height flight limit

150m max height

cant fly over crowds of people

30m away from roads, people

plane icon white 1

5km away from airports

line of sight law

Only line of sight

All Drone Laws in Slovenia for 2021 (Complete Guide)

This is a guide for the Slovenian drone laws in 2021 (updated every year) where you'll get a clue about what you can or shouldn't do while flying a quadcopter anywhere in this country.

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Can I fly a drone in the Slovenia?

Drones in Slovenia are subject to strict rules and regulations. They are however legal and regulated by the Civil Aviation Administration, CAA.

Contact information

You can reach out to them via:



Tel:  (+386) 1 244 66 00


Here are four flight categories:

  • Category A (National Parks)
  • Category B (Infrastructure)
  • Category C (Houses, highways, and buildings)
  • Category D (Towns, villages and city centers)


Here are three weight categories

  • Less 500g
  • 500g - 5 Kg
  • Above 5 Kg

What are the Drone Laws in Slovenia?

drone laws by country updated map

Provided your drone falls below the 5 Kg weight range, you do not need a license to fly. For all I know it could be a nano drone, and who has time to register that? As long as you limit your flight between categories A and B you are good to go.

  • height-icon.png
    Height limit of 150m
  • Mark your drone with your contact information
  • line-of-sight-icon.png
    Line of sight
    Fly within sight, that should be 30 m during the day.
  • moon-day-icon.png
    No night flying
    Do not fly at night unless your drone has lighting
  • plane-icon.png
    Keep 5 Km away from airports
  • crowd-icon.png
    Don't fly over crowds
    Fly 30 m away from animals. Roads, vehicles, power lines, waterways, etc
  • camera-icon.png
    Commercial use
    To fly a commercial drone, it has to be registered annually. Flights should be registered 12 hours before take-off.

Frequently asked questions


At this price, every dollar counts in getting yourself a better or worse drone and the differences can be significant.

 I'm going to cover the main features of basic camera drones, not FPV or otherwise niche quadcopters. 

To register your drone in Slovenia, you must fill this form 

When complete send it to the email wh then give you a confirmation of the registration fee. The application should cost 90 euros and will last for 12 months. 

When approved you shall get a written approval

For commercial flights, you must fill this form. If you do it accurately, you will not receive a response.

The flight map of Slovenia is governed by the CAA.

Drone laws Ending

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