C-Fly Dream drone review – The cheaper DJI Spark alternative!

C-Fly Dream Drone Review - best Spark clone

Battery Life

14 min





Image Stabilization

2 axis gimbal

An obvious DJI Spark clone, the C-fly Dream proved to be more than what I expected.

Much more!

It's considerably cheaper than the Spark, so we can't compare them directly. But this drone proved to be a very capable long range, gimbal stabilized flier.

The build quality is also pretty good for something that comes from China and at this price.


What to look for in A camera drone

Drone stability

Usually, when it comes to more advanced camera drones, they come with a way to stabilize the drone on the spot. I'm talking about GPS or optical flow cameras.

C-Fly Dream: GPS

Battery life

Battery life for camera drones should be at least 10 minutes per flight.

Take in account spare batteries!

C-Fly Dream: 14min is enough for this size


Flight range can really change what sorts of images you can capture.

C-Fly Dream: 600m and even more



Camera resolution isn't everything. Colors, sharpness and bitrate are very important for the overall image.

C-Fly Dream: 1080p, video sample bellow

Image Stabilization

If I had to pinpoint the most important factor in a camera drone, it would be Image Stabilization. A 4k unstable camera has worse results than a gimbal stabilized 720p one.

C-Fly Dream: 2 axis gimbal

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C-Fly Dream Price and specs

Again, price is very important when it comes with this drone. If you have like $150 more to spare just go for the better version: DJI Spark.

However, considering it's well under the $300 range, the quadcopter presents some really spectacular features:

  • stabilized 2 axis gimbal
  • brushless motors
  • great quality transmitter
  • really good range
  • 3 flight modes
  • optical flow camera underneath (for better ground stabilization)
Camera Options
With Camera
Camera Resolution: 1080p
Phone Controlled
Motor Type: Brushless
Optical Flow Stabilization
Battery Life: 14
Flight Range: 600
Micro SD Card
Under 250g
Drone Types

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Camera quality

As you can see, the image quality is a bit inferior to the Spark, but nevertheless, thanks to the good image stabilization and frame rate, the final result is much over  a lot of similarly priced drones.

The drone comes also with a few flight modes:

  • circle around me
  • follow me
  • waypoints
The return to home precision is somewhere around 2m.
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C-Fly Dream

$243.99 Buy It Now

The transmitter feels pretty high quality, much like DJI ones. It doesn't come with a monitor, but you can connect the phone to it and then bind the transmitter itself to the drone.

It comes with the following functions:

  • Three Position switch on top left
    • altitude hold (free flight)
    • GPS mode
    • circle me mode
  • Middle left switch for compass calibration
  • Middle right is Return to home
  • Automatic take off and landing button
  • Bottom right Photo video button (if you're only using the controller)

Speaking of which, you can only use the controller to pilot the drone, but you won't be able to see anything.

ATTENTION! You need a phone capable of doing 5G wifi signal 802.11 ac Wifi. Make sure you search your phone on google and see if ti has it before buying the drone.


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8.5 Total Score
C-Fly Dream - DJI spark on a budget, but actually quite amazing!

I expected the C-fly dream to be another one of those badly made DJI clones from china, but in fact it does have the potential to be a champion in it's own under $300 niche. Being cheaper than a DJI Spark, we can't really compare the two. But I was quite amazed by this things range, stability, features and overall build quality.

GPS Stability
Build quality
Camera quality
  • Super stable 2 axis gimbal
  • excellent FPV signal
  • can move the gimbal
  • powerful brushless motors
  • you can see the distance and height info
  • has micro SD card slot
  • great quality transmitter
  • horrizon can be slightly tilted sometimes
  • gimbal not as smooth as something like the spark

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  1. Hi best site ever ! Thank you for all info. Question I have a parrot bebop 2 . Not that thrilled with it … saw your c fly , friends have the magic mini but it’s expensive . Stick w the bebop !,….?..
    confused in florida !

  2. I love my C-Fly DREAM, but latency is extremely long (frequently measurable in MINUTES toward the end of a flight); I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S5 as my 802.11ac WiFi device. This obviously totally rules out flying the DREAM with true FPV. Though in its defense, the drone is an excellent LOS flyer.

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