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We’re talking RC Sailboats in 2018 and they are definitely not a boring hobby at all!

You may be looking for the best of what this year has to offer. Some of the ones I’ll be presenting are from 2017, but still make it in the top sailboats even today.

What are RC Sailboats and how expensive?

To get into this hobby is really not that hard, but when it comes to any type of RC boat, you must make sure you’re having plenty of room on a lake or any other large water surface.

I won’t be dwelling for much on how to start the hobby, because if you’re already looking for the best RC Sailboat, you might have figured out these things for yourself.

How does an RC Sailboat work

There are two types of RC boats you might be thinking of:

  1. Rc motorised Boats
  2. RC Boats with sails

The difference between these two is quite noticeable. The first ones, being motorised, you’re not depending on any wind to play with them, they’re jus going to do your bidding no matter what.

The disadvantage of that is that they require pretty big batteries and they go through them quickly and you’ll have to charge again and again.

The RC boats with sails will mainly use the wind as a method of propulsion on top of the water and you’ll be controlling only the rudder ( this controls the direction of the boat in the water) and the sail trim that adjusts the angle of the sails and how much your boat is influenced by the wind blowing.

Harnessing the power of the wind seems like a pretty bad idea in a world where there are already waterproof electrical motors, but this is not made for efficiency, but rather as a hobby that requires going with the flow of nature.

Where can I race an RC Sailboat?

As mentioned before, you will certainly need a larger area of water to have fun, but you can just as well test it in a larger pool beforehand so you learn the controls. 

It would probably be a good idea to even  get a leaf-blower and simulate wind if there’s not any around. However make sure you won’t break the sails with too much power.

Lakes are probably the best choice, and oceans, they can be great too, but make sure you are prepared to lose the boat investment, because things can get pretty rough.

People in the hobby always keep a safety line between them and the boat, so if anything happens, they can drag it back so i doesn’t sink or get drifted away.

This strategy is also very useful if the wind stops and you can’t get it back. A tow line like that ensures you’ll get it back safely the moment you want to do so.

What to look for in a Sailboat?

A good sailboat should have good equilibrium and not tip over in stronger winds. They should also come with tow lines and be made out of good enough materials so that water won’t get inside easily.

A few other important factors that not many people thing of when buying one are:

  • how good is the sail material
  • how responsive the rudder is ( how easily it steers left or right)
  • If it has any weak spots that can break without repair
  • size and how easy it is to carry around

What are the best RC Sailboats?

You’re searching for the best RC Sailboats and I’ll totally recommend you the best in each price category. You might want something very expensive, or the cheapest possible so you just test things out.

Poco Divo Sailing boat - best for the money

Poco Divo is a pretty known manufacturer if you’re into RC and that translates into high quality stuff. This boat is priced somewhere in the lower end still, but surprisingly it doesn’t compromise in build quality.

Here’s why this boat might be perfect for you:

  • 650mm size is a very good choice between ease of transportation and stability.
  • very durable ABS material construction. Waterproof and super resilient.
  • 2.4 ghz technology and multiple channels to connect multiple boats at the same time (each with its own transmitter)

 It also comes with a 17g servo and a 3kg winch servo.
Total weight of this boat is 10 pounds, but remember you’ll have to supply your own 8 AA batteries.
I would recommend getting rechargeable ones.

Pro Boat Westward Sailboat V2RTR - best for beginners

This is probably the cheapest good rc Sailboat you can buy. And don’t make any mistakes, it will definitely go over your expectations.

Because Sailboats are relatively simple when it comes to how they work, the materials and working joints are pretty much where things can go wrong. And this is a boat that doesn’t disappoint in that regard, even though the price is quite small.

  • Small scale boat (easier to transport, but big enough to capture wind)
  • precise mini-sail winch servo ( makes it easier to control the sails)
  • 5.7 pounds
The Pro Boat is definitely a beginner choice, so if it’s your first time doing this, go for it!
But if you’re looking for something even cheaper, read forward.

Golden Bright RC Sail Boat - cheapest RC Sailboat

Here is a sailboat that can run for up to 60 minutes of fun and is as cheap as you’ll want to spend on such a boat.

If you’re a beginner and don’t plan on spending too much, this is the best choice. Cheap as hell and very good for what it does.

What’s special about this one is that it has an on board motor that can help you when there’s no wind.

  • transmitter range is about 160 feet 
  • about 4 pounds in weight
  • additional motor (for propulsion in case there’s no wind)
If you simply want to check out the hobby and make sure you get your boat back if you can’t successfully sail it, this is perfect for you.

Pro Boat Ragazza - 1m monster

This one gets a little out of the comfort zone, but for a good reason.

The RC Sailboat hobby changes a lot when you go into bigger stuff. This 1m monster called Ragazza, from Pro Boat, is the thing that will give you the feeling closest to using a real sailboat on the sea.

  • the hull is made from fiberglass – a sign of quality and very lightweight material
  • 2.2pounds in weight
  • high torque servo with a large rudder
A very nice thing is that all the electronic components are very well waterproofed and isolated.
The sails also have reinforced corners and can basically handle any wind.
You should look into this boat only if you’re confident you want the best materials out there.
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