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Arthur Bell Blade 720 Review in 2023

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea








Blade 720 model
Blade 720 model

Most of the time, people don’t know how much a drone is worth just by looking at it and that’s why in this Arthur Bell Blade 720 review we’ll cover why it’s actually NOT a good idea to buy it.

Long story short, the drone itself isn’t bad, it can work very well as a toy camera drone for beginners, but for the right price.

Where the scam lies in regards to the drone Blade 720 is its pricing and name.

At the time of writing this article I found the Blade 720 drone priced somewhere around $200 and that makes me laugh. It's also found under the name of Drone X Pro in some places.

You see, you can find this exact drone for well under $50, on Amazon, as well as on sites like Banggood (which are both way safer).

What is the Blade 720 in fact and why is it a scam?

The Blade 720 is just a renaming of a very popular foldable quadcopter for beginners called Eachine E58 that I also reviewed on my youtube channel down below.

As mentioned above, what the people selling the Arthur Blade are doing is just dropshipping, where they are charging the price by a lot and sending you a way cheaper drone instead.

However, as I mentioned in my original article, the Eachine E58 is quite a capable drone FOR THE PRICE. If you have a look at my list with the best drones under $200, you’ll find some really great quadcopters that are far better than it. It does have problems with drifting as many beginner drones have, but it's easy to fix and trim it following my tutorial on how to fix a drone that's tilting to one side.


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What are the best 720 drone alternatives?

So it all really depends on how much you are willing to spend.

If your budget is around $200, check out my drones for this price range.

If you’re willing to spend a little more and want a similarly shaped drone (but one of the best on the market) check the DJI Mini 2.

If you like the Blade 720 specs, keep reading this article and I’ll cover them, as for the price of the Eachine E58 (which I’ll also leave relevant links for, so you don’t get scammed lol).

manual price where to buy

Blade 720 Drone Specs

Lightweight design, fordable arrangement, and the ability to record in high-resolution on your smartphone. 

Here are some of the drone specs that make the Blade 720 stand out from the other models within the below $200 price range. 

Battery life (flight time)

For its price, the flight time of Blade 720 is pretty decent at 10 minutes. But if you really want to extend that even more, you also have the option to buy additional batteries. 

Now listen, we know 10 minutes is not that much of a life-changing feature especially when we have other models that offer 25-30 minutes. That is a fact. 

But what makes this drone unique is its 2km top range transmission and the 12m/s speed, which is actually one of the fastest rates among drones today. This is something you would not see in other low-cost drones. 

Altitude Hold Mode

The Altitude hold feature locks your drone in a certain elevation and location, allowing it to hover steadily in a specific area as you capture photos and videos. 

If you worry about constantly being mindful of the height and altitude settings as you are busy finding the perfect angle, this practically removes that burden off of you. You can just hold the drone at a particular height and you can navigate it freely left and right. 

Anti-Collision Technology

Thanks to this smart technology, the integrated sensors and built-in detectors in this drone lets you operate it smoothly without the fear of crashing it on the ground. Did I say smart? Yes, because it also guides the flyer through the obstacles along the way, preventing you from colliding into any foreign object.  

Other features

Here are some of the attributes Blade 720 has to offer: 

  1.  Flight tracking:
    •  This gives you a heads up of the course you're about to tread on while also showing the trajectory of your path 
  2. Headless mode:
    •  Allows you to navigate your drone in any direction without having to turn in a circle 
  3. High atmospheric pressure resistance:
    •  Locks your drone's elevation in a specific point of area without being affected by increasing atmospheric pressure 

4. LED night light:

  •  Gives you bright light to guide your vision through the dark

5. Panorama mode:

  • Lets you capture photos and videos throughout the 360-degree range of the drone 
Blade 720 LED night lightBlade 720 LED night light

6. Real-time transmission:

  • Strong Wi-Fi connectivity lets you transmit information to your cellphone in real-time

7. Restrain rolling:

  • The 2.6hz remote controller protects your drone against external interference so you could also see the 360-degree view from your smartphone app  
Blade 720 VR mode

8. Scene Mode:

  • Similar to the panorama mode, this also enables you to take pictures while maintaining the height of the drone and exploring a 360-degree view 

9. Single Button:

  • This centralized button makes it more convenient for you to give commands, from switching to different modes, landing the drone, to taking off for a flight 

10. 3D VR Mode:

  • The compressed joystick that comes with the VR kit helps you oversee a 3D view of your drone as if from the perspective of a pilot

Blade 720 Camera, Footage and Photos

The beauty of this drone lies on the fact that you don't have to be an expert to navigate it efficiently and systematically. It's the definition of convenience meets precision

For just below $200, beginners and experts alike can capture HD videos.

Scroll down to know more about it! 

Blade 720 camera
Photo from Staaker

What camera resolutions does the Blade 720 record in?

For such a cheap price, this drone prides itself for having an HD camera. This makes it easily attractive to vloggers, influencers, and even commercial workers. 

The 720p resolution, although incomparable to the 4k resolution of more expensive models, allows you to live-stream your footage directly to your smartphone. 

It also includes a rotating camera so you could capture photos and videos in different angles from a 360-degree range. 

And if you want to capture the entirety of your subject, the 120-degree ultrawide lens would certainly help. 

What smartphones work with it?

You could connect this to both Android and Apple phones. 

Does it have a drone app?

 Yes, it is called the Drone 720P. You could download it from Play Store and App Store


Design and Accessories

The Arthur Bell Blade 720 is a product of German precision. Two tech companies joined together to create one of the most portable drones in the market today

It's fair to say Blade 720 set the bar higher when it comes to portability. It's so handy that it even fits inside your pocket. If you're a believer of light-packing, this drone could be your best buddy. 

But aside from portability, here are other reasons that makes Blade 720's design noteworthy. 


Would you believe it if I tell you this drone could resemble the size of a wide-screened smartphone when folded? 

Yes, it's true. With its lightweight foldable design, you could just slide the propellers inside to make them more compact. And since it's not that bulky, you could easily fit it in your backpack or even in your pocket. 

Blade 720 portability
Photo from Staaker
Blade 720 parts and accessories
Photo from medium.com

Blade 720 accessories

For the price of below $200, the accessories that come with this drone is pretty decent. 

The package includes the ff: 

  1. remote controller 
  2. delivery scope 
  3. manufacturer's app
  4. three (3) double-A batteries (with a volt of 1.5) 
affordable drone by price

Price and Instructions

You have heard pretty much how cheap this drone is. But does it live up to the expectations?

If convenience is the main selling point of this drone, how easy is it to operate it? 

You'll find out all about those here!

How much does the Blade 720 cost?

Priced at $199.99, this drone is pretty competitive as compared to other low-cost drones within its range. 

But if you think that deal couldn't get any better, it does. You could actually get discounts if you buy more than one unit. Promotional offers abound online like getting an additional drone if you buy two and getting two additional units if you get three. If you want to get the most out of this deal, you could ask your friends or families to buy in bulk order. 

Another benefit you could avail is the free shipping promotion

All the details, you could find it here in Blade 720's official website

Drone Manual

Since this drone's design is aimed for convenience, the simple and intuitive layout and user interface makes it really easy to operate it. 

Here's some of the pointers you should take note of:

  • Only one button for return and landing 
  • Easily toggle between low and top speed options with just a singe button 
  • QR code is used to start the program 

Who should buy it?

The attractive price, coupled with convenience, makes Arthur Bell Blade 720 a top option for beginners. But even if you already have considerable years of experience in operating a drone, the features that Blade 720 offers couldn't just be discounted. 

It's cheap, useful, and has a lot of options to choose from--at least, from a below $200 standpoint. This makes it a popular choice for those who have tight budget but also want to engage in side jobs like shooting for weddings, baptismal, or any commercial event. 

But of course, we couldn't expect all the good things from such a cheap drone. Let's weigh in the advantages and disadvantages here.


  1.  Compatible with a smartphone and drone app
  2. Easily convenient to use 
  3. Beginner-friendly 
  4. Lightweight 
  5. Simple


  1.  Wind/weather disturbance affects stability
  2.  Camera resolution not at par with high-end models
  3. Not ideal in crowded places 
  4. Not enough flight time

Where to buy it from?

You could get this drone from Amazon and Banggood

The Blade 720 website curently redirects to the Drone X Pro site, probably the new version of the Blade 720.

What is the flight time of Blade 720?

Its battery could last up to 10min. 

How much does the Blade 720 cost?

It costs $199.99. However, several websites offer promotional deals, such as getting extra unit if you buy two. You could find it in Blade 720's official website. 

Can it be used for professional video/photo?

Yes. Although this drone is pretty cheap, a lot of positive reviews from users reveal it is ideal for weddings and other commercial events. Just be careful when flying it in crowded places because wind and any other weather disturbance may affect its stability. 

Does it have an altitude hold?

Yes, it does! 

But it could only stay stable for as much time, as long as it's not windy or stormy. 

What is Blade 720's video quality?

It has a 720p resolution with 120-degree ultrawide lens.

Is there a Blade 720 drone app?

Yes. Just download the Drone 720P app, it's available to both Andorid and iOS users. 

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