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How to Turn ON/OFF any DJI Drone (Complete Guide 2023)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
Turn on/off drone

One of the most common questions you’ll find online is how to turn on/off a DJI drone. While you’d think powering down a drone and its remote controller is easy, not many beginners know how to do it. The answer can be quite simple if you are in such a quandary.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to turn off a DJI drone and how to turn it on, together with every available model from the brand. We’ll also look at common ways to troubleshoot DJI drones with a no power-on issue.

How To Turn On/Off A DJI Drone

Almost every DJI drone follows a simple way to turn them on and off. While other drone brands work through a single button press, DJI aircraft and remote controllers have a safer, better way how to turn it on.

To turn off your DJI drone, press the power button once, then press it again and hold. The drone will create a beeping sound as it turns off. To turn it on, press the button once, then press and hold the power button. The process is the same with your DJI remote controller.

To operate, you need to connect your remote controller to a mobile phone with the DJI Fly App that you can download from their website or your phone’s app store. Once all preparations are done, including binding your account, start the Fly app.

The Fly app will have several reminders for every operator, including removing the gimbal protector and setting up aircraft orientation so the device’s rear part is in front of you.

When you’re ready, you will see the take-off icon on the left side of the app. Press this icon, and a “take-off” overlay will go on your Fly app screen, together with the camera feed from your DJI drone. Hold and press the take-off button, and the device will reach an altitude of 1.2 meters.

Hold the return to home (RTH) button on your remote controller to land it after a flight and have it return to its designated “home” using GPS. the device will go up to around a 55-meter altitude, then return to its designated spot.

From here, you can turn off a DJI drone by pressing the power button once, then pressing and holding the button again. A beeping sound will note that it’s now powered off.

Why Does The Drone Turn Off Like This?

Now you know how to turn off drones, why is the power on and off a combination of button presses? A single button press in a DJI drone or remote controller will indicate the battery levels. This prevents accidentally turning on or off your device during storage or standby, which is a smart decision on DJI’s part.

Before turning your device on, ensure that your drone and the remote controller have a full charge. This will help you get the most mileage for both your device. 

Ensure that you never turn off your remote controller during flight, as it can result in pairing and configuration issues at the minimum. At worst, your DJI drone can lose altitude and crash, which can be catastrophic for your device.

How To Turn Off A DJI Mini 2 and Mini 3

If you’re looking for ways how to turn off your DJI mini 2 or DJI mini 3, the entire process is the same as we explained before. Firing up your DJI Mini 2 or Mini 3 is easy. 

Ensure that the battery is fully charged before each flight. Then, press the button once to see the LED indicators fire up. Press it again, and hold the power button until you hear beeping sounds. The LED light on the remote controller will turn white.

For best results, put the drone horizontally on a flat surface when powering it. A DJI Mini 2 or Mini 3 would need several seconds to boot up and send the signal to the motor. The gimbal will calibrate itself if it’s the first time you’re setting it up; otherwise, the drone goes to standby.

Now, turn on your remote controller by pressing the power button once, then press it again and hold power until you hear a beep. The power LED on the remote controller blinks before turning white. 

Set the drone on standby to turn off a DJI mini 2 or 3 and safely land it. Press the power button on the DJI mini frame once, then repeat the button press and hold until the white LED indicators turn off. You can do the same with your DJI remote controller.

How To Shut Off DJI Mavic Air 2s

The DJI Mavic Air 2s is one of the easiest drones to take off and fly, thanks to its size, portability, and ease of use. 

Before turning on the DJI Mavic Air 2s, ensure it is fully charged. Once you’ve made sure the device has a full charge, turn it on by pressing the power button once, then press and hold the same button. The LEDs on the bottom will turn on and indicate the device is operational. 

Once you’re ready to turn it off, press the power button once, then press it again and hold for three seconds to shut down your Mavic Air 2s. The process is the same with the remote controller. Press the power button once, then press it again and hold until the power LED indicator turns off. 

Take care, though, as turning off the Mavic Air 2s can lead to problems with data and settings during your next flight. Always turn both devices off when storing them, and only turn them on when you’re about to fly.  

How Do You Turn Off A DJI Phantom 3

DJI’s Phantom 3 is the company’s most popular drone for its small size, ease of use, and portability. The DJI Phantom 3 is easy to turn off, and the process is the same as with any other DJI drone. 

Press the power button once, then press it again and hold the button. This will shut down your DJI Phantom 3. To turn it on, press the power button once, then press it again and hold for three seconds. The LED indicators will start up, then flash in sequence, signaling that the device is operational. 

My DJI Drone Won’t Turn Off

Turning your DJI drone off is sometimes not as easy as pressing the power button. The process is mostly straightforward, but if you’ve tried several attempts to turn it off but it stays powered on, there could be several reasons.  

First, try to see if the button is naturally responsive. See if debris is stuck on the drone’s power button or if the button clicks appropriately, showing a battery indicator status when pressed once. 

If your drone still won’t turn off, this is likely a hardware issue that needs intervention from the DJI support team. If your DJI drone is still on, try restarting your device. You have two ways to do it: either wait for the battery to run dry or remove the battery mid-operation, both of which are not recommended.

If it’s your first time operating a DJI drone, ensure that you do the sequence correctly. The steps are press, release, press, and hold, then release once you hear the beeps. See if you’re pressing the button hard enough or doing it right, as it can be finicky when you’re not yet used to it.

My DJI drone Won’t Turn On

If your DJI drone won’t turn on or off, there’s a chance that you’re simply encountering a software issue. If you’ve recently upgraded your firmware, there’s a chance that you are experiencing this problem.  

A software update can reboot your drone’s software; in this case, you need to reset the device. The DJI support team has outlined the process on their official website.  

If your DJI drone does not turn on, there’s a good chance that the device’s battery is drained. It may take several attempts to turn it on if this is the case.  

Ensure that the battery is fully charged, then turn it on. If it still does not turn on, try resetting the device. It might be a hardware issue if you have tried everything, and your DJI drone still does not turn on.  

Try to reseat your DJI drone’s battery and see if it turns on. If you have a spare battery, try connecting a good, properly charged extra battery and see if the device turns on.

In some cases, you’ll find that charging a battery immediately after a landing may cause damage to the battery. Flying your DJI drone up the air takes much work, which causes the battery to heat up. Charging the device while the battery is hot can cause damage to it.

If you’re planning to charge, it’s best to remove the battery first, then let it cool down. Keep it in a cool, dry place with good airflow that will help it vent off excess heat. Once cool to the touch, you can put it back and charge it like normal.


As you’ve seen, turning your DJI drone on or off is easy, but there are workarounds if your device is not responding. Getting your DJI drone to turn on can be as simple as powering it on or off. Ensure that you have a full charge, and follow the steps accordingly.

Turning on your DJI drone or remote controller is as easy as pressing the power button once, then pressing it again until the beeps sound. Turning off your DJI drone or remote controller is the same, except you press the power button once, press it again, and hold it until the white LED indicator turns off. 

Remember these easy steps; you should be flying your DJI drone in no time.

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