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Best Drone Courses to Become a Drone Pilot in 2024

Updated in 2024 by Paul Posea
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While you can use free Youtube and Google resources (like Dronesgator!) for your learning journey, taking a drone course is still one of the best ways to quickly learn how to fly your drone.

In this article, we’ll be covering the best drone courses out there to help you become a drone pilot as soon as possible!

We’ll go over what each course offers, and who it’s best suited for – so let’s get straight to it.

1. UAV Coach's Drone Pilot Ground School

If you’ve gotten into the drone world for a while, you’ve probably heard about UAV coach.

UAV Coach's course offers 70+ video lectures, 30+ text-based lessons, and a bunch of practice quizzes to help you prep for the big part 107 test. 

They also hook you up with a study plan that’s tailored for you, which is basically like having an experienced drone mentor guiding you through the process.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • In-depth study material covering all FAA Part 107 exam topics
  • Interactive quizzes and practice exams for better retention
  • 5-star customer support to answer all your burning questions
  • Lifetime access to course materials (which means future updates!)
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to apply for your remote pilot certificate

The course is very accessible to anyone no matter their experience level and I highly recommend it.

2. Done Launch Academy

This here is my personal favorite. It’s a viable, worthwhile resource for learning to fly a drone and passing your Part 107 exam to earn your license. 

Perfect for beginners, but also has a lot to teach for veterans as well. Outside of drone flight instruction, Drone Launch Academy also offers a variety of resources for finding jobs, buying drone accessories, and more.

Meaning they even help you find your first gig and get your foot through the door of the drone world.

3. DARTdrones Flight School

DARTdrones is also a great school, with its comprehensive training courses and a team of expert instructors who are passionate about all things drone-related. 

Abby Speicher is their founder, and they usually help with “scenario-based online training, and mission-specific advanced training” in areas such as aerial videography, aerial mapping, and thermal imaging – so it’s best suited for people who are looking for a job as a drone pilot.

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Their Part 107 Test Prep course is designed to help you ace the FAA Part 107 exam while also giving you practical drone flight skills to conquer the skies.

One thing you should know about them is that they don’t mess around when it comes to delivering top-notch training. They offer a variety of courses, from their Part 107 Test Prep to more advanced workshops and specialty training. Some of their course highlights include:

  • Part 107 Test Prep
  • Hands-On Flight Training: Practice your piloting skills in real-life scenarios with expert instructors.
  • Aerial Photography and Videography: Learn how to capture stunning images and videos from the sky.
  • Aerial Roof and Building Inspections: Master the techniques for safe and effective inspections.
  • Aerial Mapping and Modeling: Discover how to create 3D maps and models with drone data.

So if you’re seriously considering making a career in drone piloting and getting your drone pilot certification, I’d recommend going through the course.

4. Unmanned Vehicle University

Focused entirely on unmanned systems, UVU offers a range of programs, from certificate courses to advanced degrees. Their Professional Certificate in UAS/Drone Operations is perfect for people trying to break into the industry as drone pilots.

They give education in areas such as aerial cinematography, UAV pilot training, enterprise UAS training, and UAS multispectral operations. Not all the courses are exclusively online, though – so only people down in Arizona might consider this.

UVU's drone pilot training course offers a blend of online and in-person training, ensuring you get the best of both worlds. The program covers:

  • Fundamentals of unmanned systems
  • UAS mission planning and risk assessment
  • FAA Part 107 exam preparation
  • Hands-on flight training with experienced instructors
  • UAS applications in various industries, such as agriculture, inspection, and search and rescue

You’ll most likely be focusing on the UAV training. It’s made with the sole purpose of obtaining your Part 107 license through the FAA. 

That class is divided into three phases. The first phase is 16 hours of education at Unmanned Vehicle University’s web-based ground school.

If you live in Pheonix Arizona, and want to get a drone pilot certificate that is recognized by many employers, UVU is a solid choice!

5. Pilot Institute

Another household name when it comes to drone courses. You’ve probably seen quite a few blogs from them and for good reason, Pilot Institute is legit!

This Prescott, Arizona school was founded by Greg Reverdiau and Johann Beishline. Reverdiau by the way, has an Aviation Human Factors master’s degree and acts as an FAA Safety Team Representative. 

Their Part 107 Made Easy course is also an all-in-one solution for aspiring drone pilots looking to ace the FAA Part 107 exam – something I’d recommend for any beginner.

Pilot Institute's Part 107 Made Easy course is packed with everything you need to pass the FAA exam with flying colors (pun intended). Here's a sneak peek at what you'll get:

  • 13+ hours of engaging video lectures
  • 300+ practice questions to test your knowledge
  • Downloadable cheat sheets and resources for easy reference
  • Interactive flashcards and quizzes to reinforce learning
  • Lifetime access to course materials and updates
  • Bonus lessons on drone photography, videography, and mapping

6. Drone U

Since its founding, Drone U has successfully taught over 18,000 students! 

The drone school provides a versatile learning experience by offering a mix of fleet training, in-person sessions, and online courses to cater to students with varying needs. As our focus is on online drone schools, let's hone in on Drone U's virtual lessons.

You can get your Part 107 drone license training through Drone U, or take any of the following video courses:

  • Beginner Practice & Tips
  • First Time Flying 
  • Don’t Crash Course
  • Common FAA & UAS Terms Defined & Explained
  • Safe Drone Operations
  • Comprehensive Mapping
  • Advanced Mapping Resources
  • Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites
  • Cell Tower Mapping
  • 3D Interactive Modeling
  • Solar Inspection with Drones
  • Search & Rescue with Drones
  • How to Launch & Grow a Drone Business
  • Practice Drills & Exercises
  • Flying Over Water
  • Build a Drone
  • Real Estate Videography
  • Advanced Aerial Videography
  • Final Cut Pro X Basics
  • Editing Drone Video with Final Cut Pro
  • Filters for Video & Photography
  • Intermediate Mapping
  • Comprehensive Aerial Photography
  • Still Photography 
  • Understanding the Exposure Triangle
  • Photography Hacks
  • Photo Editing
  • Night Photography Using a Drone
  • Lightroom Automation
  • Light Painting
  • Into the Drone Thermography
  • Subject Tracking Fast Moving Objects
  • FAA UAS Symposium
  • FPV Racing
  • Roof Inspection with Drones 

That’s a LOT. As you can see, Drone U doesn’t appeal to a specific type of student but rather to everyone as long as they’re willing to learn.

If you’re the curious type who likes to learn beyond just how to fly and control a drone in the air, then Drone U is perfect for you.

How to choose the right drone course?

Good question, as choosing the wrong one can not only cost you time but also money!

As a rule of thumb, choose the drone course that is best aligned with your goals. Whether that’s becoming a freelance drone pilot, an in-house drone pilot, a cinematographer, or something else.

You should also carefully check the curriculum of each course or school, and when in doubt contact them directly and tell them about what you want to get out of their course and if they can provide it.

What are the best commercial drone pilot classes?

Any drone course out of the 5 we’ve listed so far will give you the skills you need to be a commercial drone pilot. But if you’re tight on time and budget, then here are the two courses I recommend…

UAV Coach and pilot institute are two of the best courses for anyone aiming to be a commercial drone pilot in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of money.

What drone courses give certifications?

Not all drone schools and courses give certifications after going through their course material. Ideally, you want to enroll in courses that do because that’ll help you find jobs as a drone pilot later down the line.

The best drone courses that give drone pilot certifications are Drone Pilot Ground School from UAV Coach and Pilot Institute’s flagship course.


Online drone schools and courses are great, not only do they prepare you for a better drone flying experience, but they also give you an edge over other pilots if you’re planning on becoming a drone pilot down the line.

And although most online schools have the sole aim of getting you your part 107 license, plenty more of these schools offer further drone flight services if you dig a little deeper. 

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