Drone laws in Serbia

Information is quite scanty on the drone situation in Serbia, but the Serbia Civil Aviation Directorate considers them to be legal. 

Can fly a drone in Serbia

The regulations around drones in Serbia kicked in on February 20, 2020. The regulations cover the safe use of unmanned aircraft, how they are classified, requirements around recording, their maintenance, and several other factors.


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Additional information on permit applications and the process requirements is here

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How are drones classified in Serbia?

  • Category 1 drones - mass is less than 0.9 kg
  • Category 2 drones - Lie within a Mass of 0.9 to 4 Kg
  • Category 3 drones - weight 4 Kg to 25 Kg
  • Category 4 drones - weight 25 Kg to 150 Kg

What are the rules behind drones flying in Serbia?


  • Drones should not exceed a flight height of 100 m
  • Any flight above 100 m requires permission from the Civil Aviation Directorate
  • Airflight records are recorded for category 3 and 4, and occasionally for 1 and 2 if they intend to exceed the height limit or distance from operator limit of 500 m

Who can fly a drone in Serbia?

Anyone can buy a drone but the license to fly one is determined by the Directorate of Civil Aviation. You must be medically fit and a licensed aircraft operator. 

In addition, one must have:

  • Passed a knowledge test
  • Got approval from Directorate of Civil Aviation
  • Manufacturer instructions in electronic or printed format
  • Health document

Drone laws Ending

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