DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom review

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Battery Life

33 min
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8 km
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4k 60p
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3 axis

There is no doubt that the new Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom are some of the best camera drones you can currently buy (that are not Hollywood level).

They come packed with a ton of sensors in EVERY direction so you can't really crash them even if you tried. 

The only difference between them is the camera, so up to that point we'll only talk about the bodies and what specs they have.

I myself own and use a Mavic 2 Pro as my main drone for quite a few months now.

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What to look for in A camera drone

return to home drone stability

Drone stability

Usually at this price range every drone comes with very precise GPS modules and even GLONASS which is the Russian satelite system.


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Battery life

Battery life should be somewhere over 15 minutes for more advanced camera drones.

Mavic 2: 31 minutes in specs, 29 min in real use

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Flight range shouldn't be an issue anymore after like 1km, however, a better signal is always preffered.

Mavic 2: 8km, or 4+ km in Europe


drone camera resolution


The camera is probably the definitive difference at this price point. Cinematographers should look for things like bitrate, sharpness and D-log profiles.

Mavic 2: 1 inch sensor Hassleblad camera/ zoom camera 24-48mm

image stabilization gimbal

Image Stabilization

If I had to pinpoint the most important factor in a camera drone, it would be Image Stabilization. A 4k unstable camera has worse results than a gimbal stabilized 720p one.

Mavic 2: 4k 3 axis stabilized camera


Mavic 2 price and specs

The Mavic 2 comes in two versions separated by both a considerable price difference and by their respective utility.

Mavic 2 Pro - around $1500

  • A drone more oriented towards professional photographers and videographers or people who want to take good night footage and photos

Mavic 2 Zoom - around $1250

  • A very capable camera with the ability do zoom in and automatically do things like dolly zooms and change between 2 different mm lenses while flying.
mmavic 2 camera protections

Here's a daily price history, so you know if now is the right time to buy it.

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Mavic 2 pro vs Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro

In this video I tested and compared these three very popular drones when it comes to the camera.


Camera quality

mavic 2 hassleblad 1 inch camera

In the video bellow you can see some ungraded footage with the DJI mavic 2 Pro.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom is a matter of camera performance. So you decide from the specs bellow if the differences are enough for you to invest more.

Just know that the Mavic 2 pro has a better overall post production quality if you decide to play with colors, apply filters and in general if you want to take better night photos.

mavic 2 pro vs zoom camera specs


mavic 2 controller from top

The transmitter is very similar to the original Mavic Pro with the same screen, button configuration and a very good build quality.

It's a bit annoying to fit in thicker phones, but there's always the option to have a lot of accessories that even allow you to use a big tablet for it.



Mavic 2 accessories

mavic 2 accessories whats in the box 1

Some of the most used accessories for the Mavic 2 Pro are definitely the batteries and carrying case.

Here are my favorites:

  • Spare batteries
  • A good hardshell case
  • ND filters
  • Landing pad
  • warming glove for controller (in winter)

Do the propellers from the Mavic 2 fit on the original Mavic 1 pro?

No, they don't.

Simple answer, and that's because they actually touch on the edge of the aircraft itself, barely grazing it, but still something you don't want to be happening in the air.

do the propellers from mavic 2 fit on the original mavic
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