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MJX Bugs B7 drone review ( 4k camera, GPS, under 250g, cheaper Mavic Mini alternative?)

MJX Bugs B7 ( 4k, foldable drone under 245grams) The MJX Bugs B7 is a recent 2020 drone release that competes in the drone category under 250 grams. Many will compare it with the Mavic Mini just because of the weight similarity, but although...
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Aviator 8811 drone review (what to know before you buy it)

Aviator 8811 drone review(complete guide) The Aviator 8811 GPS drone comes with some almost required specs for the year 2020. What are you gonna see in this article review?We'll go over the pros, cons and individual specs of the drone.I'm going to present the...
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Skydio 2 Drone Review (With Comparison Table)

Skydio 2 Review - What are the specs and is it that good at following? The Skydio 2 is probably the most expected follow me drone for sports.However, it's much more than that, coming with some considerable improvements over the previous version. Are you...
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DJI Mavic Mini ULTIMATE Review (with comparison table)

Is the Mavic Mini The perfect travel drone? The DJI Mavic Mini might just solve the problem we all had. That is, not having a proper travel drone that's under 250g and records well enough.  Problem.Solved. DJI has just released a drone under 250g that can...
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JJRC X12 Aurora/Eachine Ex4 drone review( Cheaper Mavic Air Alternative)

JJRC X12 Aurora/Eachine Ex4 drone review( Cheaper Mavic Air Alternative) What you'll learn in this review The JJRC X12 Aurora, as it's known on Amazon, or the Eachine Ex4 as it's known on Banggood, is a really great GPS drone with a 3...
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JJRC X11 review – a GPS drone with a 2k camera

What you'll learn in this review As promised, in this article you'll get to see more than a simple review of the JJRC X111. It's going to be compared with some of the best alternatives in this price range, i'm going to go...
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