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Drone Laws For Montenegro for 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea

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Montenegro, a small country on the Balkan Peninsula, is now rapidly becoming a popular travel destination. Picture-perfect beaches, lush mountains, a mild Mediterranean climate, and historic towns attract more and more visitors each year. 

Now if you are one tech-savvy tourist, and fly a drone to capture your memories in a bird’s eyes view you definitely would want to take one along to Montenegro. Before you do take your drone, make sure that you are well aware of all the rules and restrictions Montenegro has regarding flying drones. 

We have answered for you all the questions you might have regarding operating drones in Montenegro. This is a guide for the drone laws in Montenegro for 2023 (updated every year) where you'll get a clue about what you can or shouldn't do while flying a quadcopter anywhere in this country.

Are Drones Legal to Fly in Montenegro?

As per Montenegro’s national aviation authority, you are legally allowed to fly drones in Montenegro as far as you are well aware and compliant with all the rules and regulations before flying a drone.

What Governing Authorities are responsible for Drone  Regulations in Montenegro?

As per the updated information till March 2023, there are two bodies governing the regulation of drones in Montenegro:

In case of any questions or queries which you would like to directly be addressed, here is their contact information: 

Email: acv@caa.me

Phone: +38220625507

Is there any requirement for the permit or License to bring the drone into the country?

Yes, you do. If you are planning to bring the drone with you to Montenegro, you must apply for a permit form from the respective ministry. If you don't have your permit with you at the time of traveling there is a chance that your drone gets confiscated at the airport.

Hence, it is advisable to get your permit before traveling to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

The process to apply for the permit usually takes a month, so it is better to plan your visit accordingly

How can I get a Permit to bring the drone to Montenegro?

As mentioned above, the Ministry of Economy approves the permits. You can find the application to seek permission on the Ministry's official website.

In addition to the form, the country charges an import fee from you and you have to submit several documents to provide information which include:

  • Import Payment proofs
  • Duration and location of your stay
  • Purpose of carrying a drone and duration for which you are willing to use your drone.
  • Acknowledgment of the knowledge of drone regulations in the country

The process is not too easy as it seems, since it's recommended to submit the form for permit application in person through an authorized person rather than online to avoid delays and easy follow-ups.

For more information on the drone laws in Montenegro, check the civil aviation website:

How to get my drone registered to be flown in Montenegro?

If you have a drone heavier than 500g and you are planning to fly it further than 15 meters and higher than 10 meters then you have to get your drone registered.

The registration application form can be found and filled here  Declaration under Ordinance for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and has to be submitted through email or by post to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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What are the General Drone Laws in Montenegro?

In this section, we'll cover some well-defined general drone laws.

  1. Before flying a drone in Montenegro, it is compulsory for the pilot and the drone to be approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). You can find the application to seek approval on CAA official website. 
  2. The minimum age limit for the pilot is 16 years.
  3. For all the drones operating in Montenegro, liability insurance is a must.
  4. Montenegro authorities do not allow any drones to be operated at night. Drones can only be operated during the day.
  5. Drones must stay 30m (89 ft) away from animals, vehicles, people, vessels, railways, roads, high voltage cables, and water routes.
  6. Operators can only fly drones in uncontrolled airspace (Class G) up to 400 ft
  7. Keep your drone within the visual line of sight of an observer who is next to you or in direct communication with you.
  8. The drone must stay 45 meters (150 ft) away from congregated people.
  9. You can keep your drone at a maximum distance of 500m from the pilot.
  10. Flight records must be maintained by the operator.
  11. Only drones with a minimum weight of 20 Kilograms (44 pounds) are allowed to be flown.
  12. The drones must be kept at a distance from the airports.
  13. The drones and pilots should be easily identifiable.

Is there any differentiation based on Commercial and Recreational Drones in Montenegro? 

Yes. Although both recreational and commercial drones are allowed to be flown in Montenegro there are a few rules that the commercial drones must follow before operating.

Both kinds of drones will need permits to be flown in the country. The commercial drones have to note the regulations below before their operation.

  1. Commercial pilots are bound to register their drones by the aviation authority.
  2. Commercial pilots must maintain a log for each flight.
  3. The log should contain a document for the date of flight.
  4. The log must contain starting and ending times of the flight along with its flight duration.
  5. The log document has to be labeled by the pilot's name operating the drone.
  6. The log should contain the details of the aircraft which include; classification, location, and the weight of the drone.
  7. Any special occurrences that have taken place during the drone flight must be recorded and documented on the log.
  8. All the above-mentioned documents have to be kept for at least 2 years. 

How are drones classified in Montenegro?

In Montenegro, drones are classified by their areas of operation and weights. For each class, requirements differ.

Class A: An area not built up

     Class B: Developed but uninhabited areas

     Class C: Inhabited areas

     Class D: Urban areas

If your drone falls in Category A, you will be required to complete a statement needing an Operations Manual for your operations. If your drone falls in Category D, you may only be needing the approval of the CAA.

     As the weight classes are concerned, the drones are classified into three classes based on their maximum take-off weight:

  • Class 5: The drones carry a maximum take-off weight of less than 5kg.
  • Class 10: The drones carry a maximum take-off weight ranging from 5 kilograms to 10 kilograms
  • Class 20: The drones carry a maximum take-off weight of over 10 kilograms to 20 kilograms.

Can I be penalized for using my drone in Montenegro?

Breach of laws on unmanned aerial vehicles can subject you to fines, penalties, or legal proceedings if you violated public order.

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