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MJX BUGS B7 drone review in 2023(4k, GPS, under 250g drone)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea

mjx bugs b7 drone review

The MJX Bugs B7 is a recent 2020 drone release that competes in the drone category under 250 grams.

Many will compare it with the DJI mini 2 just because of the weight similarity, but although this drone comes with a 4k camera, it's half the price of the Mini.

We could say it's not comparable, because it doesn't come with a 3 axis gimbal for the camera or any gimbal for that matter.

But besides that, it's an absolutely amazing drone. So let's dig down into some more speciffic things about it.


  • Great GPS + GLONASS
  • Compact and foldable
  • Under 250g
  • 4k camera
  • Great build quality


  • Doesn't have image stabilization

MJX Bugs B7 Specs (vs Competition)

MJX Bugs B7 main feature


The battery life of the Bugs b7 is about 15 minutes, a bit less in real life conditions.

It's half the battery life of the Mavic mini, I expected it to be slightly better for a drone released in 2020.

mjx bugs b7 battery

Range (Flight Distance)

The range of the drone itself is almost 800m, however, the FPV range (what you can see on your phone is about 300m to 500m).

You will require a phone that has a 508.11ac 5g Wifi option. You can check this on GSM arena.

mjx bugs b7 next to dji mavic mini

Yes, the Skydio 2 can be flown indoors, thanks to all the optical stability cameras both on bottom and at the top.

However, keep in mind this is a drone that's made for outdoors and it might behave strangely if it's in a really tight spot.

Here's what the Skydio team recommends: "Only fly indoors in large, open areas with good lighting, like large warehouses, gymnasiums, or similar spaces."

Does it come back after losing signal or low battery?

Yes, the Bugs B7 will return to home by itself if it gets to low battery or loses signal.

What if you long left the launching spot?

In that case, make sure you stop when you get notified of low battery voltage and land the drone manually on the spot.

Since the drone has GPS it also comes with a few flight modes, including return to home on low battery.

Camera Quality

MJX Bugs B7 design

The Bugs b7 camera records in 4k 16fps and 2.5k at 25fps, so not the best frame rates out there, but still better than other 1080p cameras out there. The 2.5k video should be good enough for most people, but remember it's not stabilized.

The FPV live video is in 720p resolution and you can indeed adjust the camera angle from the remote controller.

What flight modes will it come with?

The drone will come with the basics flight modes that can be found in most GPS quadcopters:

  • Auto Return Home
  • Waypoints
  • Circle Around
  • Follow Me

Transmitter And Mobile App

The drone controller is very similar to the ones of the DJI Mavic series, and that's a good thing, as it's quite compact and also shows the drone info on the LCD screen.

By having telemetry information like the height and distance of the drone, you'll make sure to always know if the drone comes back to you in return to home, even if you lost video signal.

MJX Bugs B7 transmitter

Who should buy it (is it worth the price)?

The Bugs B7 is good for people who don't want to register their drone and have an easy to carry drone to explore things with.

Don't expect to use this as a proffesional camera drone or an alternative to the DJI Mavic Mini.

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