Drone Laws by Country(Complete Map for 2020)

drone laws by country updated map

What to check the latest drone laws for the country country you'll travel to or see how thing are standing worldwide?

This drone rules Map is updated for 2020 and you can click any country to see an in depth look at its local regulation and how you can register your drone.

The Drone Law map for every country

You can check whether the country you want to fly in allows drone flying, if you need to register the drone, what are the limitations and obligations for pretty much everything you want.
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This is what I call an easy way to find your country by letter. It's a fast way to click and get to your desired country page and learn about what you need to stay safe.
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All country drone laws by letter

These are all the countries with updated articles for 2021 sorted in an alphabetical order

European Drone Laws

european drone laws
Most people choose Europe as a touristic destination, but the sad thing is there isn't yet a common regulation for all of the European countries, which means  you have to look into each country individually.
Thankfully my team and I already did that for you so you don't have to. And what's best, the information is updated for 2020 and brand new.
Here you can find all the european countries

USA Drone Laws

trip in usa
The United States have drone laws that make them seem less united than they appear. You can check the general drone laws for united states here, but there's a bunch of individual drone laws for each and every state out there.
Fortunately I did  create an useful map for checking the USA drone laws by state.

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