height flight limit

120m max height

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Registration required for camera drones

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Don't interfere with aircraft

cant fly in city

Keep of urban centers

All Drone Laws in Slovakia for 2021 (Complete Guide)

This is a guide for the Slovakia drone laws for 2021 (updated every year) where you'll get a clue about what you can or shouldn't do while flying a quadcopter anywhere in this country.

The main problem with drone regulation in Slovakia seems to be that you need to register your drone if it simply has a camera.

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Can I fly a drone in Slovakia?

The Civil Aviation Division (CAD) of the Transportation office, part of the Slovakia Aviation Authority authorizes flying drones in Slovakia. 

Contact information

You can reach out to CAD by:


Tel: +421(02)48-777-548

What are the Drone Laws in Slovakia?

drone laws by country updated map

To fly as a hobbyist, everything is pretty much cut in your favor. No license is required, just an understanding that you know what you are doing. If your drone weighs over 7 Kg, this does not apply. If you intend to fly close or inside a restricted area, you might want to seek authorization.

Drones weighing over 20 Kg should be:

  • Registered online
  • Have insurance coverage
  • Flight licenses
  • plane-icon.png
    No flying near airports
    Do not interfere with a manned aircraft
  • height-icon.png
    Height limit of 400ft
    Operators can only fly drones in uncontrolled airspace (Class G) up to 400 ft
  • line-of-sight-icon.png
    1km radius
  • moon-day-icon.png
    Drones should have a lighting system
  • cant-fly-in-city.png
    Keep off urban centers
  • crowd-icon.png
    Don't fly over crowds
    Do not fly over any person or moving vehicle
  • camera-icon.png
    Camera = Commercial
    Any drone with a camera and capable of recording is considered a commercial drone. As a commercial category, there is paperwork and other conditions you must adhere to.

Use of drones for commercial use in Slovakia

  • As a commercially operating pilot, you must have registered your drone, created an operating manual, got permission from the Department of Defense (600 Euros annually), Slovak license, and register for 350 euro annual insurance cover.
  • After the flight, have your videos reviewed by the Topographic Institute. 

How does one register a drone in Slovakia?


Begin by entering your details of which are, full names, contact details, drone serial numbers, purchase invoices, photos, etc.

Normally this application is tailored for Slovaks and Slovak residents, however, there seems to be a caveat that allows approval when requested in special circumstances. To be on the safe side, make an inquiry to the contact information I mentioned above. 


To get a drone license in Slovakia, undergo a theoretical and practical test to gauge your ability to handle the equipment safely.

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