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How to Fix DJI Avata Remote ID Error: A Short Guide

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
DJI Avata

DJI Avata drone users may sometimes encounter a perplexing issue: the drone refuses to take off and displays a remote ID error on the goggles

This guide aims to help users understand the nature of this problem and offers three effective solutions to resolve it, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable flying experience.

What is Remote ID and why is it important for DJI drone users?

Remote ID is a feature that enables drones to transmit their identity and location information to other entities. It assists authorities in tracking drones that are operating unsafely or unlawfully.

Drone pilots can fulfill the identification requirement through three methods: standard remote ID drones, broadcast modules, or flying at FAA-recognized identification areas. DJI has updated the firmware for the majority of its popular drone models, including the DJI Avata, to comply with this rule.

However, some users have reported persistent remote ID errors with their DJI Avata drones despite updating their firmware.

This issue prevents them from flying their drones unless they connect their mobile phone to the goggles using a USB-C cable, which can be inconvenient and frustrating for many pilots who prefer flying without a phone.

Solving the DJI Avata Remote ID Error: Three Practical Approaches

Connect your smartphone to the goggles

  1. To resolve the remote ID error, connect your goggles to your smartphone using a USB-C cable. This connection allows you to broadcast your location in accordance with remote ID regulations. Although it may be inconvenient to have an additional cable attached to the goggles, this connection is necessary for complying with the rules.

Keep your smartphone screen active

  1. Make sure your smartphone screen remains on while flying your drone. It's essential to have the DJI Fly app running in the foreground to prevent the remote ID error. Be aware that the low battery level warning may also mask the remote ID error message.

Enable location services on your smartphone

  1. To broadcast your flight information to other broadcasting stations, activate your smartphone's GPS. This step is crucial for meeting remote identification requirements. Once you turn on GPS, the remote ID error message should disappear.

It's worth noting that connecting your phone to the goggles and activating the DJI Fly app will prevent the drone from stopping its flight even if there's a temporary issue with your phone, such as a lost signal or a drained battery. 

The drone will continue to fly until the battery is depleted, but you'll still need to reconnect your phone to resolve the remote ID error before taking off again.

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In addition to the solutions provided in this article and on the DJI forums, we're excited to offer you an insightful video resource from Ready Set Drone that demonstrates how to avoid the Remote ID error on your DJI Avata drone.

The video features a series of experiments, showcasing the drone's performance under various conditions, such as unplugging the phone, putting the phone in airplane mode, turning off geolocation, and more.


To overcome the remote ID error in DJI Avata drones, users should make sure to connect their smartphone to the goggles using a USB-C cable, keep the smartphone screen on with the DJI Fly app running in the foreground, and enable location services on their smartphone.

By following these steps, DJI Avata pilots can enjoy an uninterrupted flying experience while adhering to remote identification rules.

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