Are Drones legal to fly in Jamaica?

Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, JCAA is the body leading the charge on Jamaica’s drone rules and regulations. 


Contact email jcivav@jcaa.gov.jm

Phone: +1 (876) 960-3948, 960-3965

What are the drone laws in Jamaica?

  • Do not ascend past 122 m(400 ft)
  • Do not fly past 500 m (1640 ft)
  • Stay 152 m away from a large population of people
  • Do not fly 50 m (165 ft) of any people
  • Avoid night flying where visibility is poor.
  • Stick to a visible line of sight, and avoid  using range-extending equipment such as FPV
  • Maintain 16,500 meters away from an airport.
  • Drones must have failsafe features to help it return from home when the signal is lost
  • Check with the hotel or accommodation you reside in to confirm availability.
  • Keep away from all restricted airspaces


For more information on drone laws in Jamaica, check out this notice.

Commercial use of drones in Jamaica

To operate commercially, you must have a permit. You can get one through this link. For approval, make a written application to JCAA. Hold on till you get confirmation that your application was affirmative.  

Recreational use of drones in Jamaica


When flying your drone for recreational purposes, you do not need a permit. 


Frequently asked questions on drone use in Jamaica

  1. Can I bring my drone by plane to Jamaica?


When traveling with your drone, pack them as carry-on cargo. The notion is guided by the Montreal convention that limits airlines to accept liability exceeding $1000. For that reason alone, avoiding carrying drones that exceed that amount in value. 

International flights occasionally lose cargo and property when making connections, for that reason any drone above that amount should be shipped using providers like DHL or FedEx

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