MJX Bugs 3 Drone review

bugs 3 review

MJX Bugs 3 is the most surprising brushless drone I've flown in a while.

What I'm talking about is the amazing quality and performance of the drone for the cheap price of about $100.

One of the most notable differences compared to other drones is the amazing battery life of up to 19 minutes.

drone battery life icon

Battery Life

16 min
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drone camera resolution


drone motors



Not only that, but it's also a very capable GoPro drone, able to carry any GoPro sized action camera as well.

I have also made a video review of it, but make sure you read the full article below to check out other important details as well:

If you're already decided you want to buy this, then don't hesitate and check the offers available and the accessories that come with the Bugs 3 drone.

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Price and drone specs

Again, when it comes to price, this drone is pretty much unbeatable! 

That's also why I rate it as one of my top drones ever. You can find better drones, that have GPS for example, but they will be at least twice as expensive and probably not even have brushless motors.

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Bellow you can find the price history over time for the main offer in this article, if you want to be notified when the Bugs 3 gets even cheaper, put your email in the box down bellow.

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Unboxing and product quality

The high quality of this brushless quadcopter can be observed even before unpackaging it, as it comes in a sturdy box with well placed Styrofoam inside.

mjx bugs 3 package

The box also shows that there are quite a few additional accessories that you can buy to transform this drone in anything you want, from FPV racer to a great camera drone.

Some of these accessories include a cool 360 panoramic camera and even FPV monitors and goggles.

The size of the Bugs 3 is 31 cm from motor to motor (and over 40 cm from prop to prop), which makes it medium sized.It also comes with a slot for an action camera that can fit GoPro hero 3 and hero 4, but not the new hero5.

size comparison mjx bugs 3 with phone review

The good news is that you can also get a very good yet cheap 4k action camera for it.

If you'd like to check the cheapest prices for your action camera, you can install our Free Chrome extension that will help you find the cheapest tech gadgets like drones and action cameras by comparing the results of sites like gearbest.com, banggood.com, fasttech and more.

dronesbuyer tool

The chrome extension also has a tab that will help you pick your perfect drone from my top recommendations. If you want to know more about it check out my video explaining it.

If you want to see the full unboxing check out the video below:

As also mentioned in the video, I've been pretty impressed with the general build quality of the drone itself. The plastic it is made from feels very good quality and it can handle damage pretty well from my experience.​

Here's what's in the box:

  • the quadcopter
  • 2 sets of propellers
  • a 7.4V battery charger
  • 4 prop guards
  • 4 landing gear arms (installing them only needed if you'll use the camera)
  • camera mount
  • screwdriver
  • a 7.4V 1800mAh battery

Flight- how good are brushless motors?

The main difference between brushed and brushless motors is that the ones the Bugs 3 has (Brushless) are up to 6 times more powerful.

Not only that, but brushless motors have a WAY longer life span and are more durable overall.

brushless motor vs brushed motor magnet positioning

This quadcopter was designed by MJX with two purposes in mind:

1.A reliable cheap camera drone

By attaching the camera mount to the frame and putting the taller landing legs you can successfully turn it into a GoPro drone that not only handles wind very well, but also is pretty stable considering it doesn't come with a gimbal.

I used a Full HD camera bought from a chinese site that works really well, but you can easily go for the best cheap 4k cameras from here and the quality will be even better.

Here's some footage that I shot with the Bugs 3 and my full HD camera:

2.A racing/FPV drone

By putting Brushless motors on this drone, MJX has succeeded in making the most powerful drone this amount of money can buy.

This means a lot more speed and quick turns thanks to the 1805 1800KV motors that simply do a great job.

There are 2 main modes of flight:

  • camera mode
  • racing mode

What this does is change the power and speed of the drone, going slower for when a GoPro is mounted, so there's not much movement and faster for when things SHOULD move like the wind.

By removing the prop guards, the landing legs and the camera with camera mount you considerably decrease the drone weight and therefore make it fly faster and longer.

Fortunately, MJX thought about everything and incorporated some little landing gear at the end of each drone arm, so the drone won't trip over.

brushless motors

This being said, the drone moves incredibly fast in sport mode and it can do flips by the press of a button (it can even do flips with a Camera on).

It isn't yet at the level of professional racing drones, but it's perfect if you want to get into racing and want to have a feel for it first.


Battery and flight time

long lasting drone battery

As stated in the beginning, this drone can actually stay in the air for up to 19 minutes or so without any accessories and while pretty much hovering.

From my personal experience, I have flown it for 17 or so minutes with accessories on and 15 minutes if I go more hardcore.

The 7.4 V and 1800mAh Lipo battery that can do all of this has a semi-proprietary design and comes with and XT30 connector and can be perfectly fitted inside the special slot on the drone itself.


Transmitter and buttons

The controller is pretty bland and comes in full white color, however it does it's job pretty well.

transmitter bugs drone

The thumb sticks must be attached first with two small screws and it requires 4 AA batteries to work.

Here are the buttons and the functions:

  • red button top left - used to arm the motors and turn them off
  • button underneath it - changes between the two flying modes (camera and sport mode)
  • comes with trimming buttons next to the sticks ( useful if the aircraft tends to go in a certain direction by itself)
  • button at top right = flip button/barell roll (first press it once and then quickly move the left stick in a direction to do a flip)
  • button below it - camera on and off (only working with a camera accessory from MJX)
mjx bugs 3 controls
bugs 3 buy

Bugs 3

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How does Bugs 3 compare to other drones?

bugs 3 with go pro

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