ZLRC Beast SG906 complete drone review (in 2020)

Is this drone as good as it looks?

Th ZLRC Beast SG906 is a recently released drone on the market that you can still find very cheap online

The specs of this quadcopter are absolutely insane, and even though you shouldn't get your hopes up this is going to compete with other 4k drones out there… considering the price, it's definitely going to make it to my top drones under $200 list.

We're talking about a GPS, position hold drone with a ton of battery life and a camera that can be moved in the air.

There's no gimbal involved to stabilize the video, but considering you can shoot up to 4k, post processing stabilization is very doable indeed.

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SG906 Specs and Features (vs competition)

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Battery Life

The battery life is said to be 23 minutes in perfect conditions.

However in real life conditions I would expect no more than 20 minutes.

There are indeed spare batteries online and I'll leave links to those down in the accessories section.

Range (Flight Distance)

The actual range of the drone is about 600m, but I Limited it to 300m because that's about as much as you can normally get with the Wifi transmission.

You'll need a 5G 802.11ac wifi capable phone to make the FPV work with this drone.

Max height and flight laws

The maximum height allowed to fly in the USA is  400feet which is just over 120m.

This drone can go up to 200m so you'll be more than okay in that regard.

Drone alternatives compared

Here are some of the best drone alternatives to the ZLRC Beast, compared both in an easy to share image and in a sortable table.

I chose most of the drones in the same price category to make things fair.

I chose the ZLRC Beast vs the SJRC F11 which is one of my most popular reviews so far.

Also picked the BUgs 5w, a really gread drone with amazing video even if it's limited to 1080p (but not foldable unfortunately).

And I also compared it versus the JJRC X11, a 2k foldable GPS drone.

Add to compare

Bellow you can find a filtering system for the main competitor drones I reviewed and you can press the “Add to compare” button if you want to do so.


The Modular camera( real or upscaled 4k?)

No more toilet bowl effect

This camera is quite unique, especially for this price range.

The modular design means it's easy to replace if it gets broken and can be upgraded in the future.

It also comes with the optical sensor you can see at the bottom between the two antennas.

That makes the toilet bowl effect you can see on some GPS drones go away (at low heights at least).

You still have to do a proper GPS calibration before flight.

Is the footage stabilized in any way?

Amazing enough but there is an option to stabilize the video though Eis (electronic image stabilization) that is mainly done by your phone.

This means the live feed will get a bit laggy when flying normally.

Otherwise, the drone doesn't have any gimbal or other form of image stabilization.

The footage will have some black bars entering the image from time to time, so I'd actually recommmend doing the stabilization in post processing if you can.


Does the SG906 camera actually record in 4k?

The maximum footage resolution is actually 2k, but it cal also record in 1080p.

It does have a 4k camera, but it's only used for taking 4k photos, but not videos.

Photo by quadcopter101

A really unique feature of this drone is the ability to move the camera to 180 degrees and swivel it from the transmitter itself.

This is a feature you can find in the Parrot Anafi and allows for some really interesting shots where the drone can actually look up. This could be interesting to fly underneath some trees or bridges.

Can the camera be upgraded?

As previously mentioned, the camera is modular so you will certainly have the option to upgrade it in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative at the current time.

But if you really want to record better footage you could remove it and replace it with a lightweight Action camera.

Does it record the footage on a micro SD?

There seems that the micro SD card slot is nowehere to be found on the drone, and that is because it doesn't exist!

I know, shocking!

This drone sends all the footage directly to your phone though wifi.

Speaking about wifi…

What phones work with the ZLRC Beast?

Short answer: any phone that supports 5g 802.11 ac wifi.

All the iphones have this frequency and usually newer android phones, but there are meny exceptions.

If you want to check your phone compatibility, go on GSM arena, search for your brand and then look in the specs if it has 802.11 ac wifi (the AC part is important).

And no, it's not Air Conditioner.

Parts and accessories

What accessories you NEED and where to get them from

There don't seem to be any spare batteries to be bought separately, but the packages from banggood offer you the option to get up to 3 batteries in the pacakage, which I think is more than enough.

When it comes to spare accessories Geekbuying seems to have the best options so far.

Spare Battery

You need at least one of these, as you might find yourself not having enough time in the air.​

A Good case​

Geekbuying also has a pretty nice durable bag for this drone.

Spare parts

There are a lot of spare parts for you to buy online. click this image if you want to see a few.

Design and Unboxing

The drone comes in to options: whive or black.

The package has most things that you actually need, especially if you get a version with more than one battery.

The drone is very portable and the materials feel premium.

Although I don't see how they managed to do all of this and fuill it with features for sucha  small budget.

  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Screwdriver
  • Remote
  • Spare props
  • Removable sticks
  • Drone

Transmitter And Mobile App

This transmitter has a pretty good form factor, and I really like the phone bracket, as it doesn't press on the side of your phone like most others. It won't turn the phone off by accident by pressing the side button.

There's also a tiny LCD screen at the bottom that reminds me of the MJX Bugs Series. This is great, as you can see how far the drone is from you, even if the app has disconnected. You can basically fly it even without visual feedback, although I don't recommend it.

It comes with the one key return to home button, that's absolutely great.

One downside is that there are buttons for switching the camera angle, not a scrolling wheel, which means the movement is not gradual so you can't make smooth videos while moving the camera up or down. But at least there is the option of doing it.


App, camera settings and flight modes.

photo by quadcopter101

The app is called HFun+ and can be found for both iphone and android at the curent time.

In the basic settings you can change the languege between english and chinese, check for firmware upgrades and more.

A really unique setting I've never seen before in this price category is the image stabilization.

It does a pretty decent job at stabilizing the footage, although there are some black bars showing up if you move too fast.

When it comes to features, the SG906 Beast deserves its name.

Although things like gesture control don't work as good as those from DJI, I must admit it comes with a lot of very interesting features.

The follow me and point of interest ones can prove to be quite fun to play with and might make for some nice footage to share with your friends while you follow the car around or yourselves.

Waypoint flight is not something I usually use, as I usually appreciate drones at this price point by how good they have their basics.

By basics I mean battery life, camera quality, build quality, GPS stability and so on. And this drone excels in almost all of these, even though it has more work to do in the camera department.

ZLRC Beast SG906 Price, Manual and Instructions

It's undeniable that the price of this drone is what makes it so special, as I must admit that when it comes to specs and overall build quality, this is a drone that overdelivers.

 The package it comes from can vary depending on what you choose. 

For example, if we take a look at the options at banggood:

  • 1080p camera/ 4k camera versions
        • with just a few dollar price difference between them
  • 1 battery/2 batteries/3 batteries package versions
  • version with a carrying case/ standard packaging

Click on the tabs bellow to answer a few of these questions.

Is this drone worth the price?


I don't really think you can get better for under $150.

All the specs, the flight stability, modular camera that even comes with the ability to stabilize video (to some extent) make it a great choice.

Having GPS for return to home and flight stability is also a great feature for beginners to have.

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Where to buy it from?

This time, if you're not in much of a hurry I drecommend buying from banggood if you don't want spare accessories. 

If you want spare batteries, case and so on, check out Geekbuying.com

There curently isn't a manual for this drone online

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