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Best Gas Powered drones in 2023: Top 3 Choices

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea

In this article we'll take a look at the best gas powered drones in 2021 and why exactly you might want to pick one instead of a conventional electric quadcopter.

A typical drone is battery-powered however, at times, you need something that goes the extra mile and pushes drone capabilities to the limit. electric motors might be far simpler and efficient than combustion engines however, they are riddled with their own set of problems. 

Lithium-powered batteries (LiPo) are present in most drones globally, given the small size and overall affordability. 

Battery-powered have a limit as to the amount of stuff one can pack into them. For instance, the more battery you pack into it, you reach a point of diminishing returns. Battery weight affects even the most powerful of drones, that’s why heavy industrial drones such as the Matrice 600 do not exceed 35 minutes in flight time.  

Best Gas Powered drones in 2021

Gas-powered drones operate with small yet highly efficient engines delivering the same functionality as traditional electric drones. Most drone models run on gasoline while a few high-end models are powered by nitrogen.


Gas Powered Drones vs Battery powered Drones

Why would one opt for a gas powered drone over a battery-powered drone or vise versa? Well, I guess it depends on what is the intended use. Here we shall look at some of the things worth considering.

  • What is the intended mission of the drones?
  • Are the drones required to fly for long?
  • Can the drone carry heavy payloads?
  • Is the drone limited by flight radius?

Gasoline has powered our vehicles for quite a while now. Our century-old discovery of deeply buried “dino-juice” has proved capable of powering virtually anything from industries, rockets, ships, planes, and of course drones. 

Most gas-powered drones are aerial built for long-range endurance flights, making them suitable for filmmakers and heavy industrial lifting. Here we shall look at 3 of the top gas powered drones. Here are our top three recommended gas powered drones. 

How long do gas powered drones stay in the air?

If you are looking for a drone that remains airborne for hours rather than minutes or have it do long-distance tasks, the gas powered drones are up to the task. Realistically speaking, modern-day remote-controlled battery-powered drones are just unable to do this.

Are gas drones more powerful than electric drones?

Some gas drones are built to deliver more power than their battery-powered counterparts. Compared to LiPo batteries, gasoline-powered drones deliver 48X more in mass density and 13X more in volume density. Combustion engines are light in weight, small, robust, and offer good fuel consumption. 

Are gas powered drones better than electric drones?

Gas powered quadcopters do not need batteries like their electric counterparts. This alone is one huge selling point for many drone users.

  • Powerful motors

The motors are not subjected to the risk of wearing out. 

Electric motors are limited in their duration of the flight. It only gets worse as the drone gets heavier as multiple batteries have to be used. Some gas powered quadcopters can fly unhindered for over half an hour.


Flight time

Both quads can stay in the air for a while before refueling. With battery-powered drones however you do not incur any cost when recharging, unlike gas where you must buy it.


Gas powered models can deliver speeds of over 60 MPH and deliver 50-pound payloads.



The battery-powered drones cost way less and are generally much cheaper.

Damage in case of a crash

The battery-powered drones are generally lighter and incur few complications in the event of minor crashes. gas powered drones generally incur extensive damage.

what to look for in a fishing drone

My top 3 best gas-powered drones

Here's a selection of the main drones you can pick from if you're looking for a gas powered quadcopter of any sorts.

1.Nitro Stingray

nitro stingray gas powered drone

Don’t get me wrong. The initial Nitro Stingray was an electric-powered drone. However, the company has made a special gas powered version. This quadcopter has two-stroke Scorpion motors working alongside 110mm blades on its four corners. The design of the  TG-Multi flight control system helps one adjust their direction in a simple yet careful manner.

The quadcopter is stable and capable of steadily hovering continuously without any toilet bowl effect.  Features

  • Regular motorbike/scooter fuel
  • Two-stroke Scorpion

2. Goliath - most powerful gas powered drone

goliath gas powered drone

Goliath is a DIY project which is currently in the prototype development phase. This drone is powered by a 30HP gas engine that controls the belts connected to its propellers. Built for the Hackaday Prize competition creates a design at the ends of each rotor. 

Goliath is built with many off-the-shelf products.


  • Engine 30HP V-twin lawnmower
  • Fuel Regular gasoline
  • Engine 30HP

On the downside this drone is not for novice pilots. 

3.Yeair! Hybrid gas-electric drone

yiair hybrid gas powered drone

On its website, Yeair! claims to be the first drone that carries combustion engines and can yet be controlled with the accuracy of a normal engine. It is worth noting that the combustion engines alone are not very dynamic hence the need for an electric-powered alternative shaft. Such a complementary power system ensures a steady flight. 

The battery on the Yeair! cannot be removed but ensures the emissions from this model are kept to a minimum.  On the downside, the drone is quite noisy and comes at a hefty price tag. 

Main features

  • Flight time 60m 
  • Top speed: 100km/h
  • Payload 5KG 11 lbs.
  • Range 34 miles
  • Regular motorbike/scooter fuel 1.5liter tank
  • Hybrid engine: 4 x two-stroke+electric engines 
  • Next generation GPS, WiFi,programmable LEDs


Are gas powered drones safe?

Ensure that you buy your drone from a trusted brand to avoid any dangerous incidents. You need not worry about a potential explosion if it crashes.

Can gas powered drones be recharged?

Not all gas drones have rechargeable batteries as they primarily run on gas. Refueling can take place at 35-minute intervals and hardly goes noticed unlike the case with a battery that needs several hours to re-juice. 

Are gas powered drones easy to use?

Unfortunately, no. Only those with a drone license are allowed to operate gas drones due to the complexities they pose. Unlike the simple battery-powered electric alternatives, most gas powered drones are for industrial heavy lifting purposes.

How much does a gas powered drone cost?

You can bet they fall way above the price range of the average drone hobbyist. Given their mostly industrial application, they range from $1000 to $10,000. The cost is mainly attributed to the advanced features they pack.

Who should use the gas powered drones?

Gas powered drones are suited for fire crews, police departments, and other public dedicated services. Such drones can fly higher than traditional plastic quadcopters while running over a longer period of time. Generally, it works great with public service groups as it can remain airborne for long durations given it runs on gas which is quickly refilled once depleted rather than the strenuous battery charging limitations. Experienced quadcopter professional users can also use these drones.

How much does a gas powered drone cost?

The cost of gas powered drones is high compared to other drone models. You will be forced to spend a few thousand dollars on each model. These costs are forgetting the engine ready and allowing enough parts to be set up.


When shopping for a quadcopter drone, look for what is easy to pilot and how far it can fly. There are powerful models that can deliver a high flight time at a wide range. No matter the model you choose to ensure the battery and motor work fine. When carefully used you can get the best flight experience. Pay keen attention to the controllers as different models have their own navigation dynamics on the controllers.

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