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Hubsan zino 2 vs zino 2 plus 2021 comparison

Which one should you buy?

If you have a hard time deciding between buying the Hubsan Zino 2 or the Zino 2 plus, this article will make things very clear, very fast.

The Zino 2 Plus is pretty much a very slight upgrade from the Zino 2, in which Hubsan has optimized and tweaked some things like the battery life and range and added a few new flight modes.

Table comparison between the Zino 2 vs Zino 2 Plus

SpecsZino 2Zino 2 Plus
Battery life33 min (31 hover)35 min (36 min)
Image transmission systemLEAS 2.0SYNCLEAS
Camera4k 60 fps4k 60 fps
Image ChipAmbarella H22Ambarella H22
Sensorsony 1/2.3 inchsony 1/2.3 inch
GimbalDetachable gimbalDetachable gimbal
NDDetachable ND filtersDetachable ND filters
Optical sensorsVisual landing supportVisual landing support
TrackingFollow me, orbitingFollow me, orbiting
Speed20m/s sport mode20m/s sport mode
Wind resistanceLevel 5 wind resistanceLevel 6 wind resistance
Bottom sensorsOptical flow positionOptical flow position
ChargerStandard chargerIntelligent charger (3 batteries at once)Battery can also work as a portable phone charger
Flight modesnormal mode, hyperlapse, waypoint, orbit,follow me, creative, line of flightnormal mode, hyperlapse, waypoint, orbit,follow me, creative, line of flight
New flight modes-New flight modes : fly to sky, dronie
Camera settings-You can change EV exposure rate
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Battery life and range

The Zino 2 plus has been upgraded the most from the Zino 2 in the battery life and range departments, as it now uses the improved transmission system called SYNCLEAS vs. the LEAS 2.0. The difference is just one km, but the stronger signal can feel impactful in case of interference.

The battery of the Zino 2 plus isn't necessarily bigger, yet it can fly for 35 minutes (36 min hover) compared to the 33 min (31 hover) of the original Zino 2.

So how are they doing it?
Hubsan has made some changes in the drone's internals, making it more efficient and adding a smart component to the batteries, which make them discharge at a more constant rate. The new batteries can be charged three at a time through the multi-charger and can be used to charge your phone through a USB port.

Camera comparison

The two cameras are the same, so I'm going to list the specs instead.
They both have a 4k 60p camera, able to shoot in slow motion and 100Mbps, which is a bitrate that's standard for even more expensive DJI drones. The sony 1/2.3 inch sensor can be found in both, and it does a decent job in low light, but it's far from a one-inch sensor.
You can add detachable ND filters to the camera, and the gimbal module itself is detachable.

Flight modes

Both drones come with the same basic flight modes, but the new Zino 2+ has a few additions to the mix:

  • Dronie - drone flies away from you and takes a video
  • Fly to the sky - it flies above you and far away
  • IMU calibration - ability to calibrate the GPS better

And here are the original flight modes:

  • normal mode
  • hyperlapse
  • waypoints
  • orbit
  • follow me
  • creative
  • line of flight

Both drones also come with optical flow sensors at the bottom, allowing for a more stable indoor flight (if there's no GPS) and visual landing support, where the drone adjusts the trajectory to land more precisely.

Which one to pick between the Hubsan Zino 2 and Zino 2 plus?

My definite winner, in this case, is the upgraded Zino 2 plus, as the older model is harder to find, and they are very similar in price either way.

The Zino 2 plus gives you a slight edge in battery life and improved signal, but both drones are excellent, so you definitely shouldn't upgrade if you already have the Zino 2.

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