to fill yet, even though there are many requests.

In this article, I will cover all the rumors and speculate on how a new Tello 2 would be built.

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Currently cheapest drone from DJI


If you live under a rock and haven't heard yet, this is the DJI MIni 2, the only drone under $500 from DJI that's also under 250g and has some awesome specs. This is currently the best alternative to the Tello 2.

  1. 10km range
  2. 31 min flight time
  3. 4k footage
  4. RAW photos
  5. 3 axis gimbal

DJI Tello 2 - Specs and Price

manual price where to buy

In this section, we're going to take a look at the potential specs of the new TELLO 2 and what DJI might be able to include in its lineup for a low price.

This is all speculation for 2022, don't forget that.

How much will the Tello 2 cost?

The Tello 2 should definitely be under the price of $200 for it to be marketed effectively.

I am saying that because it will have to be first of all considerably cheaper than the DJI Mini 2, yet not cheap enough so that it doesn't bring anything new to the table.

I do expect them to be able to do some improvements within the $100 budget, but it's less likely.

There are 2 price ranges that I would expect with the following specs:


Same price of $100

  • Intended for beginners
  • Probably still phone controller
  • upgrade to 1080p
  • slightly increased range
  • 14 min battery life
  • more advanced flight functions

Between $150 and $200

  • GPS added
  • additional controller included
  • Range of 1km
  • 20 min battery life
  • Advanced flight functions

20 min31 min34 min
1 km10 km10 km
Electronic Stab3 axis3 axis
$150-$200Check priceCheck price

Will the Tello 2 have GPS?

The second version of the original Tello might just as well keep the same stability hardware and software, with the optical flow camera underneath.

The only reason why it would need GPS is if it would have a considerably bigger range, so that a feature like a return to homecircle around and waypoints would make sense.

If it will cost over $150 I imagine they will have the margin to add a GPS. And frankly, I think that's the way to go.

If the drone will keep the same 2.4 GHz connection, then it will make no difference whatsoever.

However, they might just as well implement some 5g technology on the drone that will allow for a few hundred meters of range, up to 1km.

dji tello 2 how it looks

Will it have a gimbal or Electronic Image Stabilization?

drone gimbal for tello 2

EIS (or electronic image stabilization) is the current feature of the TELLO but we should expect better this time, right?

Indeed, I would suggest two ways, either improve the image stabilization to make it better (similar to a GoPro, for example).

Or they could add a small gimbal-like on the Mavic mini. However, adding a gimbal will turn out to be very expensive and might not be practical if they also want to add GPS and other features like a good range.

So my best bet is that they will keep the EIS but simply make it better and increase the resolution.

Camera resolution: 1080p or 2.7k?

The new TELLO 2 has to increase the camera resolution for sure to satisfy the consumer demand. I would expect a 1080p camera like on the DJI spark, but without the gimbal should suffice, but there could also be a 2.7k camera that rocks!

Getting from 1080p to 2.7k isn't that expensive to do for a big company like DJI.

dji tello 2 camera
tello image quality

Controller or no controller?

Ryze Tello review flying with gamevice and iphone

The transmitter you see above is a Bluetooth one that you can use with the current version of the TELLO.

It looks cool and is very useful, but the Bluetooth range is not enough for a supposed GPS version of the drone.

a good 5G Transmitter with antennas like DJI drones are using might be what's required. It should have simple controls and I expect a flight range of between 1km and 4km (with the wifi system we had on the original Mavic Mini).

Even so, it would be enough.

Flight modes for the Tello 2

This new drone, if it will come with GPS it will certainly have the standard GPS functions included:

  • circle around me (probably around the controller)
  • waypoints
  • auto return to home
    • by button press
    • low battery
    • loss of signal

Other functions like smart follow and subject detection might just be overkill and would add to the price without any need.

I would frankly prefer having brushless motors instead.

Maximum Range and Battery life for the Tello 2

As mentioned above, I'm also very hyped about having such a cheap beginner drone created by DJI.

The biggest way it would differ from all other drones in this price range would be its long-range and battery life.

If we are to compare it with the original TELLO that could fly around 10 minutes, if not 12... then I expect the new TELLO 2 to fly for about 20 minutes.

The same goes for the range, as it would have to fly at least 1km and since it probably will have the wifi system from previous drones like the spark or the Mavic Mini... we can also expect a 4km range from the DJI TELLO 2 in FCC mode.

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