DJI Ryze Tello 2 - How will it look like?

Battery Life

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The DJI Ryze tello is one of the best selfie drones you can get for under $100 in 2019, if not THE best.

So it's obvious why people already expect a DJI Tello 2 version that should improve on the existing situation, even though it might add a bit to the price.

There is clearly a big gap between the Tello and the Spark that DJI hasn't tried to fill yet, even though there are many requests.

In this article I will cover all the rumors and speculate on how a new Tello 2 would be built.

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Will the Tello 2 have GPS?

The second version of the original Tello might just as well keep the same stability hardware and software, with the optical flow camera underneath.

The only reason why it would need GPS is if it would have a considerably bigger range, so that a feature like return to home, circle around and waypoints would make sense.

If the drone will keep the same 2.4 ghz connection, then it will make no difference whatsoever.

However they might just as well implement some 5g technology on the drone that will allow for a few houndred meters of range, up to 1km.




DJI Rze Tello 2 Price and specs

The tello 2 should definetely be under the price of $200 for it to be marketed effectively.

Here I put some of the specs the drone might have, but there's a high chance many of them won't be available.

It will still be a drone targeted toward beginners with a low budget.

I really doubt it would have a stabilized gimbal like the DJI spark, but maybe they can increase the camera resolution.

Overall, I think they can actually make a long range improved Tello with GPS for under $200 that can also record in 1080p.

That's something I definetely would buy.

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Tello 2 with a 1080p camera?

The tello is already quite an incredbily good camera drone for the price, especially when it comes to taking pictures.

The second version of the Ryze Tello is certain to have at least the same performance.

But how could they make it better without investing too much money in the build itself.

Even though I would like it to record in 1080p,  it might be hard to fit a good camera at that resolution while also stabilizing it.

Maybe improving the video sensor a bit would help.

The most important change is definitely going to be the addition of a micro SD card slot or even internal Memory like the Mavic 2 has.

This will eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks of this drone. That is, the video signal interference, as it's only transmitted through wifi, not saved directly on a micro SD card.


A very interesting adition to the drone would definitely be a camera that can change angle from the controller itself.



The transmitter you see above is a bluetooth one that you can use with the current version of the TELLO.

It looks cool and is very useful, but bluetooth range is not enough for a suposed GPS version of the drone.

a good 5G Transmitter with antennas like DJI drones are using might be what's required. It should have simple controls and I expect a flight range of maximum 1km, but maybe just a few houndred meters.

Even so, it would be enough.



Tello 2 flight functions

This new drone, if it will come with GPS it will certanly have the standard GPS functions included:

  • circle around me (probably around the controller)
  • waypoints
  • auto return to home
    • by button press
    • low battery
    • loss of signal

Other functions like smart follow and subject detection might just be overkill and would add to the price without any need.

I would frankly prefer having brushless motors instead.